The Best Genshin Impact Yae Miko Build

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February 16, 2022: Having released in the 2.5 update, we're putting together our Genshin Impact Yae Miko build. Check back soon. For now, see our Genshin Impact Yelan release date page for information regarding that new character.

Looking for more information around Genshin Impact Yae Miko? The shrine maiden of Narukami Island has long been anticipated as a playable character, and in fact, she's the last Inazuma side character left out of Gorou, Thoma, Sara, and Kokomi. It's strange that it's taken this long to get to her, considering she played her most prominent role in Genshin Impact 2.1, helping us fight against the Raiden Shogun.

Yae isn't just a regular old shrine maiden either, but is actually a descendant of Kitsune lineage, and serves the Electro archon in a similar way to how the Adeptus served Morax. And considering the version 2.5 beta leaks, that might be sooner rather than later. In this Genshin Impact Yae Miko guide, we'll go through her likely release date, her abilities, and what materials you're going to need to stock up on for when she does arrive. After that, we'll detail a Yae Miko build as well.

And that's our Genshin Impact Yae Miko guide. If you're planning to wish on any of the upcoming reruns in version 2.4, we have lists for both Zhongli materials and Ganyu materials. They're the two reruns for the pre-Yae patch you may have picked up by now. For other potential new character reveals, the Kamisato Ayato release date may be of interest.

Genshin Impact Yae Miko talking to the Traveler as they wake up.
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Table of Contents

What is the Genshin Impact Yae Miko Release Date?

The Genshin Impact Yae Miko release date should be Feb 16, 2022, provided version scheduling remains the same, and she is the first banner in 2.5. She was previewed over on the official Genshin Twitter not so long ago, and that usually means the character is arriving in the next version.

A variety of 2.5 beta leaks have also confirmed she'll be the new character, showing off her abilities, and fancy looking burst animation. Of course, nothing is certain until the special programme, but it seems pretty likely that Yae will arrive in 2.5.


Genshin Impact Yae Miko Abilities

As usual, Yae's abilities, constellations, and attacks have been revealed early (Thanks Honey Hunter). These are likely to change before she arrives, though:


Normal Attack: Spirit Fox Sin-Eater

Normal Attack Summons Kitsune spirits, performing three attacks the deal Electro damage.
Charged AttackConsumes stamina to deal AoE Electro damage after casting.
Plunging AttackPlunges towards the ground dealing AoE Electro damage on impact.

Elemental Skill

Yakkhan Evocation: Sesshou Sakura Yae moves quickly, leaving a Sesshou Sakura in her wake.
Sesshou SakuraPeriodically deals Electro damage to a nearby enemy. When other Sesshou Sakura are nearby, their level is increased, boosting damage. A maximum of three can exist, and if one is created too close to another, it will replace it.

Elemental Burst

Great Secret Art: Tenko Kenshin Summons lightning, dealing AoE Electro damage. Nearby Sesshou Sakura will be destroyed, causing Tenko Thunderbolts to strike at their respective locations, dealing AoE Electro damage.


Meditations of a Yako When crafting Talent ascension materials, Yae has a 25% chance to receive another item from the same region of equal rarity.
The Shrine's Sacred ShadeOther nearby party members can decrease the cooldown of Yakan Evocation: Sesshou Sakura. Hitting enemies with elemental skills or bursts reduces it by one second, and can occur every 1.8 seconds.
Enlightened BlessingEvery point of Elemental Mastery that Yae has increases Sesshou Sakura damage by 0.15%.


Chronicles of the Kitsune Court Each time Yae's burst activates a Tenko Thunderbolt, she'll restore seven energy for herself.
Hanagasa ManuscriptYakkhan Evocation: Sesshou Sakura cooldown is decreased by 20% and attack range is increased by 100%.
The Seven GlamoursIncreases the level of Yakkhan Evocation: Sesshou Sakura by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Sakura ChannelingWhen Sesshou Sakura hits an opponent, nearby party members gain a 20% Electro damage bonus for five seconds.
Mischevious TeasingIncreases the level of Great Secret Art: Tenko Kenshin by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Forbidden Art: DaisesshouSesshou Sakura start at level, now have a max level of four, and ignore 45% of an opponents defense.
Genshin Impact Yae Miko whispering the Aether.
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Genshin Impact Yae Miko Materials

Here's what you'll need to level Yae Miko when she does make her grand entrance.


In order to ascend Yae Miko you're going to need the usual Vajrada Amethyst that's used for Electro characters, but as you also need Dragonheir's False Fin, it's best to fight the new Bathysmal Vishap herd boss fight in Enkanomiya. You're also going to need the Handguard materials that you get from fighting Nobushi swordsmen, and Sea Ganoderma, which can be found all over Inazuma. You can find them all on the official Genshin Impact map.

Genshin Impact Sea Ganoderma locations for Yae Miko's ascension material.
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There are Sea Ganoderma dotted all across Inazuma.



To level Yae Miko's talents, you'll have to get Light scroll materials from the Violet Court Domain on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, as well as more Handguards from Nobushi across Inazuma.

There is also a mystery boss material that leakers seem to think is from the Raiden Shogun. Considering Yae's connection to the Shogun, it would make a lot of sense if she was the new weekly boss in version 2.5.

Finally, you'll need a Crown of Insight, which you can get from seasonal events, and upgrading the Frostbearing Tree in Dragonspine or the Sacred Sakura in Inazuma.

A previous version of this guide was written by Josh Brown.