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Getting your hands on Pokémon TCG Live codes will be a major part of building just about any competition-beating deck. Just like the game that it replaced, codes are the main driving force in the latest take on the digital Pokémon card game, and we're going to go over exactly how they work down below.

It's worth noting right off the bat that if you played Pokémon TCG Online at any point, you likely already know how Pokémon TCG Live codes work already. Nothing has changed on that front. There are other ways to get cards, but codes will remain a major part of the effort.

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All Working Pokémon TCG Live Codes

  • There are no working Pokémon TCG Live codes just yet.

The following Pokémon TCG Live codes were last checked and confirmed expired on February 25, 2022:

Expired codes

  • No Pokémon TCG Live codes have expired.

Expect more Pokémon TCG Live codes once the game releases.

How Do I Redeem Pokémon TCG Live Codes?

  • Visit the Pokémon TCG Live code redeem page and log in with your trainer club account
  • Type your PTCG Live codes into the box
  • Hit redeem! - your packs and rewards will be waiting for you in-game

On Android and PC, you'll be able to redeem Pokémon TCG Live codes in the game itself through a menu - likely somewhere in the shop. You can even use a camera to redeem the codes straight away.

On iOS/iPad, though, App Store guidelines mean you need to follow the bulleted steps above, signing into the same Trainer Club account you use in-game to redeem them through the website.

What Are Pokémon TCG Live Codes?

Pokémon TCG Live codes are user-specific coupons used to unlock in-game rewards. These are primarily found in physical booster packs, decks, and collectable tins found in stores and online. The idea is simple - you buy physical Pokémon cards to collect or use in real life, then redeem the included code to get virtual cards to use in Pokémon TCG Live.

Pokémon TCG Live codes get you free cards and packs.
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How Do I Get More Pokémon TCG Live Codes?

Pokémon TCG Live codes are relatively cheap to pick up through markets like eBay. Your favourite card reseller will likely stock them as well. These are typically codes taken from packs and sets sellers have opened purely to resell the rarer cards within, but if you don't trust their origin or validity, it's best to steer clear and get them only from physical booster packs you purchase yourself.

Assuming The Pokémon Company keeps up a long-running tradition, signing up to Pokémon Trainer Club emails will see Pokémon TCG Live codes drop straight into your inbox every month or so. The newsletter has typically included them, and we'll be listing them here in the future as well - provided they're not user-specific.

Are Pokémon TCG Live and Pokémon TCG Online Codes The Same?

Literally speaking yes: Pokémon TCG Live and Pokémon TCG Online codes are the same. If you've opened up newer packs in the past eight months or so, you've likely already noticed the code cards name-dropping the upcoming game rather than the older one. This is how Pokémon TCG Live leaked before it was revealed, and it's a reminder that it was planned to launch a lot earlier than it actually did.

Will Pokémon TCG Live Codes Work in TCG Online?

Yes, Pokémon TCG Live codes will work in Pokémon TCG Online - and visa-versa.

This will obviously change once the original game is taken offline leading up to the launch of the newer client, but until then codes with branding for the new game will work in the old game, and will work in the new game as well - which should be obvious. You're free to use them now, or save them for the new game.

Thanks to the Pokémon TCG Live account transfer system, the only difference will be the pack opening animation. One thing to note, however, is that codes older than the Black & White sets will not work in Pokémon TCG Live as these cards won't be available at launch.

And that should be everything you need to know about using Pokémon TCG Live codes. For more Pokémon goodness, learn the best Pokémon GO Deoxys Defense counters. With enough luck and skill, you'll be able to bag yourself a shiny legendary creature that works with in the ongoing Great League PVP event.

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