Apex Legends Mobile System Requirements For iOS and Android

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Apex Legends Mobile will be released globally soon, but what are the Apex Legends Mobile system requirements? While a lot of players are looking forward to jumping into King's Canyon or Apex Legends Mobile ranked mode on their portable devices, some may not be able to experience the thrill, depending on whether they meet the Apex Legends Mobile system requirements or not.

That's right, if you're not playing on a relatively recent phone, you may be out of luck and unable to play. And even if your phone is fairly new, you may not be able to play without performance issues.

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What Are The Apex Legends Mobile System Requirements?

Apex Legends Mobile is now available in 10 countries after the limited regional launch kicked off earlier this week. This means that we now know what the Apex Legends Mobile System Requirements are.

For those looking to get stuck in on their iPhone or any other iOS device, you will need to meet the following requirements:

iOS: iPhone 6S or later, OS version 10.0 or later, Apple A9 SoC, 3GB free space, at least 2GB RAM.

For those looking to hop into action on an Android, here are the requirements that your device will have to meet:

Android: Android 8.1, Open GL 3.0 or higher, 3 GB free space, at least 3 GB RAM.

It has been noted in the Apex Legends Mobile release notes that more systems and content will be offered once the game is launched globally. It has also been confirmed that as the game has been developed specifically for mobile devices, there will be no cross-platform support on PC or consoles.

When Will Apex Legends Mobile Be Released?

Apex Legends Mobile has been delayed on a number of different occasions due to different world events. But we are now starting to make progress ahead of the full, global launch.

Apex Legends Mobile kicked off a limited regional launch in 10 countries on Monday, March 7th, giving the producers the chance to collect feedback on the title before a full launch later this year.

We are unsure of the exact release date currently, although the limited regional launch content is set to be available until the beginning of May, so don't expect to see a full global launch before then.

That's all we know about the requirements for iOS and Android for now but be sure to keep up to date on all things Apex Legends Mobile related with the read more like that can be found above!

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