Mythic Heroes Tier List - Best Characters

You can achieve Mythic status with this Mythic Heroes tier list, and you'll do so without blowing valuable resources on lesser characters. This idle RPG has a lot in common with others out there, closely resembling the popular AFK Arena in how it plays. Learning from that, we know that by investing in characters that are less powerful on the battlefield than others, you'll always be chasing after the players who backed the right horse early on.

Speaking of idle RPGs, there are plenty of them out there right now. If you're looking to build the best teams in other games, check out our AFK Arena tier list as well as our Valor Legends tier list. You can also look to our AFK Arena codes guide and Valor Legends codes list for some freebies. Even Mythic Heroes codes exist. You'll want those if you're to stay ahead of the competition.

Lilith doesn't rank too high on the Mythic Heroes tier list, but she has her uses.
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Mythic Heroes Tier List

Tier Hero
AThor, Tamamo No Mae, Ganjiang & Moye, Artemis, Susanoo, Persephone, Nuwa
BIdun, Nagakayna, Athena, Zeus, Izanami, Medusa, Cleopatra, Iset,
COberon, Dionysus, Hades, Anubis, Hercules, Lu Bu
DLilith, Joan of Arc, Gaia

The Mythic Heroes tier list above doesn't highlight every character in the game. Some just aren't worth even acknowledging in a serious team. Instead, it focuses on UR and SSR characters. As some SSR characters can perform better than some URs without requiring nearly as much investment, you'll find that some less rare units sit above those that are more difficult to come by. It takes more than damage and utility numbers to rank high. Attainability is a major factor as well.


Another thing to note is that this Mythic Heroes tier list doesn't break down each hero's strengths and weaknesses. Their kit and movesets are generally best suited to specific types of content like PVP, boss battles, or specific sections of the main campaign.

Characters that rank high on the Mythic Heroes tier list generally perform well in each, but will still excel in specific areas of the game. Those that rank further down may still perform admirably in their favoured area but simply struggle so much in others that they're not considered the best all-around investment. For that, we've broken the characters up further below.

The Best Mythic Heroes for PVP

Tier Hero
ASusanoo, Zeus, Persephone, Izanami, Nuwa, Ganjiang, Cleopatra, Tamamo No Mae, Idun,
BAthena, Artemis, Lilith, Medua, Hades, Anubis, Joan of Arc, Hercules
CDionysus, Lu Bu, Iset

If you're hoping to be a Mythic Heroes PVP master, the Mythic Heroes tier list above should steer you in the right direction. Using some combination of the heroes above will create a team that's generally more capable on the field than any other. The end result will still depend on how you build and use them in battle, but these characters are primarily designed for PVP and will work well in the right hands.

Dionysus ranks high on the Mythic Heroes tier list for boss battles.
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The Best Mythic Heroes for Boss Battles

Tier Character
SArtemis, Dionyus
ASusanoo, Zeus, Persephone
BLucifer, Izanami, Medusa, Nuwa, Ganjiang & Moye, Lu Bu, Cleopatra, Tamamo No Mae, Idun
CJoan of Arc, Iset
DOberon, Herculus
EAthena, Lilith, Hades, Anubis, Gaia

Prefer to test your strategy against PVE boss encounters rather than real people? These are the best Mythic Heroes for the job. There's a sharper shift in the meta here compared to the general and PVP-focused tier lists. Far more characters show their weaknesses in this area of the game. Just stick to those in the upper three tiers and you should be able to forge a reliable team for boss battles outside of the main campaign.

And that's it for now. Mythic Heroes has only just released, so you can expect the Mythic Heroes tier list to grow steadily as new heroes are introduced and others are balanced to keep the peace. By keeping this on hand as you redeem rewards from codes, you'll be able to ensure you're only using precious resources on the best characters for the job.

What's In the New Mythic Heroes Update? - November Patch Notes

  • New guild features
    • War Dragon boss (drops Wardragon Relic)
    • Guild Towers in Epic Showdown
  • Artemis
    • Lunar Strike –
      • Artemis deals 180% 250% damage to the closest enemy Hero, knocking them back and stunning them for 3s.
        • Lv.2: Additionally, increase her Attack Speed by 25% for 5s.
        • Lv.3: Increases damage to 200% 275%
        • Lv.4: Increases damage to 220% 300%
  • Ganjiang & Moye
    • G&M will now use their second Ultimate once it is unlocked in the Iconic Weapon active skills. The issue with it happening a third time has been resolved.
  • General updates
    • Fable Agora
      • Feature unlocks added for Fable Agora (4-20)
      • Autofill in the Fable Agora (4-20)
      • Collect All (7-20 or VIP 5)
      • Dispatch All (13-04 or VIP 6)
  • Weekly and Monthly Value Packs contents have been adjusted
  • Guild Masters will now receive a reminder that they have been offline for too long, and they will soon lose ownership of their Guild.
  • The Staff of Sharur ability will now change when fighting a Boss. It will now deal extra damage to Bosses, regardless of their Health percentage.

A new Mythic Heroes update arrived on November 21. Dubbed the "Thanksgiving" update, it primarily focuses on adding a new themed event to the game, with a seven-day log-in reward, event currencies, daily resets for The Pantheon, and more. On top of that, new guild features were introduced, some items were tweaked, and a couple of heroes got a balance pass.