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Disney: Twisted Wonderland Tier List and Reroll Guide

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Image from Disney: Twisted Wonderland, showing an anime character with Alice in Wonderland stylings
April 4, 2022: We added the new character Azul to our Disney Twisted Wonderland tier list.

If you've been craving a darker and more traditional gacha game in the Disney universe, our Twisted Wonderland tier list is worth your time. We'll break down the best characters from this anime-inspired RPG so that you don't need to worry about putting time and effort into ones that won't aid your progress.

Of course, if you're just hoping to build up your best boys, this sort of tier list grading won't be for you. Rather than evaluate the characters below on their looks and personality, we've taken the typical gacha RPG route of grading them on their skill in battle.

Disney: Twisted Wonderland isn't the only mobile game out there based on popular movie franchises. Check out our Marvel: Future Revolution tier list if superheroes are your thing. And while the Honkai Star Rail tier list and Epic Seven tier list aren't based around movies, they're anime-heavy for fans of those genres.

Disney: Twisted Wonderland Tier List

Ranking Character name
SRiddle Rosehearts, Leona Kingscholar,V Vil Schoenheit, Malleus Draconia
ATrey Clover, Azul Ashengrotto, Kalim Al-Asim, Idia Shroud, Lilia Vanrouge, Jade
BAce Trappola, Jack Howl, Jack Leech, Jamil Viper, Rook Hunt, Azul
CDeuce Spade, Ruggie Bucchi, Floyd Leech, Silver
DCater Diamond, Epel Felmier, Ortho Shroud, Sebek Zigvolt

Though the Disney: Twisted Wonderland tier list may look intimidating for a title that just launched, it's worth noting that it actually released in Japan a while back.

The tier list above takes plenty of worldwide opinions into consideration, but it ultimately doesn't matter too much: character stats are broadly the same across each character, so you're generally free to build a squad around your favourites if you're not looking to mix-max its over two dozen launch units.

Screenshot from Disney: Twisted Wonderland, showing an anime character with Sleeping Beauty style.
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Who Is The Best Character In Disney: Twisted Wonderland?

Dormitory name Leader
HeartslabyulRiddle Rosehearts
SavanaclawLeona Kingscholar
OctavinelleAzul Ashengrotto
ScarabiaKalim Al-Asim
PomefioreVil Schoenheit
IgnhydeIdia Shroud
DiasomniaMalleus Draconia

As mentioned, there aren't many Disney: Twisted Wonderland characters who are strictly better than others. Despite now being available in North America, there aren't many detailed stat breakdowns, so you can imagine that there aren't many characters who are heads and shoulders above another.

However, it is probably still worth collecting all the dormitory heads to add to your roster. As the most prolific characters in each region, you'll probably want to take advantage of their power. The table up above lists the dormitory heads you'll want to watch out for.

Disney: Twisted Wonderland Reroll Guide

  • Load up Disney: Twisted Wonderland, make a guest account and start making your way through the tutorial.
  • Keep going until you get stage eight of the tutorial, where you get your first set of free pulls.
  • Use all of the available pulls in this guided section and see what you get.
  • If you aren't happy, delete the game from your iOS or Android device to wipe your progress.
  • Redownload the game and repeat the process until you're happy with your pulls

Done a few rolls but not ended up with anyone high on the Disney: Twisted Wonderland tier list? Then it's time to follow the reroll method. For the uninitiated, rerolling means to manually reset your progress, gathering up any easily obtained gems from the game's opening moments to pull again for better characters.

How Do I Get More Disney: Twisted Wonderland Characters?

In a nice twist on the genre, Disney: Twisted Wonderland operates in the same way as a lot of gacha games. This means the only way to get new characters on your roster is by random spins, hoping you end up with a hero you've been pining over.


You can get more Disney: Twisted Wonderland characters spending in-game gems on the various banners you'll find on the main menu. You can purchase a Normal Summon to pull from a generalized pool of Disney: Twisted Wonderland characters, or look out for special Summoning Events, where some characters are more likely to drop over others. This is especially useful if there are particular characters you want in your roster.

You can also occasionally get spins using Keys - a premium item earned through mission completion. This is rare, though, so don't rely on this to grab new companions too often.

Which Movies Does Disney: Twisted Wonderland Reference?

Dormitory name Disney movie inspiration
HeartslabyulAlice in Wonderland
SavanclawThe Lion King
OctavinelleThe Little Mermaid
PomefioreSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs
DiasomniaSleeping Beauty

Despite putting Disney at the front and centre of its branding, fans might notice that the game doesn't immediately retain the brand image typically associated with the House of Mouse. Gone is Mickey, Minnie, and co., with the game instead focusing on new characters with notably more anime-like appearances.

Rather than have each character be a reimagining of a Disney classic, the references are tied to each 'house' the characters are a part of. To help you make sense of which house is inspired by which film, we've got the definitive breakdown in the table above.

That's it for our Disney: Twisted Wonderland tier list. We've been over all the characters currently in the game, as well as looking at how to get more characters, and how to reroll if the gacha spins haven't quite gone to plan. Armed with this, you'll have a team that Mickey Mouse would be proud of in no time!

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