Zio and the Magic Scrolls tier list and reroll guide (April 2023)

Screenshot from Zio and the Magic Scrolls, showing Zio and several companions huddled together
April 3, 2023: Yvonne enters our Zio and the Magic Scrolls tier list.

Zio and the Magic Scrolls is a newly released gacha game boasting a range of high-powered characters. Our Zio and the Magic Scrolls tier list helps make sense of all these varied fighters, so you know which ones to add to your roster. We'll also explain the game's unique reroll process, letting you wipe your save data if needs be.

With well over 50 fighters to choose from, we're here to tell you which Zio and the Magic Scrolls characters will help you reach the endgame. The campaign is a lengthy journey, so you'll want teammates who can rank up easily and upgrade to get even stronger. This means you might be needing the odd Zio and the Magic Scrolls code to help you along.

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Zio and the Magic Scrolls tier list (March 2023)

Character name
Diogoram, Tumia, Petnak, Zio, Muzel, Won, Sumima, Marilyn, Exavius, Michel, Gallistos, Mei, Kueno, Tomie, Yvonne
Fanzifei, Rudemila, Silvia, Narfume, Bono, Morrison, Tun, Hrachas, Inca, White, Kenta
Charles, Celsius & Farenheit, Juan, Centaur Warrior, Choi Myeon Geol, Khan, Delph, Pilgrim
Narfume, Silvia, Tumia, Marilyn, Inca, Brien, Choi Myeon Geol, Juan, Khan, Rai
Ganzo, Zbella, Centaur Elite Archer, Brien, Nyahu, Rai
Aerok Warrior, Imp, Priest, Warlock, Mage, Female Angel, Angel, Undead, Swordsman, Tan Liming, Torturer, Elf Archer

With plenty of characters to choose from, these are the warriors who will do you the best in Zio and the Magic Scrolls. Our ranking is based on each character's cumulative combat power as seen in their in-game profile. That only takes into account their base stats, so the rankings could change as you upgrade certain characters with new equipment or better abilities. Equally, it should be noted that the gap in quality between tiers can be quite sizeable, particularly as you get down the D- and E-ranked characters. They tend to have a combat power of around 70,000, which is less than half that of our S-tier characters.

Who is the best Zio and the Magic scrolls character?

As per our tier list, the best character in Zio and the Magic Scrolls (right now, at least) is Gallistos. Their base combat power stands at an impressive 157,575. Compared to the second-place character, Mei, who sits at 156,286, that's a notable difference.

Gallistos has the stats to boot too, boasting over 116,000 HP and 8,000 ATK. That makes Gallistos a very tanky character who can take a lot of punishment while also taking enemies out with relative ease. Their unique ability is useful too, as they deal 10% extra damage if at critical HP levels.

These are the ten best characters to choose in Zio and the Magic Scrolls, as well as their base combat power stats.

  1. Gallistos - 157,575
  2. Mei - 156,286
  3. Diogoram - 155,986
  4. Exavius - 155,447
  5. Sumima - 153,020
  6. Kueno - 152,570
  7. Tomie - 152,150
  8. Muzel - 151,881
  9. Petnak - 151,881
  10. Won - 151,851

How do I get more Zio and the Magic Scrolls characters?

As your classic gacha mobile RPG, the method of getting new characters in Zio and the Magic Scrolls is a fairly common one: random spins, or Summons, as they're called here. These are random spins where you'll get a new character after spending Diamonds, but the catch is you don't know who you'll get.

In some ways, Zio and the Magic Scrolls stands out against its contemporaries, as all characters in its roster are available through gacha. Some other games lock the best characters behind a paywall, but luckily that's not the case here. However, you can only unlock the best characters through gacha after 40 spins, so you'll have to stick with the game if you want to get them.

Once you're on the Summon menu from the main page, you can choose the one roll option or eleven rolls. Generally speaking, they cost diamonds, though the game generously gives you several free spins each day. With enough gacha, you'll eventually be able to unlock the character you desire.

Screenshot from Zio and the Magic Scrolls' reset account menu.
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Zio and the Magic Scrolls Reroll Guide

If your random Summons aren't going your way and the roster of characters at your disposal isn't quite good enough, you can always reroll. This is where you manually reset your progress and get to enjoy Zio and the Magic Scrolls from the beginning, therefore getting the chance to use your free spins again. Here's how to do it:

  • On the main menu, tap the cog icon to enter the Settings tab
  • Then tap Account > Reset Account
  • To confirm the reset, you need to type in a four-digit code into the text box. Then hit Confirm, and your progress will go back to square one

That's it for our Zio and the Magic Scrolls tier list! We've gone over all the available characters and their respective rankings, as well as how you can add new members to your roster. We've also explained the reroll process, so you can go back to the start if you fancy another try.

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