Apex Legends Mobile Ranked - Rewards, Ranks, and Tiers

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May 17, 2022: We've updated the guide to reflect how to unlock ranked in Apex Legends Mobile for the global release.

Looking for the latest Apex Legends Mobile ranked info? With the big mobile release finally out in the open, we have some concrete information on how the ranked push will work for the game's first public season. Things have changed slightly since the private tests, so read up on the changes below if you haven't already.

It's worth noting that the details below are still subject to change. A public release and all its players can bring a lot of bugs to the surface which, if found can force the developers to make some last-minute tweaks. For now, though, here's how things work.

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How Do I Play Ranked in Apex Legends Mobile?

You can play Ranked in Apex Legends Mobile as soon as you hit level eight. It doesn't take long: just keep playing matches and completing missions.

Once you cross that finish line, tap the Battle Royale button to the right of the big 'Play' button to open up the mode select menu. Tap the 'Ranked Match' open, close the menu, and hit 'Play'. Good luck.

What Is Apex Legends Mobile Ranked?

Ranked matches in Apex Legends Mobile are the kind designed for serious players who want to play with - and against - suitably skilled players. If you don't really care about the outcome of a match or just want to practice without risking your standing, the standard Battle Royale option is for you.

Once you're ready to test yourself, though the Apex Legends Mobile ranked mode is there for the challenge. You'll earn points with each win and lose points if you check out early. The more you win, the higher through the tiers you'll climb, earning some cool rewards in the process.

When Is the Apex Legends Mobile Ranked Release Date?

Apex Legends Mobile ranked Season 1 kicked off with the public launch of the game. It's open 24-hours a day as well, so you don't need to worry about logging in at a specific time of the day to get some half-decent matches in.

Apex Legends ranked Season 9 rewards
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What Are the Apex Legends Mobile Ranked Tiers?

RP needed
Starting rank
1,200 RP
2,800 RP
4,800 RP
7,200 RP
10,000 RP
Apex Predator
Top 750 players

If Apex Legends ranked mode does arrive on mobile, the tiers will likely be the same as those in the console and PC versions. Below you can find a table showing the current PC and console ranked system, although we expect the RP needed will likely be lowered for mobile.

What Are the Apex Legends Mobile Ranked Rewards?

With the first season of ranked comes the inaugural Season Store. Each match you play will net you a certain amount of seasonal currency you can exchange for whichever prizes you prefer. Just tap into the Season Store through the Season banner on the main menu to see the lot, and aim for whichever reward you prefer.

That's about all there is to say on the Apex Legends Mobile Ranked front right now. A lot can change in one season, though, so check back with the next to see what's different. And if you're looking for a much-needed competitive advantage, knowing how to get 60fps in Apex Legends Mobile is worth checking out.

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