The best Android horror games (January 2023)

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Screenshot from Alien: Blackout, with the xenomorph stalking Amanda Ripley

Sometimes, there's nothing better than curling up with a game that pushes your boundaries like no other: horror! Now is the perfect time to get spooky with games that'll terrify and thrill you in equal measure. Luckily for you, our best Android horror games list will explore the best horror titles that Android players can download right now.

With these spine-chilling games, you can take the horror with you on the go. Just be sure to leave a light on while you play, as these horror games take no prisoners.


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The best Android horror games

Screenshot from Dead by Daylight Mobile, with a masked killer looming over four survivors

Dead by Daylight Mobile

First up is the mobile version of one of the most enduring horror games on console and PC. Dead by Daylight is a veritable sandbox of horror icons, with everyone from Leatherface to Pinhead appearing as playable characters. The asymmetrical 1v4 multiplayer places you either as a survivor, working with fellow players to escape, or a killer with murder on their mind. Cue some wildly tense chases, clever tactical play, and a mad scramble to unlock the gates to freedom.

This mobile port is a slightly toned-down version of the base game, with reduced graphical prowess and a lack of cross-play. However, the Dead by Daylight staples are still there, with its gameplay being almost identical to the console and PC versions. You'll still be able to hook helpless survivors on meat spikes, hide away in cupboards, and scramble to solve puzzles – but you'll instead do it while on the go instead. It may not replace the console version, but it's a worthy alternative if you're away from your setup.

Screenshot from Granny, showing the eponymous villain up close, about to attack


Next up is a mobile-only game that'll leave you ever so slowly wanting to put your phone in sleep mode. Granny is a game that'll remind you of the movie The Visit, as an innocuous trip to visit your grandmother turns into a battle for survival. Trapped in her blood-ridden, rotting house, it's your job to escape through the front door unscathed. Of course, this is easier said than done, as Granny can hear your each and every move – and is ready to pounce and end you the second you make yourself known.

What follows is a surprisingly tense survival horror experience that'll remind players of the torrid Jack Baker sequences in Resident Evil 7. You'll find yourself cowering in wardrobes or under beds, but if the five-day timer runs out, you'll be trapped at Granny's forever. Good luck trying to escape.

Screenshot from Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle, showing a pixellated Jason plotting on killing three teenage victims

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

While most horror games go down the super-serious route, this mobile spinoff of the Friday the 13th franchise tries something completely different. The blocky graphics will remind you more of Roblox than anything else, and the puzzle-based gameplay approach isn't something you'd expect from Jason Vorhees. However, it's worth giving Killer Puzzle a go – if anything, for how creatively it tries to expand the parameters of horror games on mobile.

In this mobile ode to Friday the 13th, you play as Jason across a range of grid-based puzzles, where you have to take out all survivors on the map in a certain amount of moves. You'll have to dodge obstacles to make your way to unassuming victims, before executing them in classic Friday the 13th style. With over 100 levels available, this is a must-play for Jason fans.

Screenshot from The Sign, showing a haunted ghost girl crawling out of a phone screen

The Sign

The Sign takes a very unique approach to mobile horror by using the features of handheld devices to its advantage. The entire game takes place in a fictional messenger app, as new messages pop up about a supposedly haunted viral video. It asks you to lean into the concept by glossing over some of the inconsistencies compared to real messenger apps, but its presentation alone is worth seeing.

What follows is a horror story that unravels entirely via text, one that might even make you think twice about how you use social media after you've played it. It has plenty of RPG elements too, as your choice of the several dialogue options can alter your relationships with certain characters. On top of that is a series of must-win minigames and messages to pore over, as the paranormal mystery around the video gets larger and larger. The Sign is a game that might leave you wanting to take a break from your phone for a little while.

Screenshot from Goosebumps, showing Slappy the Doll wearing a VR headset

Goosebumps Night of Scares

If all these intense horror games are taking their toll, then our next entry might help cleanse your palate a little. It's a slightly less terrifying spinoff to the recent Goosebumps films starring Jack Black, who actually returns in this title to voice R.L. Stine. It functions as a greatest-hits adventure, with some of the most iconic Goosebumps characters making an appearance. From Slappy the Doll to werewolves and witches, all manner of horror creatures are here, wanting to make a meal of you.


From a gameplay standpoint, Goosebumps Night of Scares is a first-person hide-and-seek game, where you have to keep out of the eye line of classic Goosebumps villains. It's VR-supported too, so if you have a compatible headset and fancy experiencing the horror in virtual reality, the option is there. It'll likely appeal to younger audiences, but it's an atmospheric title nonetheless that constantly has you on the back foot.

Screenshot from Antarctica, showing the first-person protagonist killing a spider-type creature in a bunker

Antarctica 88

Fans of Stranger Things and John Carpenter's The Thing, will find plenty to love in Antarctica 88. This nostalgic first-person shooter takes place in an isolated cavern in the middle of Antarctica, with a barrage of insect-like monsters approaching. What follows is a desperate scramble for survival, as you stave off hordes during the night and search for vehicles to aid your escape.

It's an expansive game, with its own sandbox world for you to shore up defences, scavenge for items, and plan your method of escape. It has an intuitive day-and-night cycle, too – meaning when the sun sets and darkness starts to engulf the sky, you know exactly what horrors await you. With a range of firearms, gruesome monsters, and several branching endings to explore, Antarctica 88 is an Android horror sleeper hit.

Screenshot from Alien: Blackout, showing the xenomorph lurking in a ceiling vent

Alien: Blackout

Ridley Scott's genre-defining series finally made its way to Android devices with Alien: Blackout, a survival horror in the vein of the beloved 2014 game, Alien: Isolation. You play as Ellen Ripley's daughter Amanda on an abandoned Weyland-Yutani vessel with one unwanted guest: the dreaded xenomorph.


Rather than directly controlling Ripley, you instead function as an all-knowing master in control of the ship. As such, you open and close doors based on where the xenomorph is, and activate emergency systems to cause your adversary some damage. Security cameras will be your best friend to keep tabs on the creature and ensure it stays away from your crew. What follows is a tactically-minded Alien game that takes the premise of Five Nights at Freddy's and runs with it.


Inspired by the martial law system in 1960s Taiwan, Detention serves up traditional point-and-click gameplay with a horror twist. You play as a school student whose place of learning seems increasingly infested with supernatural forces, from ghosts lurking in corridors to dead bodies and lurid, intrusive visions.

You're tasked with getting to the bottom of this mystery, figuring out the cause of such horrors yourself. It captures the helplessness of a child stuck in a cruel world and smartly examines real-life history through its Taiwanese setting. With a hand-drawn art style to boot, it's a game that not only looks gorgeous but also pushes forward the level of storytelling that mobile games can accomplish.



Limbo is one of the most enduring horror indies of them all – and for good reason. First released way back in 2010, the creepy cartoonish nature of Limbo is now available to try out while on the go. It's a game that all horror aficionados are familiar with now, as your lone character strolls across a gothic landscape to save his sister.

Along the way, you'll encounter gigantic spiders, fanged beasts, and a range of traps to fall prey to. Limbo conveys unbridled brutality in its death scenes, where the boy is graphically torn to shreds. The shock factor of these sequences isn't lost even a decade on, and the frequency with which you'll die in this learn-through-death title is part of the reason why. It's a genre classic, and even after all these years, Limbo is still a must-play nightmare.

The Walking Dead: Season 1

Speaking of genre classics, The Walking Dead: Season 1 was the game that put Telltale on the map. Without The Walking Dead, the team likely wouldn't have garnered the reputation to adapt franchises like Batman and The Guardians of the Galaxy – and, thankfully, the game remains just as gripping and emotional now as ever.

Based on Robert Kirkman's comics, you control Lee Everett as he attempts to survive a zombie infestation that has ravaged the world. You'll gradually come across beloved characters like Clementine and familiar faces from the show like Glenn while making decisions that determine which members of your troupe live or die. It remains the definitive Telltale experience and will evoke all the same emotions when played on mobile.


Identity V

If the asymmetrical brutality of Dead By Daylight Mobile is a little too much for you, then Identity V is a more tame alternative. Alongside three other friends, you'll strive to escape from all manner of beasts, ranging from demented clowns to horrifying nurses. Decode cyphers to unlock the main gate, lay traps for the killer, and escape to freedom.

Of course, you can also play as the brutal murderer too, in the same vein as Dead By Daylight Mobile. If you can hack down helpless survivors and isolate them from their teammates, then you'll end up with no fodder left standing. It's a slightly more stylised take on the classic asymmetrical horror formula, and one that will give you slightly less stress than the game it's inspired by.


Eyes is another first-person survival horror title, with a gothic twist. In this game, you play as who has broken into an eerie mansion one night. Unbeknownst to them, this building is plagued by ghosts and other malevolent spirits, who want you out. Cue a tense journey to escape the mansion, evading spectres and surviving paranormal jumpscares.

What it lacks in action it makes up for in subtlety, as the scares are less direct than most horror titles. Instead, it builds up a tense atmosphere where the unseen ghosts could jump out at you at any time, leaving you in a constant state of unease. The game's description advises against playing alone in the dark - and we totally agree.


Scary Quiz Horror Movie Trivia

Now, for something a little different. Scary Quiz Horror Movie Trivia won't necessarily scare your socks off - instead, it's an elaborate trivia game for horror movie buffs. With dedicated rounds on classics like The Evil Dead, The Shining, and Night of the Living Dead, it's the best way to test your horror movie knowledge.

It all fits in the aesthetic of an old analog TV, displaying the quiz question and its four options. Yes, rather than just a simple layout, developer Marcus Ferron leans into the horror with a creepy UI that definitely suits the style. If you ever want a break from the scares and fancy testing your horror chops, this is one to look out for.

The Ghost

This intense co-op horror game places you and your friends as the sole inhabitants of an abandoned asylum, where the entire population seems to have disappeared overnight. What follows is a desperate scramble to escape from the building with your life in tact - as an ominous paranormal figure does everything it can to stop you.

Yes, the gameplay is similar to the likes of Dead By Daylight Mobile and Identity V, where one player controls the ghost, and four others play as survivors trying to flee. With just a flashlight to your name, getting out alive is no easy feat, and you'll definitely encounter some scares along the way.


There you have it: the best horror games you can play on Android. All of these are worth trying out if you're looking for a fright – just remember to leave a light on afterwards! While you're here, you should also check out our best Android MMORPG and best Android story games lists for more recommendations.