Alchemy Stars tier list - Best characters for all elements (October 2022)

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Alchemy Stars splash art

Looking for an Alchemy Stars tier list? With so many characters, it can be hard to work out exactly who's the best, especially when they are also split into four elemental attributes: Fire, Forest, Thunder, and Water.

As Alchemy Stars is a gacha game, you're unlikely to ever collect all of the characters. So that's why an Alchemy Stars tier list, like this one, is useful. It helps you to build a team from who you have available while forming a balanced party with plenty of elemental variety.


Whilst we've got your attention, if you're looking for more, we also have a Punishing: Grey Raven tier list, an Arknights tier list, and a Nier Reincarnation tier list, too. But without further ado, here is out Alchemy Stars tier list.

Alchemy Stars tier list

alchemy stars splash art

Here, we have a tier list of characters for each of the four elements in Alchemy Stars, as their abilities differ wildly and can be used in many different combat compositions, especially against each other element.


Five characters from Atlus' Persona 5 are coming to Alchemy Stars on July 14: Joker and Violet as Fire characters, Mona as Forest, Fox (Yusuke Kitagawa) as Water, and Queen (Makoto Niijima) as Thunder. We will update the tier list when they arrive!

Forest Tier List

The Forest Attribute is known for its 120% damage against Thunder enemies, but is, unfortunately, weaker to Fire due to a counter-typing disadvantage.

Here are the best Forest characters in Alchemy Stars:

Tier Character
SHiiro, Nikinis, Migard, Mythos, Paloma, Lenore, Barton: Deft Blades, Pact, Areia, Odi
AYao, Hedy, Siobhan, Beryl, Lucoa, Naroxel, Lola, Robyn, Pasolo, Uriah, Wendy
BGabriel, Sikare, Louise, Dawn, Cuscuta, Ophina
CMay, Lester, Sylva, Jola, Dove, CLover
DLeah, Jomu

Fire Tier List

Fire Aurorians can dish out extra damage against Forest - coming up at 120% as opposed to the 80% they will receive in retaliation. However, Fire is weaker against Water.

Character Tier
SSinsa, Eicy, Giles, Novio, Charon, Gram, Tohru, Smokey, Faust,
AFrostfire, Rinne, Jona, Victoria, Benny and Curo, Leona, Momo and Anzu, Nails, Brock, Tiny One
BUriel, Maggie, Istvan, Genevieve, Cordy, Barbara, Patty and Patsy, Alice, Pepi
CRegina, Taki, Chandra,
DJoanie Boom, Sork and Bekk, Chainsaw Rick

Water Tier List

Following in the same fashion, Water will do extra damage (120%) to Fire Enemies, but will take more from and deal less to Thunder types.


Here are the best Water characters in Alchemy Stars that you can get your hands on:

Tier Character
SAzure, Bethel, Sariel, Regal, Sharona, Nina, Fleur, Connolly, Vice: Keen Sight, Kleken, Philyshy
ACarleen, Bethlehem, Ruby, Corax, Allura, Vice, Chloe, Ms. Blanc
BRaphael, Barton, Hydrad, Elma, Kuma and Pengy, Zoya
CNoah, Jane, Cosntantine, Tweety, Fafnir
DKayano, Michenny, White Dwarf, Seleucid, Korgon

Thunder Tier List

There are loads of strong Thunder characters (not even including Persona 5's Queen yet), that can destroy Water enemies in a flash. Thunder does inflict less damage on Forest enemies - a weakness based on real-life no doubt.

Tier Character
SMichael, Reinhardt, Requiem, Gronru, Irridon, Florine, Revy, Luke, Amemori, Beverly, Tessa
AEve, Schwartz, Roy, Pittman, Dayna, Sanae, Nadine, Hachi and Gin
BWrath, Kanna, Nemesis, Erica, Vivian, Kafka, Rabbie, Unimet, Amy
CKeating, Mia, Bonacie, Lilliam
DAnsia, Echo, Angel