Marvel Future Fight Tier List - Best Characters and How to Reroll

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Screenshot from Marvel Future Fight, showing three Spider-Man variants swinging into battle
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Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe rejoice. Our Marvel Future Fight tier list lets you decide which heroes (or villains) will form your new best team. This mobile action game lets you hand-pick three comic-book characters to battle with. And with over 250 to choose from, with great (pull) power comes great responsibility.

Our Marvel Future Fight tier list goes through all the characters in the game and confines them to a tight table, easily separating the good from the bad. We'll also look at how to add new characters for your roster and even how to complete a reroll if you fancy trying your luck again and against until you get some top-tier units.


Of course, Future Fight is far from the only Marvel game available on mobile. Check out our Marvel Future Revolution codes for the latest freebies in that game. We've also got a Marvel Future Revolution tier list, to help you get started there, too.

Marvel Future Fight Tier List

Marvel Future Fight lets you control three Marvel characters, totally chosen by you. Our tier list will help give you a feel for which characters are deemed the most powerful, so you can formulate a team that'll never let you down.

Do note that our Marvel Future Fight tier list goes off each fighter's base statistics: so once you start upgrading stats and levelling up certain heroes or villains, they could well eclipse some of the higher-level characters seen here. For the most part, rarity will denote a character's raw potential in the early-game. So while this is a great resource for follow as a reference for newer players, it's not one that those looking to top the leaderboards should rely on for cutting-edge analysis.


Who Is the Best Character in Marvel Future Fight?

As you can see from our tier list, there are some characters in Marvel Future Fight that are definitely worth keeping an eye out for. In particular, these are those fighters:

  • Hulk
  • Carnage
  • Spider-Man 2099
  • Captain Marvel
  • Thanos
  • Thor

We chose these characters for the S-tier due to their base stats and potential for future scaling as they level up. As you can see, quite a few of the characters here are traditional tank types like Hulk, Carnage, and Thanos.

These characters are slightly slow to attack, but can take a serious amount of punishment, which leaves them (and the rest of the team) able to dish out damage for longer periods of time. Level them up with some high-quality attacking and speed boosts, and you'll be close to unstoppable.

How Do I Get More Characters in Marvel Future Fight?

Getting new characters in Marvel Future Fight works in a very similar way to popular some of the other best gacha games out there today. It's primarily done through Hero Chests, which are loot boxes containing one random hero from the game's ever-growing roster.


There's no way to predict which character you'll get, which is where the game's gacha mechanics really come into play. If anything, it's about persistence. You get a free Hero Chest every 24 hours, meaning once a day there's a chance to get a new character.

If you're up for spending a buck or two, however, you can purchase a Premium Hero Chest that contains exclusive high-ranked characters not available elsewhere. You're still not guaranteed to get the specific unit you want, but the results will be pulling for the rarer (smaller), more powerful hero pool.

For those who really don't mind breaking the F2P barrier, some premium characters like Adam Warlock and Silver Surfer can be purchased outright, without the need to test your luck (and funds) to get them. These characters are often highlighted in the Storefront and usually cost thousands of in-game crystals. If you know what you're after and have the money to back up your wishes, you'll find them in the Storefront.

How Do I Reroll in Marvel Future Fight?

  • Head to your mobile device's storage menu.
    • On Android, this is in Settings > Apps > Marvel Future Fight.
    • On iOS, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Future Fight.
  • Next, select to clear your game data. Note the distinction between deleting the app entirely. You just want to delete your progress.
  • When that's done, you can load up Marvel Future Fight and start from the beginning.

For those just getting started, you don't need to lament on the below-average results of your first few pulls.

Though very basic characters can get you through a lot of the early content just find, if you plan to stick around and take on some serious events and PVP battles, getting one or two characters high on the Marvel Future Fight tier list early on will pay off. As such, if the first few pulls don't net you favourable results, it makes sense to perform a Marvel Future Fight reroll to try again until you do.

Refer to the steps above to start an account, get a bunch of free pulls, and reset your account ready to try again if you don't get some top-tier superheroes.

That's it for our Marvel Future Fight tier list! We've gone over all the characters in this comic-book fan's ideal mobile title, as well as how you can get even more. Now you can go and form a team to rival the Avengers!