Ragnarok: The Lost Memories Tier List and Reroll Guide

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Screenshot from Ragnarok: The Lost Memories, showing six characters crowded around a mystical shrine
July 14, 2022: We've checked and updated our tier list!

Before you pull, check out the current Ragnarok: The Lost Memories tier list. It's early days for the latest in a long line of Ragnarok mobile games, but social media marketing has already let us know which characters are worth fighting for.

Our Ragnarok: The Lost Memories tier list breaks down all of the characters we currently know about, ranking them based on their potential to serve you. We'll also take a look at the best reroll method, so you can reset your progress if early gacha spins don't go your way.

Struggling to download Ragnarok: The Lost Memories? Until the launch day woes are put behind us, there are plenty of other gacha games to sink your teeth into. Check out our Seven Knights 2 tier list if you want to get started in that game, or our MCOC tier list for something based on your favourite superheroes.

Ragnarok: The Lost Memories Tier List

Ranking Character Name
SKathrine Switzer, Eline, Neur, Xiaolin
APerr, Ophelia, Xeno, Surf Morrick, Pauve
BRina Wardotir, Cana, Cariot, Erhorn, Victoria, IO
CNatalie Carma, Naki, Modan, Cordelia, Lucia
DBard, Paue

Currently, we know of 20 characters who will be in Ragnarok: The Lost Memories at launch. We've compiled them in our tier list above, based on how they seem pre-release. That's based on information we could find online, as well as glimpses of the game from its early release in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Our tier list is updated as of March 2022, just in time for its slow release around the world. The meta could well change as characters are balanced and tweaked following player feedback, so don't be surprised if these rankings change once the game is live globally.

Screenshot from Ragnarok: The Lost Memories, showing the combat menu during battle
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Who Is The Best Character in Ragnarok: The Lost Memories?

As per our Ragnarok: The Lost Memories tier list, the best character to go for in the early stages is Kathrine Switzer. This armour-clad knight is a five-star base character, with a potential level of 60. Pre-release promotional snippets have shown players consistently using her, so expect good things from a well-stacked Kathrine.

The only other two five-star characters we've seen in pre-release footage are Eline and Neur. And unless they're just integral story units, it makes sense that the big marketing push would put emphasis on the game's best units.

How Do I Perform a Ragnarok Lost Memories Reroll?

If you've had no luck with your gacha spins and your team is veering towards the lower end of our tier list, then the chances are you might want to reroll. This is where you manually reset your progress and go back to square one, letting you enjoy any free spins once over.

Until we're able to actually download and play the game, we won't be able to give specifics regarding the Ragnarok: The Lost Memories reroll method. For now, expect it to work similarly to other games. Just play through the game long enough to get one or two pulls (no more than 30 minutes), and clear your app data if you don't get who you're looking for.

The key here is to refrain from making an account through an Apple or Google service, your email address, or social media platforms. If it's tied, it's hard to delete. Look for guest account options when you first sign in, then just bind the account when you're happy with your reroll result.

How Do I Get More Characters in Ragnarok: The Lost Memories?

As a gacha game, we can take a good guess at how the recruitment system will work in Ragnarok: The Lost Memories. Like other Ragnarok games that came before it, this one should use a common Summon system. This is where you spend in-game currency to pay for a random spin of all the characters, ending up with a new recruit. It's all down to the luck of draw, which is where the addictiveness comes in.


We may not know exactly what the steps will be in performing gacha spins in Ragnarok: The Lost Memories, but we'll be sure to update this guide once we've got a clearer understanding.

When Will New Characters Release in Ragnarok: The Lost Memories?

The likelihood is that we'll get even more characters in Ragnarok: The Lost Memories in the future. Most gacha games of this style end up with hundreds of unique characters in their roster after extensive updates and support from the developer. Just look at the Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list. With fingers crossed, you can imagine that the same will happen in this game.

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