Identity V Characters - All Survivors and Hunters

Screenshot from Identity V, showing a hunter posioning a survivor
April 19, 2022: We updated our Identity V characters guide with the latest information.

There are absolutely loads of Identity V characters, and our handy guide will run through them all. With over 50 playable characters in total, you'll want to know their ins and outs if you're to have success in this asymmetrical mobile horror game. It plays a lot like Dead By Daylight, with four survivors going up against a wretched killer in a tense battle to survive and escape with your team intact.

Our characters list will go through each and every character in Identity V, along with their relative strengths and weaknesses. It'll help you decide which character to main in this extensive game and ultimately tailor the experience to your play style.

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Identity V Characters List

Artwork from Identity V, showing a survivor hunting for a letter
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Artwork from Identity V, showing a survivor hunting for a letter


There are a total of 33 survivors in Identity V. We've broken down all of them, with details on their individual abilities.


Uses Ingenuity to dismantle enemy's Rocket Chairs.


Map to locate Cipher Machines across the level.


Starts each round with a Syringe, increased healing speed.


Carries a flashlight that can temporarily prevent Hunters from using skills.


Carries a book that grants him the ability to temporarily shrink, becoming undetectable to


Can dash forwards with his American Football that knocks Hunters off balance but uses up


Uses Lasso to either grab and rescue teammates, leaving them on his back, or to spring across the map by catapulting off the Hunter.


Carries a wand that grants him temporary invisibility when used.


Carries a life-size doll that can spoof Hunters into thinking they are the real survivor.


Has a Flare Gun that stuns Hunters when hit with it.

Lucky Guy

Increased luck stats, including better pulls from chests and increased chest opening speed.


Carries a Holy Key that can transport teammates across the map while leaving a residual shadow that Hunters will see as the actual survivor.

The Mind's Eye

Constantly able to see the Hunter's location on the map, which she can share with other survivors.


Able to set a specific point on the map to transport to when used.


Has Elbow Pads that grant a speed dash boost when ricocheting against walls.

Female Dancer

Places Music Boxes around the map to slow down the Hunter and speed up teammates' movement and interactions.


Uses an Owl to constantly monitor teammates' movements, and can block certain attacks on their behalf.


Self-revive powers, and faster at reviving teammates stuck in Rocket Chairs.


Carries a Magnet that can repel or attract items to the Hunter, causing damage.


Uses Ape Curse to temporarily paralyze the Hunter with varying effectiveness.


Has an animal partner that can either be used to ride across the map or to accumulate rage that increases the efficiency of micro-tasks.


Can brew several healing potions. Dovlin will boost health but reduce vision and cause tipsiness. Upgrades to this increase its effectiveness and reduce Fear stats.

First Officer

Has a Pocket Watch that can hypnotize Hunters, reducing vision and causing hallucinations.


Carries three different bomb types. Sticky Bomb slows down the Hunter's movement. Nitro
Bomb reduces the Hunter's interaction speed. Fire Bomb burns the Hunter and temporarily suspends their abilities.


Carries Letters with various buffs. Urgent Letter boosts movement speed. Farewell Letter also boosts speed, but only when jumping or climbing. Tranquillity Letter increases decoding speed. Bravery Letter increases rescue speed. Inspiring Letter increases vaulting speed. Hope Letter increases gate opening speed.

Grave Keeper

Has a shovel to dig underground and eliminate traps. Limited-time use, as the Grave Keeper will deplete oxygen while underground.


Proficiency with wires means he can activate destroyed Cipher Machines, then link them to share cumulative progress across separate machines.


Can catch insects in her net accessory. These insects form a protective barrier that reduces Hunter movement speed and provides two hits' worth of protection.


When they first see the Hunter, they paint a picture of it and place a canvas on the map. Every time the Hunter sees the painting, they involuntarily go over to admire it, buying survivors time to escape.


Carries a cricket bat and ball, which can be used to knock back and stun the Hunter when powered up.

Toy Merchant

Carries a toy box containing two catapults and Wooden Wings. Catapults can propel survivors across the map to get them away from danger. Wooden Wings are used by the Toy Merchant to briefly glide across the map.


Carries a grappling hook to traverse the map with increased speed.


This is the latest survivor to join Identity V, arriving on October 29, 2021. He can swap his abilities with those of other survivors for 60 seconds, or the Hunter for five seconds. Doing this also grants his teammates a movement speed boost.

Screenshot of a Hunter from Identity V
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Screenshot of a Hunter from Identity V


There are 21 playable Hunters in the game. Here's a breakdown of all of them.

Hell Ember

Increased Fury capacity, meaning he can bypass stuns or incapacitation if his fury level is high enough.

Smiley Face

Can modify his rocket weapon with different ammunition. Wind Wings increase attack speed and dash speed. Drill increases the amount of time it takes for survivors to revive. Propellor increases Rocket Dash damage.


Carries a Chain Hook that reduces survivor movement when they're gripped by it. Also marks them with a rotting scent, allowing Gamekeeper to track them for 60 seconds.

The Ripper

As The Ripper moves through the fog he powers up fog blades, which then become projectile weapons when fully charged.

Soul Weaver

Can weave a cocoon around survivors to eliminate them instantly, even without a Rocket Chair.


She has three different forms with varying abilities. Beauty Form increases movement speed. Prajna Form increases fear radius. Panic Form is triggered when she sees a survivor, but she cannot use dash hit in this state.

Wu Chang

Two characters compiled into one shared consciousness. White Guard has faster movement but slower attacks and stun recovery. Black Guard has more powerful attacks but moves slowly.


Can use his camera to enter an alternate dimension to abduct survivors from their last seen location.

Mad Eyes

Controls Consoles across the map, which are used to operate fences that damage survivors.

The Feaster

Uses his tentacles to increase survivors' Terror stats, which reduces their overall effectiveness. Can also do damage and reduce movement and decoding speeds.

Dream Witch

Able to hide within dreams. Is invisible to players and moves incredibly fast while also creating a Follower that is always with her on the map. Can deplete survivors' stats and shield from damage.

Axe Boy

Able to grow Peaceful Pines, which when combined form Corrupt Areas that trap survivors. He moves faster in these areas and benefits from increased interaction speed.

Evil Reptilian

When he mutates, he sends off a wave of explosive power that affects survivors but rapidly depletes.

Bloody Queen

Creates a mirror image of herself that is impervious to attacks, but this can cause a small amount of damage to survivors.

Guard 26

Can store a vast amount of bombs, which have devastating attack stats when triggered at once. That said, damage doesn't stack when several bombs hit one enemy.


Can split its body to form a metaphysical radius. If a survivor steps in this area, Disciple is notified and can hunt them down while they are confined.

The Violinist

Plays music that can infect survivors in the nearby area. Reduces survivor movement and decreases decoding speed and healing.


Makes sculptures that push survivors against obstacles, dealing damage equivalent to half of a normal attack.


Builds up energy, and when released at full capacity, makes their attacks unblockable to survivors. However, this comes at a cost to movement speed.

The Breaking Wheel

The two characters can combine to form a 'wheel', where they move very quickly but are less manoeuvrable. However, their attack ability is reduced.


This dark version of the Detective character released on November 11, 2021. Their Poaching skill lets them move 10% faster while not in pursuit of an opponent. They can also use the Spy ability to lock on to survivors, landing an unavoidable grab to keep them in your clutches.

How Do I Unlock More Identity V Characters?

Identity V uses gacha mechanics to unlock characters, meaning your next survivor or Hunter is totally random. It's done through the Logic Path, which is how you roll for a random character drop. These are bought using Clues, an in-game currency that you earn while playing matches and completing quests.

You can also trial selected characters via the storefront where they're sometimes available as promotions. Of course, this doesn't constitute unlocking the character, but it does let you give them a go to see if you want to use them in the future.

New characters are also sporadically added by the developers, recently including the Novelist. These additions are generally announced on the Identity V Twitter, with details on how to unlock them, and when they become available.

That's it for our Identity V characters list! Make sure you choose wisely, so you can thrive in this tense asymmetrical multiplayer horror.

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