Pokémon TCG Live Account Transfer - How to Use TCGO Cards in TCG Live

You don't need to worry about losing your massive card collection with the launch of a new Pokémon TCG game. Thanks to the Pokémon TCG Live account transfer feature, you can bring most of your existing cards from TCGO straight into the new release. It's a little limited right now, but here's what you need to get started.

Back when Pokémon TCG Live was revealed, the powers that be made sure to explain that while a TCG Live account transfer service would exist to ensure the switch from the old game to the new one didn't mean fortiting a massive pile of cards, it would mean saying goodbye to a few. At least initially. If you're competing, though, what you need from one game will come over to the next.

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How Do I Transfer My Pokémon TCGO Account to TCG Live?

We won't know for certain how this will all work until the game actually releases, but here's a simple enough idea as to how you'll transfer a Pokémon TCGO account to TCG Live when the game comes out.

Like many other games these days, Pokémon TCGO accounts are typically tied to a servic llike your email account or the Pokémon Trainers Club system. With that in mind, it's easy enough to imagine the method of transferring cards from TCGO to TCG Live will be a simple matter of logging in with the same credentials. In fact, the original FAQ for the game has more or less confirmed this to be the case.

Expect a fully automated process to take place as soon as you log into the new game, which will swap compatible TCGO cards over to your new TCG Live account, rendering them accissible in just the same way they were before. There will be limitations (shown below), but there's also word that these could ease up in the future to allow for more varied types of play in the future.

Which Cards Transfer From Pokémon TCGO to TCG Live?

Any cards from the Black & White TCG collection and beyond will automatically move from TCGO to TCG Live when you initiate the account transfer process. Cards will remain available for use on both services simultaneously if the former hasn't been shut down by the time you try, but once the original game shuts down, you'll only be able to access these cards on the new service, naturally.

And that's about all there is to the Pokémon TCG Live account transfers service right now. It's a straightforward process and one that, while likely upsetting for fans of the original game who don't want to move to the new one, is sure to be appreciated.

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