Pokémon Legends: Arceus - All Mechanical Items and Rotom Forms

Fan Rotom, after using the Mechanical Pinwheel, in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

We might've thought the mechanical items were just lame decorations from the far future at first, in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. However, it turns out that these items actually have a use, especially for our Pokémon friend Rotom.

When the Gingko Guild try to sell you a Mechanical Circular Saw for upwards of 40k Pokédollars, you're right to turn your nose up at the price. Especially when all of your money goes towards Bagin and his expensive satchel upgrades. However, these mechanical items also serve more of a purpose than just being decor.

Rotom is an illusive Pokémon with many forms you'll want to encounter in order to complete your Pokédex. So, in this guide, we've explained how you can use mechanical items to transform Rotom in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Where to Find Rotom

Before you go purchasing an abundance of mechanical items and changing the forms of every Rotom you own, you'll need to find and catch some of the Pokémon first. Rotom can be found in Coronet Highlands, around both the Stonetooth Rows and Celestica Ruins area.

They're not the most common spawn, though, so keep an eye out and do not miss the chance to catch one if you see them around!

Mechanical items can be bought from the Gingko Guild carriage in Jubilife Village in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.
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Where to Get Mechanical Items

Mechanical items are pricey gadgets that can be purchased from Ginter, a Gingko Guild merchant, at their carriage in Jubilife Village (pictured above). You can only purchase one item from Ginter at a time, and will have to wait between purchases.

The wares he sells are also quite random. Not only are there multiple mechanical items to collect, but Ginter will often sell the likes of Stealth Sprays and the Linking Cord, too, amongst other items. This can make gathering every mechanical item a bit of a grind, but you'll be able to purchase them all sooner or later if you've got the Pokédollars and patience.

A player interacts with a mechanical item in their room to change Rotom in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.
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How to Use Mechanical Items

Whenever you purchase a mechanical item from Ginter, it'll automatically be sent to your dorm in Jubilife Village. Most of the items will take the form of a familiar piece of electronic technology, like a fan or a microwave, but in the ancient region of Hisui, their intended purpose is not entirely known.

In Hisui though, these seemingly mysterious mechanical items do serve a purpose for Rotom. Each item can be interacted with to change Rotom's form. To make this happen, ensure Rotom is your selected Pokémon, then interact with your chosen mechanical item in your dorm. Depending on the mechanical item, Rotom will then transform entirely. Their different variations are listed below:

  • Mechanical Box (Microwave) - Heat Rotom
  • Mechanical Cabinet (Fridge) - Frost Rotom
  • Mechanical Circular Saw (Lawnmower) - Mow Rotom
  • Mechanical Pinwheel (Desk Fan) - Fan Rotom
  • Mechanical Tub (Washing Machine) - Wash Rotom

That's all you need to know about mechanical items and using them to transform Rotom's appearance. For more, we recommend keeping our type-chart to hand to aid you with battle primarily! Additionally, we talk about how to switch up your party here, and here's all the Mystery Gift Codes we know of, so that you can get some freebies!

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