Pokémon TCG Live Best Decks Tier List - Meta Decks and Strategies

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Image of the Pokémon TCG Live logo.

A brand-new mobile version of the Pokémon trading card game is already available for some, so our Pokémon TCG Live best decks tier list already has a purpose. Since progress carries over from the previous game, Pokémon TCG Online, the chances are you may have some of these decks already.

Our Pokémon TCG Live best decks tier list will grade and rank any deck that stands out. We'll also detail what makes them tick - a deck is only as good as your strategy, after all. We'd always suggest playing whichever deck is fun for you, but there's obviously a lot of fun in winning, too.


It won't be easy to build them up from your collection right off the bat, but with Pokémon TCG Live account transfer service and even Pokémon TCG Live codes carrying over into the new game, existing TCGO players should be able to climb the ladder with ease, leaving newcomers to trade their way to the top.

Image of several example cards in Pokémon TCG.

Table of Contents

Pokémon TCG Live Best Decks Tier List

Tier Deck name Reason
SZacian VContains a legendary Dialga and Palkia joint card, as well as strong Pokémon like Hoopa and Zapdos.
ARapid Strike Urshifu VMAXThe Hundred Furious Blows move is one of the most explosive in the entire game.
BMewtwo & Mew Tag TeamA Mewtwo & Mew tag-team card is exceptional, and their Miraculous Duo move both damages enemies and heals friendly cards.
CVicinti VMAXContains two different Vicinti variants (VMAX and V), as well as a Heatran and the Mewtwo & Mew tag-team.
DShadow Rider Calyrex VMAXWith two Calyrex variants you're in for a good ride - as well as an ultra-rare Gengar & Mimikyu tag-team
EInteleon VMAXDedenne GX is the standout here, with a Tingly Return move that paralyses the opponent.

See the list above for six of the very best decks in Pokémon TCG Live. It may sound odd ranking decks mere days after the Pokémon TCG Live game went online in Canada, but it being a simulation game means we only need to look at the most successful decks used by competitive players in competitions over the past 12 months to get an idea of what works and what doesn't.


Best Pokémon TCG Live Deck For Attacking

In terms of the best attacking deck in Pokémon TCG Live, we actually recommend going for the Inteleon VMAX deck. While it only ranks in the E tier of our overall tier list, the attacking proficiency in several of its cards makes it a very useful offensive collection.

If you just want to brute-force your way through a battle and not have to think much about setup or reactionary counters, this is the deck for you. In a sense, it's a good beginnger deck to use while you familiarize yourself with other popular cards, combos, the Pokémon TCG mechanics as a whole.


Front and centre of this is the eponymous Inteleon VMAX card, which has some excellent attacks. Not only does the Hydro Snipe move remove one of your opponent's active energy cards, but the Max Bullet move will hurt both your current rival, as well as one of their benched Pokémon. Alongside other solid cards like Dedenne-GX and Inteleon X, and you've got a mighty impressive deck.

Best Pokémon TCG Live Deck For Defending

If you want the sole best defending deck in Pokémon TCG Live, we recommend going for the Zacian V deck. It's been used extensively in competitive matches for good reason: it's absolutely brimming with legendary Pokémon with massive HP pools.

There are a few notable standouts in this deck; namely the Arceus & Dialga & Palkia GX card. Combining the three legendaries of the fourth generation of Pokémon is no easy feat, and this card is incredibly OP.


With 280 HP and no discernible type weaknesses, it's very good at soaking up damage. On top of that, the combined Altered Creation GX move increases every subsequent attack by 30 damage, as well as giving you a chance to pick up a prize card.

That's it for the Pokémon TCG Live best decks tier list for now. Rather than waiting for new cards to be added solely to the game, this simulator title is dependent on the physical Pokémon TCG game. New card sets release every couple of months and, with that, the meta changes - especially if older cards are removed from the competitive pool to keep things fresh.