True Piece Tier List - Races and Fruits

Now in full swing, it's time for a complete True Piece tier list to spring up. Follow along with the latest in-game meta and you'll know exactly which race and fruits to aim for with the game's rerolls and frequently releasing True Piece codes. Though they're all fine in their own way, mixing the right race with the right Devil Fruit can make all the difference in battle.

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True Piece Tier List - All Races

Race Trait
FishmanAs you'd expect, Fishmen work well in water. They move more quickly through the seas and smaller bodies of water. You can also use exclusive fishman karate skills in combat.
HumanHumans are fairly balanced. Their movement speed is average across the board, but they do gain access to exclusive Black Leg skills
SkypieanOn top of having access to Race Dial skills, Skypieans can have an additional Geppo charge.
CyborgBeyond exclusive Cyborg skills, this race enjoys additional base HP. You probably won't notice it later in the game, but they get a good head start. They're a safe choice for newcomers.

It's a tad too early to actually grade each race right now. Again, they all excel in different scenarios and synergize well with different fruits and strategies. As such, we've simply pieced together a table of all races available in the game right now.

They're sure to add more over time, after all, this game has only just released, but the four on offer for launch should give you enough ways to theorycraft new builds and loadouts for the time being.

You can spin for a new True Piece race from the main menu.
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How Do I Change My True Piece Race?

  • Access the 'Edit' screen from the main menu
  • Tap or click the 'Race' button in the bottom-left to spin for a new race
  • Spin again if you don't get the race you want

Like so many other anime-inspired Roblox combat games out there, the way to change your True Piece race is a simple one. You spin. By earning spins in-game, buying them with Robux, or using the latest True Piece codes, you can take a chance on rolling for a new race. There's every possibility you'll land on the three you don't want over and over again, but it can't be helped.

Once you have True Piece spins to use, you'll want to exit back to the main menu. You can do this by simply quitting the game and launching it back up again. From here, go onto the 'Edit' screen and you should see a way to spin for a new race. Hit that button and see what you get.

When you're happy with the result, consider keeping hold of any extra spins you may have. They'll become harder and harder to earn for free, and you never know when a game-breaking new race may come along.

True Piece Fruit Tier List - All Fruits

Tier Fruit
SBomb, Chop, Ice, Gravity
AOperation, Fire, Phoenix, Sand, Smoke, Dark, Lightning
BBarrier, Spinosaur, Rubber, Tremor, String,
CSnow, Mochi, Light, Magma

This True Piece fruit tier list should only be viewed as a guideline right now. It's too early in the game's life to truly rank the best True Piece fruits. As many of these are based around Devil Fruits in the One Piece anime and manga, they're available in many similar Roblox games. As such, we've ranked them similarly to what you'll see on our King Legacy fruits tier list for the time being. Check back in the coming days for a definitive True Piece fruit tier list.


When Is the Next True Piece Update?

The next True Piece update was planned for November 22, but the developers cited on the day that bug fixes and content reworks would take priority for the time being. They reassured players than updates are still coming, but no solid release date has been announced just yet.

When Will We Get New True Piece Fruits?

Again, it's too early to say when new True Piece fruits might drop to shake up the tier list. One Piece games on Roblox tend to focus on adding new fruits to keep combat fresh and interesting. As such, it's not hard to imagine they'll arrive in due course.

Because the game is so now, however, we don't know how frequent updates will drop. Just keep an eye on the True Piece Twitter to hear about the developer's plans. Some information is posted to the True Piece game page as well. And though there's no Leaks channel on the True Piece Discord server, there is a True Piece Trello board that should show you wants in the works.