Super String Tier List and Reroll Guide

Screenshot from Super String, showing a gun-wielding agent walking into battle

Screenshot from Super String, showing a gun-wielding agent walking into battle
April 20, 2022: This time around, we didn't have to make any changes to our Super String tier list.

If you love mobile RPGs with deep, extensive character rosters, then ourSuper String tier list will definitely come in handy. With over 100 unique characters available, there are many team comps to test out during your adventure. That said, with so much choice comes a degree of uncertainly, so we're here to break down the agents by tier and let you know who to take into turn-based battle with you.

If you're unfamiliar, Super String is an action-packed mobile RPG that boasts some impressive visuals and a sizeable campaign mode to work your way through. There's also a story here to follow if you're interested, but the main hook is building the ultimate team of fighters, then unleashing them on your foes.

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Super String Tier List

Character name
Kawooka, Cornelia, Won Miho, Ha Siwoo, Lilia, Kang Haneul, Yun Bitnara, Munsu, Jeon Youngha, Kanghyeon, Ajitae, Yohan, Red Swan, Hasty, Yak, Veronika, Suho Kang, An Boyoung, Oh Sejeong, Brillheart, Seokhwan
Leonard Shin, KimChulsu, Wonsul, Back Ryong, TaeYu, Cha Yerin, Jin Suho, Catalina, Mamia, Kaira, Diana, Ikho, Kira, Lim Hanrim, Sando, Min Jungwoo, Wonhyo, Van, Jyu, Kang Suki, Shin Heyool
Lee Baeksu, Bangia, Jang Deokman, Kim Han, Kim Bong Chun, Kang Seonghyeon, Mago, Marlene, MyoWol, Miss Hwang, Yeongsil, Kwae Tacheon, Elimona, Allen Harmon, McMahon, PyeongGang, Mito, Hong Kildong, Kuku, Sung Mina, Yuuitae
Guardian, CRF Soldier, Witch Clown, Mob Member, Don, Captain of CRF, Silver Goblin, Gold Goblin, CRF Sniper, CRF Grenadier, CRF Bomber, CRF Medic, CRF Reserves, Suspicious Scientist, Mad Scientist, Demon Clown, Dolseok, Meyer, Samus, Ponzol, Rotevick, RoyalGuard, Yamaha, Lee Hyeonseong, Uchida Kyouichi, Jenan, Kang Huijae, Eddy, Sugal, Aikawa, Lou, Cheol, Phoenix, Spelta Soldier, Beechler
Tutee Reaper, Reaper Seeker, Phantom Knight, Phantom Reaper, Khersa, Yoersa, Slindier Scytheman, Slindier Spearman, Haunted Girl, Haunted Boy, Wraith Assassin, Haunted Assassin, Sweeper

As you can tell from our tier list, the selection of Super String characters on offer is plentiful. Luckily, you'll have a great many chances to roll for new characters or directly spend money on characters currently in the store's promotions.

Even better, when you first start the game and form your team of agents, you'll get fighters who are already in the S and A tiers. Specifically, your tutorial team consists of Seokhwan, Brillheart, Oh Sejeong, and An Boyun. These characters are all in the two tiers of Super String agents, and as such will serve you very well in the early stages.

The good news is that many of the game's 100+ agents are very powerful, and will level up nicely, too. In the early stages of the campaign, most agents in tier B and above can knock out base-level grunts with one attack. As you progress, of course, your opponents will get tougher, but you'll have plenty of opportunity to upgrade the agents in your team before the difficulty ramps up.

Who Is the Rarest Super String Agent?

At the moment, there are a few Super String agents where are harder to get than others. Namely, SS Yun Bitnara is the hardest agent to get your hands on. That's because you have to complete several objectives to unlock her. Firstly, you need to complete level 1-4 of the campaign to access the Agent Recruitment menu. You'll then have to browse the levels menu, participating in battles to hunt for agents. The good news is that enough searching will lead you to SS Yun Bitnara, who you'll then instantly be able to add to your roster, free of charge.

How Do I Get More Super String Agents?

In Super String, the ability to roll for new agents unlocks once you complete level 1-4 of the campaign. This will take the best part of an hour to get to, ensuring you're totally familiar with the game's mechanics before you can add to your roster of heroes. Once that's done, however, you'll be able to head to the Agent Recruitment screen. This is where you can spend currency on new summons, which lets you randomly roll for characters.

Aside from these gacha mechanics, there aren't too many ways to unlock more Super String agents. Some are available through special events around the game's worldwide launch. The main example is the aforementioned SS Yun Bitnara, who you'll get just by completing campaign quests. Aside from that, however, it's either down to gacha spins or purchasing promotional characters from the store with real money.

Super String Reroll Method Explained

The bad news is that if you aren't happy with your gacha pulls in Super String, there isn't a particularly easy way to reroll. A lot of gacha games have their summon mechanics open from the very start. Since Super String makes you complete four lengthy campaign missions before you can start spinning for new agents, it makes the reroll process more difficult.

As such, if you want to reroll in Super String, it will be a case of completely deleting your progress and starting over again. This is how to wipe your save data and restart the game:

  • If you're playing with an account linked to Facebook or Google, head to the Settings menu in the top-right of the screen.
  • Click the Info tab, then press Delete Account.
  • If you're using a guest account, it's as simple as deleting and reinstalling Super String on your mobile device. This will remove your current save, letting you start again.

With this done, you'll be able to start Super String from square one, and you'll have another chance at rolling high-powered characters once you unlock Agent Recruitment. Remember that it'll take quite a bit of early-stage grinding to unlock the gacha mechanics once more, so only reroll if you're happy with this.

How Do I Keep Up With Super String?

As the game has only just released worldwide, you can bet that Super String will have a lot of support in the near future. As such, there are a few good places to keep an eye on, letting you catch new agents and events first. We recommend checking out the Super String Facebook page, which details current special events and frequently discusses minor tweaks and bug fixes. Equally, you should check out the game's Google Play store page, which contains plenty of information about current events and updates.

That's it for our Super String tier list. We've gone through the toughest characters in this exciting turn-based RPG, as well as how to add even more agents to your roster. With so many playable characters available, Super String will keep you busy for a long while.

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