Soul Land: Advent of the Gods Tier List and Reroll Guide

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Before you go building your team, you'll want to check out this Soul Land: Advent of the Gods tier list. Resources in this turn-based RPG are finite and hard to come by, and upgrading a low-tier Spirit Master can set you back in your adventure.

As a game based on a famous novel, you may be tempted to simply pull for your favourite character. But that isn't always the best decision. By following the Soul Land tier list, you'll be able to make an informed choice as to who you try to summon, build, and work into your team. If you need a few extra gems for your next pull, be sure to check out the latest Soul Land: Advent of the Gods code list. Even when there are no codes, frequent giveaways and competitions can get you pulling new characters.


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Xiao Wu ranks high on the Soul Land tier list.

Soul Land: Advent of the Gods Tier List

Tier Spirit Master
SChen Xin, Qian Renxue, Posadie
ATang Hao, Tang Chen, Xiao Wu, Qian Daoliu, Ma Hongjun
BYae Guan, Gu Rong, Dai Mubai,
CTang San, Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing, Bibi Dong
DDugu Bo, Oscar, Gui Mei

As of the Soul Land: Advent of the Gods global launch, Posadie and Chen Xin are perhaps the best characters to aim for. Get them in your first few pulls and you're in a great position to crush the competition for a while. When she becomes available, Qian Renxue will be another top-tier Spirit Master you'll want to unlock.

Beyond that, Gu Rong and Dai Mubai may not rank particularly high on the Soul Land: Advent of the Gods tier list right now, but that's because they need each other to really shine. On their own, they're not much, but together, they fill in for each other's weaknesses to become quite powerful additions to any team.


Though there are many more Spirit Masters available than are listed in the Soul Land: Advent of the Gods tier list above, any character lower than SSR ranking is an inconsequential addition to your team. They don't rank above any of the listed SSR characters. You want to aim for a full SSR team using the characters above. Until then, simply build around whichever SSR characters you have with N, R, and SR rank Spirit Masters of the role you need.

How to Reroll in Soul Land: Advent of the Gods

  • Create your account
  • Tap each quest step to automatically progress
  • Claim server compensation from the mail when able
  • Use the Recruit Tickets to perform a pull
  • Progress until the end of Chapter 2
  • Claim pre-registration rewards from the mail
  • Perform more summons
  • Delete your account and start again if the results aren't to your liking

Once you know what you're doing, a Soul Land: Advent of the Gods reroll won't take too much time at all. Reaching the end of Chapter Two and claiming your pre-registration rewards should take around 20 minutes of playtime. If you don't get two or more SSR characters in that time, you may want to consider performing a reroll.

An example of a Soul Land reroll attempt.

The Best Soul Land: Advent of the Gods Characters

Getting a bunch of SSR Spirit Masters in one reroll attempt is impressive. But it's not an essential result to look out for. Just getting one or two top-tier characters can have the same, or even better, effect on your early progress through the game. Here are the characters you'll want to aim for rather than just hoping for a stack of SSR Spirit Masters:

  • Tang San
  • Posadie
  • Ma Hongjun
  • Dai Mubai
  • Gu Rong
  • Qian Renxue (when released)

Getting any one of these characters should be reason enough to stick with an account. You won't need to perform a Soul Land: Advent of the Gods reroll if you land one of these. As mentioned above, Gu Rong and Dai Mubai need each other to perform well, but getting one means you're halfway to a stellar team comp. It's worth holding on to. If Qian Renxue is available when you're looking at this list, getting her should be your main objective.