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Alchemy Stars Tier List - Best Characters For All Elements

Looking for an Alchemy Stars tier list? With so many characters, it can be hard to work out exactly who's the best, especially when they are also split into four elemental categories: Fire, Forest, Thunder, and Water.

As Alchemy Stars is also a gacha game, you're unlikely to ever collect all of the characters. So that's why an Alchemy Stars tier list, like this one, is useful, as it helps you to build a team from who you have available while forming a balanced party with plenty of elemental variety.

For those who don't know, Alchemy Stars is a line-based strategy gacha where you collect and build a party of your favorite characters, then fight foes on a coloured grid. It has match-three elements, for sure, but it'd be more accurate to say it's a little like a party-based Grindstone, where you create combos by drawing movement lines on the various colours while also using powerful abilities.

So, without further ado, here's our Alchemy Stars tier list for each element.

Alchemy Star's character, Hiiro, with her sword.
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Forest Alchemy Stars Tier List

Here are the best Forest characters in Alchemy Stars:

Tier Character
SBeryl, Gabriel, Migard, Hiiro, Nikinis
AAreia, Sikare, Cuscuta, Odi, Robyn, Louise, Pact
BPasolo, Ophina, Sylva, Lester, Jomu, Jola, Uriah, Wendy
CClover, Dove, Leah
New Alchemy Stars character, Smokey, sitting on an oil drum in a ruined courtyard wearing sunglasses
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Fire Alchemy Stars Tier List

Here are the best Fire characters in Alchemy Stars:

Character Tier
SSmokey, Victoria, Eicy, Frostfire, Alice, Jona, Uriel, Charon
AMaggie, Genevieve, Regina, Leona, Faust, Barbara, Istvan, Benny and Curo
BNails, Brock, Patty and Patsy, Chainsaw Rick, Alice
CJoanie Boom, Pepi, Tiny One, Sork and Beck
Raphael surrounded by rockets and explosions in Alchemy Stars
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Water Alchemy Stars Tier List

Here are the best Water characters in Alchemy Stars:

Tier Character
SRaphael, Fleur, Sharona, Sariel, Carleen, Bethlehem, Connolly
AKleken, Noah, Barton, Philyshy, Corax, Vice, Hydrad
BKuma and Pengy, Michenny, Constantine, Jane, Chloe, Ms. Blanc
CKorgan, Seleucid, White Dwarf, Zoya
Gronru with sparks flying off robotic arms in Alchemy Stars
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Thunder Alchemy Stars Tier List

Here are the best Thunder characters in Alchemy Stars:

Tier Character
SWrath, Michael, Gronru, Irridon
ABonacie, Schwartz, Keating, Beverly, Vivian, Dayna, Mia, Nemesis
BLilliam, Rabbie, Ansia, Tessa, Nadine, Kafka
C Amy, Unimet, Angel, Eho

And that's our Alchemy Stars tier list! If you're looking for more, we also have a Punishing: Grey Raven tier list, an Arknights tier list, and a Nier Reincarnation tier list, too.