Apex Legends Mobile best weapons tier list (March 2023) - Best guns for ranked

A weapon firing in Apex Legends Mobile.
March 6, 2023: We updated our weapons tier list for Apex Legends mobile.

Looking for the best Apex Legends Mobile weapons tier list and attachments for the current meta? Apex Legends Mobile. While the weapons found in the mobile version are similar to those in the regular version of Apex Legends, not all of them made the move across to Apex Legends Mobile.

To suit the generally different pacing of the mobile port, we're rejigged the Apex Legends Mobile weapons tier list to shine a light on the best arms to use in your matches. That's whether you're using touch controls, a controller, or even a mouse and keyboard on an emulator.

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Apex Legends best weapons tier list (March 2023)

R-301 Carbine, R-99, VK-47 Flatline, Peacekeeper, Prowler Burst PDW, Kraber .50-Cal
Wingman, Volt, Hemlok, EVA-8 Auto, HAVOC, Spitfire
L-Star, Longbow, G7 Scout,
RE-45, Alternator, P2020

With the game yet to be fully released, we will take a somewhat reserved approach to our tier list, although based on the knowledge that we have of the guns in the Apex universe, we can give our early impressions.

As always, we must stress that tier lists are based solely on the opinion of those writing them, taking their ability and experience into account. Guns that we may rank highly may not give you the same results that they give us. So make sure you try a few different weapons out in order to get

Six skins for Apex Legends Mobile weapons in an in-game menu.
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R-301 Carbine

  • Type: Assault Rifle

The R-301 is a staple in the original version of the game and is undoubtedly the best gun in Apex Legends Mobile for mid-range combat.

With a magazine capacity of 18, the R-301 needs an extended magazine to be dependable, such as the Epic level 28 bullet mag. Players can also further improve their aim by training with the iron sight, or by adding attachments to maximize the weapon's efficiency. Scopes such as the 1x-2x Variable Holo and the 2x HCOG are likely to prove more reliable over distance.


  • Type: Submachine Gun

The R-99 is Apex legends Mobile's best SMG, as it shreds opponents at close range with 198 DPS. Despite a steep learning curve, this weapon definitely rewards players who persevere with it.

Though the R-99 is the fastest firing weapon in the game, it only has a magazine capacity of 20, meaning an extended mag is a must-have attachment. The Epic extended mag has 27 bullets and will serve you best for close-quarters fights against multiple hostiles. The R-301 Carbine is also a great pairing for this gun and is an effective loadout for aggressive play.

VK-47 Flatline

  • Type: Assault Rifle

This assault rifle ranks well due to its high per-shot damage. The VK-47 may have a slow firing rate, but it does have a predictable recoil pattern at range, unlike its PC/console counterpart. With a base magazine size of 20, this is the perfect weapon for close to mid-range combat, especially when you add a 2-4x or 3x scope and hip-fire if they get in close.


  • Type: Shotgun

The Peacekeeper is simply the most powerful shotgun in Apex Legends Mobile. The weapon is highly effective at close-range, and players can run rampage in lobbies with the proper attachments.

While the Peacekeeper is ridiculously precise if you have a good aim, its prolonged reload time will punish beginners if they are not accurate with their shots. Nevertheless, the Peacekeeper dominates in the shotgun category and can wipe out entire squads in the right hands.

Prowler Burst PDW

  • Type: Submachine Gun

The Prowler Burst PDW is a ridiculously strong Apex Legends Mobile weapon that you can find as ground loot. It's not a common choice, but it is still efficient in-game due to its burst-fire mechanic that allows players to be more precise with their shots.

This makes it an excellent gun for those looking to train their aim or enjoy fighting at close range with hipfire bursts. The Prowler can also perform at mid-range with a 1x-2x Variable Holo or 2x HCOG Bruiser.

Kraber .50-Cal

  • Type: Sniper Rifle

The Kraber .50-Cal is the best Apex Legends Mobile sniper rifle, you can obtain it through supply drops. If you're lucky enough to find one, then try running it with a close-range weapon in the second slot.

This sniper rifle can instantly knock down any Legend with a headshot. Even if you miss the headshot, a proper contact on the body will instantly take out the opponent's shield. You can get familiar with the weapon's animations and bullet drops by practising in the Firing Range. The Kraber .50-Cal also has a small magazine, which means you'll have to connect your shots or be forced to drop the weapon.



  • Type: Pistol

The Wingman is a pistol that utilises heavy rounds and is one of the most powerful guns in the game, even if it does have a very high skill ceiling.

In the right hands, the Wingman is capable of causing havoc in close-range fights, but it's a gun that requires precise aim. You'll need to practice quite a lot with this weapon before trying it out in an actual match. The key is to shoot consistently and control the recoil after each shot.


  • Type: Submachine Gun

The Volt is an unusual energy SMG that has good accuracy in mid to long-range fights. It is the only SMG that can stand against the R-301 in ranged combat.

The weapon also fires at an incredibly rapid rate, but due to its limited recoil, it's pretty easy to control. It's also a great starting weapon for Apex Legends Mobile, before you level up to the R-301, Flatline, or Spitfire.


  • Type: Assault Rifle

The Hemlok is a decent gun for Apex Legends Mobile players with a good aim and can switch between three-shot bursts and single fire mode.

Though it has a steep learning curve, since its efficiency is dependent on accuracy, it performs excellently at medium-range due to its high burst damage. However, the Hemlok is easily outclassed at close range by automatic weapons, regardless of fire mode. Besides attachments, it will be interesting to see how the Hemlok performs in Apex Legends Mobile once the Boosted Loader hop-up is added in the game.

EVA-8 Auto

  • Type: Shotgun

The EVA-8 is a fully automatic shotgun that demolishes opponents at close range. The weapon falls short in comparison to the Peacekeeper but is exceedingly efficient for beginners.

The EVA-8 has a good hip-fire performance with a tight pellet spread, making it the best shotgun for learning movement mechanics in closed-quarters combat. The benefit of the EVA-8 is that you also don't need to ADS as often as you would with the Peacekeeper.


  • Type: Assault Rifle

The HAVOC is a beast in the right hands as it has the highest mag capacity and fastest projectile travel speed of all Assault Rifles. With a base magazine size of 24, the weapon is consistent at mid-to-long ranged fights with the proper attachments.

The Havoc has a firing rate that means controlling the recoil is the most important part of a loadout. The Turbocharger hop-up wasn't added to the beta phase in Apex Legends Mobile, but players can expect it to be available during the global launch.


  • Type: Light Machine Gun

The Spitfire is perhaps the best LMG in Apex Legends Mobile and is available as ground loot. The weapon has a base magazine capacity of 40, and a 2× headshot multiplier with high accuracy at medium and long-range.

Realistically, players can wipe out entire squads with just the Spitfire. The rate of fire is pretty slow and it has a longer reload time. However, the high damage along with the headshot multiplier makes it the best LMG for beginners in Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile weapon, L-Star EMG, in the loadout menu.
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  • Type: Light Machine Gun

Unlike the PC/console version, the L-Star has 90 bullets in Apex Legends Mobile. It doesn't feature any of the animations that makes it a viable weapon in the mobile version. However, the L-Star has a huge recoil on full auto, which can be controlled better with burst fire.

Players can use all sorts of attachments to maximize the weapon's efficiency. Although it's good on paper, controlling the recoil is next to impossible for beginners. Use it only when you have to, and exchange it with better weapons like the R-301, Spitfire, or Flatline when you can.


  • Type: Sniper Rifle

The Longbow DMR is a good weapon to use in Apex Legends Mobile. Its ranged consistency is decent, but its lack of damage punishes the player for not using a better weapon.

It's available as ground loot and has the highest ammo capacity of all sniper rifles. Players can equip any of these scopes for precise long-range gunplay: 3x HCOG Ranger, 2x-4x Variable AOG, 4x-8x Variable Sniper, 4x-10x Digital Sniper Threat.

G7 Scout

  • Type: Sniper Rifle

The G7 Scout is a semi-auto marksman weapon that’s decent at both mid and long-ranged combat. The weapon is the best in class for mid-range Marksman fights. However, it is easily overpowered by automatic weapons at close range.

The G7 Scout boasts a high fire rate high with a long bullet travel distance. The weapon requires impeccable aim and has a higher skill ceiling. Players with good aim can use this rifle to one-tap opponents at mid-range.

Apex Legends Mobile weapon, RE-45 Pistol, in the in-game menu.
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  • Type: Pistol

The RE-45 is an auto-fire pistol that uses Light ammo. It's got an incredibly rapid rate of fire with a base magazine capacity of 16. The weapon has a low damage per shot, low DPS with a small magazine.

The RE-45 is not a good weapon to survive in Apex Legends Mobile. Its high fire rate and low magazine capacity make it difficult for even veterans to kill opponents.


  • Type: Submachine Gun

The Alternator SMG is a sub-machine gun with a tight hip-fire spread. It is an inferior weapon in its class and doesn't come close to the R-99 or the Volt SMG.

It has a slow rate of fire, and low DPS compared to other SMGs. The iron sight is decent, but the weapon is inconsistent over range. The best advice for players is to use the Alternator only when there isn't a better alternative.


  • Type: Pistol

The P2020 is perhaps the worst weapon to use in Apex Legends Mobile. While it has low recoil, fast reload, and good hip-fire accuracy, the weapon becomes ineffective against auto-fire guns.

That's all for our list of Apex Legends Mobile weapons. If you're looking for more info about the upcoming shooter, be sure to check out our Apex Legends Mobile characters tier list. We'll keep this updated when more weapons are added to the game once the global beta launches later this year!

A previous version of this guide was written by Dipanjan Dey.

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