Clash Mini Decks - Best Decks for Launch

The best Clash Mini decks are by far the most important aspect of Supercell's latest. If you go into battle with a deck that doesn't synergize perfectly, you'll be at a distinct disadvantage, maybe attempting to charge skills you'll never get to use or stunning opponents and failing to follow up.

There's only so much we can recommend before the game launches all across the world, but it doesn't hurt to understand how Clash Mini decks work before the big day.

We're going to have a bunch of Clash Mini guides up for the game's launch. So if you're just getting started in this big new release, check them out. And if you're still hooked on the original game, learning how to avoidClash of Clans hacks might be worthwhile. Or just check out the entire Clash of Clans section. You'll no doubt find something worth reading.


What Are Clash Mini Decks?

Clash Mini Decks are essentially just the teams you take into battle. You pick six characters out of your roster at the start of a match, making your first of many Clash Mini decks. As the rounds play out, you put three of these units onto the battlefield in the position you think they'll perform best.

Once the round is over, you put any leftover units into battle to avenge their fallen allies, again keeping in mind their strengths, weaknesses, and what they can bring to the whole team.

Clash Mini decks contain six chosen units, with only three being available for play in any one round.
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What Makes the Best Clash Mini Decks?

With Clash Mini slowly launching in more and more countries, the game's dedicated YouTube channel is beginning to fill up with informative videos. One of these, Smol Talk Episode One, is a gameplay session between two Supercell employees. And what better starting point for advice on Clash Mini decks than the developers themselves?

While one showed off their team, the other commented on how it was fundamentally desynchronized. They had characters that perform well in the late game, like Dark Goblin and Barbarian, backed up by those that only really work in early on, like Spear Goblin, creating a Clash Mini deck that just didn't make much sense. In talking it through, they settled on swapping out the early-game Spear Warrior for Boulder.


The idea was that the bulk of Boulder paired with its own stun would help it buy time for the late-game characters in the Clash Mini deck to charge their powerful attacks without getting killed in the process. It's that sort of forward-thinking that's needed to build a solid Clash Mini deck.

You don't have much control over your units in this auto-battle game, so ensuring those on your team work well with each other is key. You must develop a detailed strategy, and every single unit picked will play a major part in whether it makes it onto the podium or falls flat on its face at the starting line.

We'll have complete and complex Clash Mini decks and ideas once we have full access to the game. It's going to be big, we reckon, so expect more coverage at launch. Until then, though, just keep these wise words in the back of your mind. As you scour the web for more Clash Mini information and unit stats, you'll begin subconsciously building Clash Mini decks in your mind.