Honkai Impact characters and tier list (January 2023) - every Valkyrie ranked

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January 27, 2023: The release of Kiana Herrscher of Finality and Mei Herrscher is on the horizon.

Looking for a list of Honkai Impact characters? With many Valkyries to choose from and a variety of battlesuits for each one, it's tough to know who's best to build a team with, especially as battlesuits also enhance different abilities and perks. This makes it extremely difficult to establish a Honkai Impact tier list.


But there's a reason Honkai Impact characters are so well-loved. Everything that people enjoy about Genshin's characters, animations, voice acting, and backstory all originally started with Honkai Impact. When characters are so well fleshed out, as with Genshin, it becomes more about who you want to play as well as who's 'best'. Without further ado, here's our Honkai Impact characters list, so you can build your team to take on the apocalypse.

That's our list of Honkai Impact characters! If you're on the lookout for more, be sure to have a browse of our AFK Arena tier list, Arknights tier list, Mobile Legends tier list, and Azur Lane tier list. Give 'em a read!

Honkai Impact tier list

Here are the rankings for all the available battlesuits, ranked according to community preference, performance, and usability.

Tier Battlesuits
SSPalatinus Equinox, Herrischer of Flamescion, Infinite Ouroboros, Silverwing: N-EX, Azure Empyrea
SSpina Astera, Herrsher of Thunder, Starchasm Nyx, Fallen Rosemary, Herrscher of Sentience, Bright Knight: Excelsis, Miss Pink Elf, Fervent Tempo, Disciplinary Perdition, Golden Diva, Sweet 'n' Spicy, Chrono Navi SP, Herrscher of Truth, Maroon Riding Hood, Special Blend
ADea Anchora, Twilight Paladin, Stygian Nymph, Herrscher of Reason, Argent Knight: Artemis, Reverist Calico, Prinzessin der Verurteilung!, Lightning Empress, Starlit Astrologos

All Honkai Impact characters

Ai Hyperion Λ

Ai Hyperion in Honkai Impact

The newest Honkai Impact unit is Ai Hyperion. She uses stylish chakram to destroy her enemies. Like some heroines, her attacks are infused with fire damage, making her a fearsome character.

Battlesuit Type
Chrono Navi SPSupport


Vill V in Honkai Impact

Vill-V was released in version 5.9 on August. She uses cannon weaponry, coupled with fire skills, and is a force to be reckoned with. She works in mysterious ways thanks to her MANTIS surgery essentially splitting her personality, allowing her to delegate each side to different things.

Battlesuit Type
Helical ContraptionMech



Pardofelis is known for her shop in the Elysian Realm, and for being a Flame Chaser. She's often a go-to for gaining or selling information, and is a renowned treasure hunter.


Eden was the previous owner of the Elysian Realm - then called Golden Courtyard - which she passed to Mobius. Previously associated with MANTIS and as a MOTH, she now works as a Flame Chaser.



Another Flame Chaser is Aponia. She was the most powerful pshycic MANTIS, and uses that to her advantage both on and off the battlefield.


One of the Flame Chasers of old is Griseo, soft spoken and artistic. She currently resides in the Elysian Realm and is a bit of a mystery, but that doesn't stop her being a brave fighter.

Kiana Kaslana


Also called K423, this young girl is a clone of the original Kiana Kaslana, and the first character you play as in Honkai Impact.

Carole Pepper

This Schicksal Valkyrie from Squad three is the daughter of Lewis, a former Valkyrie and veteran of the second eruption. Though she is a little self-conscious about her looks sometimes, she is cheerful and energetic.



This MANTIS (or Massively Augmented Neo-Tech Integrated Soldier) is a scientist from Honkai Impact's previous era, who was instrumental in the project. She is also one of the Thirteen Flame Chasers, with the codename, Infinity.

Natasha Cioara

Also known as Raven, this mercenary is a member of the organisation, World Serpent. She first appeared in chapter 13, and briefly acted as an antagonist, but most recently made a truce with the Valkyrie, Raiden Mei.



Honkai Impact's first DPS bow-user was a member of a powerful squad of super soldiers from the previous era known as the Flame-Chasers. We first met her in-game as Raiden Mei's guide to the Elysian Realm.

Yae Sakura

This ex-Shrine maiden of Yae village was devoted and hardworking until her sister sacrificed herself to appease the Honkai beasts. It didn't work, and now Sakura hates her home. She also bears the same name and a resemblance to Yae Miko from Genshin Impact, who is also a shrine maiden.

Theresa Apocalypse


As the headmistress of St. Freya academy, Theresa Apocalypse doles out punishment by beating enemies with her giant cross. She also refers to herself as the "world's cutest Valkyrie."

Seele Vollerei

A tragic incident in Seele's past left her orphaned, but at Cocolia's orphanage, she became friends with Bronya. She disappeared as part of a failed experiment and was believed dead, but she reappeared later, wielding her deadly scythe.

Rozaliya Olenyeva


Growing up in the orphanage alongside Seele and Bronya, Rozaliya's wish was to grow strong so she could protect her sister, Liliya. This opportunity came in the form of Cocolia's experiments. Rozaliya is often chided for being loud and troublesome, but she always acts like an adult when it comes to her sister.

Bronya Zaychik

Hailing from Northern Siberia, Bronya entered Valkyrie training at St. Freya's Academy, where she met Kiana and Mei. Though she is often seen as cold, she has proved herself to be a skilled combatant who can fight alongside any other.



This S-rank Valkyrie is the captain of the Immortal Blades squad and usually keeps herself to herself. She does, however, share a mutual history with Rita Rossewiesse, who also serves as the squad's vice-captain.


Many already know Fischl as the oddball investigator for Mondstadt's Adventurer's Guild who travels with a talking night raven called Oz. In Honkai Impact, Fischl appears as a crossover character, having been banished from her own world.

Fu Hua


As the class monitor for St. Freya's Academy, Fu is a strict and scholarly character. She's also been around for 50,000 years and used to be a member of the Fire Moths, an organisation that was dedicated to protecting humanity.

Kallen Kaslana

As a descendent of the Kaslana lineage, who were well-known for their combat prowess, Kallen was an excellent soldier and the pride of Schicksal. She died in the year 1477.

Liliya Olenyava


Liliya is in many ways the opposite of her twin sister, Rozaliya, and is generally more serious and level-headed. She also grew up in Cocolia's orphanage alongside Bronya and Seele.

Murata Himeko

This teacher at St. Freya's Academy is a tough and reliable fighter. She acts as the squad leader for Kiana Kaslana, Bronya Zaychik, and Raiden Mei, wading into battle with bravery and recklessness.

Raiden Mei


Mei is one of Honkai Impact's main characters and is a member of the St. Freya team. She is a kind character, showing patience for her teammates.

Rita Rossweisse

This S-rank Valkyrie and vice-captain of the Immortal Blades squad is a powerful fighter, though her polite and proper exterior often makes people forget that.