Fantasy Life Online tier list (March 2024) - Best characters and equipment

Fantasy Life Online tier list

Fantasy Life Online tier list
March 28, 2024: Fantasy Life Online will shut down in February 2023 with new account signups ceasing this month.

Looking to get a headstart in the long-awaited sequel to Level-5's classic Nintendo 3DS game? You'll want to peruse the latest Fantasy Life Online tier list before you blow through the tutorial. Refused to heed these words and you'll potentially be at a disadvantage right from the get-go.

As a mobile gacha game, the Fantasy Life Online tier list exists to ensure you're never spending valuable in-game currency on characters that aren't worth their salt. Right at the start, you're able to summon four of the 12 five-star characters. You can only keep one, though: so who do you pick?

Before we crack on with the tier list, why not take a look at our ranking of the best gacha games around? We also have a list of every Fantasy Life Online code if you're just starting out. And if Fantasy Life Online isn't for you, you might just find your new obsession there. Then check out our tier list hub for character rankings and our ever-expanding codes guide hub for freebies.

Teruha sits high on the Fantasy Life Online tier list at launch.
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Fantasy Life Online tier list - The best five-star characters

Fantasy Life Online tier list









The above Fantasy Life Online tier list has been pieced together using the character rankings from the game's Japanese version. This version was launched back in 2018 and is set to close in December 2021.

As it includes characters that the global version won't see for a while, we've made sure to only include characters available currently available or previously released. We'll endeavour to add new characters as and when they arrive.

It's worth noting that the Fantasy Life Online tier list above includes only the five-star characters you can pull during the tutorial.

In this, you can perform four single pulls from a pool of 12 five-star characters. At the end of the free pull sequence, you're able to choose one of the characters to keep. By using the tier list, you'll know which of the lot are worth keeping.

Fantasy Life Online tier list - The best five-star equipment

Fantasy Life Online tier list


Crimson Lucio
Falcon Wings


Dragon King Claymore
Blue Knights
Sage Staff
Flower Rod


Earthlord's Pickaxe
Bear Grinder
Leaf Needle
Blue Devil Hammer


Sweet Apple
Firelord's Pickaxe

Of course, grabbing a character that ranks high on the Fantasy Life Online tier list is only part of the equation. How you gear your characters will play a big part in their efficacy on the field. Five-star (or Master Rare) weapons, tools, and armour make up the equipment tier list you'll see above.

These come from the dedicated equipment gacha banners and typically include equipment for each of the game's 12 classes. The banners include plenty of equipment of other rarities as well—which you're far more likely to obtain, we might add—but there's not much use in grading the entire catalogue.

The Fantasy Like Online tier list only really applies at the upper level, anyway. If you want to be the best, these are the characters and equipment you want to aim for. Otherwise, you can settle for just about anything that gets the job done.

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