Zio and the Magic Scrolls code list - free diamonds and more (November 2022)

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Image from Zio and the Magic Scrolls, showing three characters sat around a campfire
November 28, 2022: We checked for new Zio and the Magic Scrolls code redeemables.

Looking for a Zio and the Magic Scrolls code list? We have them all. Our guide compiles all current freebies available in the popular mobile gacha game, so you never run out of goodies. The game has only just launched, hailing from developer Super Planet, meaning now is the perfect time to brush up on the codes currently out there.


Our guide also details which in-game goodies each code will net you. We'll also go over how to use your codes, and which places to check for even more redeemable coupons in the future.

Table of Contents

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New Zio and the Magic Scrolls codes (November 2022)

  • RUNWMILLI3 - Free diamonds (NEW)
  • ALEXNANNYBOT - Free diamonds
  • 11PVPINNOV - Free diamonds
  • MILLISTARNOW - Free diamonds
  • SPLANETTGS - Free diamonds
  • ZIOCOSTUME - Free diamonds
  • CLEARQUESTS - Free diamonds
  • zionewhero - 800 diamonds
  • idleworlds - 800 diamonds
  • ZIOPICNIC - 800 diamonds
  • supersept - Free diamonds
  • gabrielinvq - Free diamonds
  • legendino1yr - 800 diamonds
  • dgtakeatrip - Free diamonds
  • ehtfavcont - Free diamonds
  • DESTINYZEO - Free diamonds
  • VAHNSQUEST - Free diamonds
  • superlk7 - Free diamonds
  • shaotamin - 800 diamonds
  • un1verse - Free diamonds
  • letsplaysp - Free diamonds
  • mgwarchal - Free diamonds
  • hellojune - Free diamonds
  • ZioQuizXX - Free diamonds
  • BlossomFri - Free diamonds
  • SMSDANMACHI - 800 diamonds
  • ZIO100DAYS - 800 diamonds
  • GOZIOGO - 300 diamonds
  • FROMVKRU - 300 diamonds
  • ZIOandCOWSEP - 200 diamonds
  • ZIOandMMOSTATION - 200 diamonds
  • LinePartner - 500 diamonds

The following Zio and the Magic Scrolls codes have sadly expired. These were last tested and confirmed as expired on November 21, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • INFINITEFUN - Free diamonds
  • 2YGUARDIANS - Free diamonds
  • chestbd - Free diamonds
  • hpywkend - Free diamonds
  • ZIOBOSSRAID - 800 diamonds
  • APRFOOLS - Free diamonds
  • ZIO1STINJP - Diamonds
  • ANGEL1STANNI - 800 diamonds
  • HELLOZIO - 800 diamonds
  • ZioProapk

What are Zio and the Magic Scrolls codes?

As you might expect, Zio and the Magic Scrolls codes are free redeemable coupons that will net you in-game items. It's a very common mechanic in gacha RPGs of this type, so you might've come across it before.

In the case of Zio and the Magic Scrolls, codes are generally used to unlock free diamonds. This is the game's base currency that you'll use for everything, from levelling up characters to purchasing new summons. One summon costs 300 diamonds, with 11 costing 3,000 diamonds. As such, our codes will help you grab some free spins.

At present, the only thing you'll get from Zio and the Magic Scrolls codes are diamonds. However, that could easily change in the future, as there are plenty of other currencies in the game.

Screenshot from the Zio and the Magic Scrolls code redemption page

How do I use Zio and the Magic Scrolls codes?

Luckily, using our Zio and the Magic Scrolls codes is a relatively easy process. However, you'll need to complete the in-game tutorial before you unlock the code functionality. Thankfully that's only a few levels of the campaign mode, and a few summon quests, so it shouldn't take too long.

  • On the Kingdom menu, press the cog icon on the top-right of the screen.
  • Then hit 'Coupon' in the settings menu to land on a web page.
    • Crucially, this web page won't load on PC, so you need to do this through your mobile device.
  • On this site, paste a code from our list. Then hit 'Register Coupon,' where you're asked to select which game you're redeeming for and insert your username.
  • If the code is valid and working, you'll then get a message asking you to confirm the redemption. With that done, check your in-game inbox to see what you've unlocked.

How do I get more Zio and the Magic Scrolls codes?

As a relatively new game in the mobile market, there are plenty of places to check for new Zio and the Magic Scrolls codes. First, it's a good idea to check out the game's Google Play Store page and Apple App Store page. While there aren't codes there at present, both are littered with information, so freebies could pop up at any time. Equally, some YouTubers like CVMG have access to codes and give them out frequently, so it's definitely worth subscribing.

Of course, you should also bookmark this page and check back regularly. We'll be updating our list the second new codes land for Zio and the Magic Scrolls, so if checking through other sources sounds like too much work, you can rely on us for all your gacha goodies.