Undead World Tier List - All Heroes Ranked for January 2022

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January 27, 2022: Jack and Alexa have been added to the Undead World tier list.

Looking for an Undead World tier list of the best heroes? This survival RPG is all about building a squad of hardened zombie-killers, equipping them with the best weapons, and upgrading their abilities.


That's where this Undead World tier list comes in handy. We've ranked every character currently in the game and broken them down into classes, letting you know who to put in your squad. You wouldn't want to waste precious resources on characters not worth their salt.

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A group of Undead World characters with various weapons

Undead World Tier List: Melee

Tier Character
SAlexa, Helen

Undead World Tier List: Area of Effect

Tier Character

Undead World Tier List: Support

Tier Character
SJack, Astra
BLeigh, Nadeem

Undead World Tier List: Range

Undead World Tier List: Tank


What Are the Undead World Factions?

Characters in Undead World belong to one of six factions, providing a variety of bonuses if you pair them together in your party. Here's what they are:

  • The Hive: This is the most significant and well-defended city in the wasteland, led by the Matriarch.
  • The Sugar Reapers: A group of wasteland dwellers who find the apocalypse suits them.
  • The Collegium: This group's motto is "the end of civilization is no excuse for an end to civility." That tells you just about everything you need to know.
  • The Blue Banshees: Scavengers who fight hard and play hard.
  • The Altered: These living experiments seek revenge against those who made them.
  • Gungnir: A large tech corporation that has done pretty well out of the apocalypse.

If you use two heroes from the same faction, you get a 5% boost in HP and attack power, and this rises by 5% incrementally for every additional faction character you add, i.e 10% for three heroes, 15% for four, 20% for five.

How Do I Get More Undead World Characters?

In Undead World, you recruit new heroes via the Cantina with currency, recruiting tickets and faction recruitment tickets. You unlock this location once you've completed chapter two of the main campaign. If you roll copies of a character you already have, you can merge the two together to create a better version with higher rarity and stats, similar to Genshin's constellations system.


And that's our Undead World tier list of the best characters. If you're looking for more character curations, be sure to check out our Honkai Impact characters list or our Azur lane tier list for some tips.