The Best Marvel Future Revolution Spider-Man Build

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This Marvel Future Revolution Spider-Man build guide was written with the 1.0 build of the game in mind. As such, it only covers a Level 1-100 build. It will be updated to incorporate gear and stats at the new 110 level cap in the near future.

Looking to sling your way into the best Marvel Future Revolution Spider-Man build? Aunt May would be proud. The latest Marvel mobile title is a complex game that moves like a well-oiled machine. Making sense of how characters come into their own can quickly get lost as more mechanics are unlocked. But if you see one person's Spider-Man out-performing your own, just know that it's a finite victory that you can remedy by following the tips and tricks below.


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Table of Contents

The Best Marvel Future Revolution Spider-Man Build

Equipment Type Best Alternative
CostumeSakaarSpider-Man Noir
SkillsSpider-Bot Swarm - Spider Bot Shooter, Spider-Wrap - Web Collapse, Web Craft - Web Grip, Spider-Grenade - Super Glue Grenade, Web Shooter Mastery - Focused Web-WrapN/A
SpecializationGreen Goblin's Madness, Electro's Agility, Transended Sense, Web Cartridge - CorrosionN/A
PotentialATK, Debuff ACC, Dodge RateN/A
Omega CardsMidgardia #4 (four-set), Sakaar #2 (two-set)Xandearth #4 (four-set) Sakaar #2 (two-set)
Battle BadgesLord of the Desert (Maestro - Dark Zone)Maestro (Blitz)

With high mobility out of the gate, the best Marvel Future Revolution Spider-Man build above is a high PVE DPS option centers around using the web-slinger's agility to negate the need for other defensive stats. This allows him to focus on his personal strengths instead.

Dodge Rate is a major stat for Spider-Man at the higher levels. On top of the invincibility frames of his attacks, it allows him to focus on dealing damage and webbing up enemies. By heading down the right Specialization paths, you can boost the damage you deal to enemies controlled this way by a wide margin, negating the need to stack lots of other offensive traits.

Spider-Man isn't going to top the top-level damage charts this way, but he will put out sustained damage and control enemies long enough for allies to rack up the numbers themselves. It doubles as a decent PvP set as well, so you won't have to give up one dream for another.

The Sakaar Spider-Man costume in Marvel Future Revolution.

The Best Spider-Man Costumes

Best Captain Marvel Costume Alternative Captain Marvel Costume
SakaarSpider-Man Noir

The best costume for Spider-Man right now is the Sakaar regional set. Craft that and you'll gain a bunch of helpful stats and some quick boosts to his many abilities.

Despite having so many other costumes at his disposal, however, a backup plan for Spider-Man isn't as clear-cut as it ought to be. Out of them all, the Spider-Man Noir set comes closest to offering the bonuses of the Sakaar costume. As it should be easier to find rather than craft, it's a good stop-gap on your way to the better Spidey suit.

The Best Spider-Man Specializations

Specialization Effect
Green Goblin's MadnessIncreases total damage dealt by 28.5% but lowers DEF by 18.8%
Electro's AgilityConverts 40% of Dodge Rate into damage
Transcended SenseIncreases max dodge rate by 15%
Web Cartridge - CorrosionIncreases damage dealt to cocooned enemies by 40%

For Spider-Man, you want to focus on using Specializations to increase his raw damage potential and use his already high Dodge Rate to augment that even further. The ATK boost of the first pick might seem scary due to its heavy DEF decrease, but it's not the punishment it first appears to be. Spider-Man focuses on dodging: do that and you won't need DEF at all.


In other trees, Spider-Man's Dodge can increase his damage further, with another skill increasing his maximum Dodge Rate to a whopping 115% if built correctly. Paired with extra damage against webbed enemies – his main crowd-control gimmick – Spider-Man doesn't actually need to pad out his ATK numbers to hit hard.

Spider-Man attacking the enemy in Marvel Future Revolution.

The Best Spider-Man Skills

Skill Mastery Class
Spider-Bot SwarmSpider-Bot - ShooterWeb-Tech
Spider-WrapWeb CollapseWeb-Shooters
Web CraftWeb GripWeb-Shooters
Spider-GrenadeSuper Glue GrenadeWeb-Teck
Web Shooter MasteryFocused Web-WrapWeb-Shooters

While not the best overall damage option out there, this Marvel Future Revolution Spider-Man build focuses on using Web-Tech and Web-Shooter class skills to wrap up groups of enemies. One of the best Specialization picks you'll see below boosts the damage dealt to cocooned enemies, so you'll get some consistent damage here and won't have to rely on your dodge to survive. More boss-focused builds exist, but this is a great all-rounder.

The Best Spider-Man Potential

Potential Category Primary Stat Priority Secondary Stat Priority
Web Warrior IATKHP, DEF
Web Warrior IIDodge RateHP, Debuff Resistance
Web Warrior IIIATK, Debuff ACC, Dodge RateN/A
Web Warrior IVDebuff ACC, Dodge RateHP

With Spider-Man, you really want to focus on Dodge Rate and Debuff Accuracy whenever you can. ATK plays a major part in his damage output, but the others ensure he has the means to avoid damage and land his crowd control abilities, increasing his damage purely by increasing his uptime.


As dodge is basically an automatic skill, the higher this stat is, the less you'll need to rely on manually avoiding moves, letting you focus on tossing out more attacks.

The Best Spider-Man Omega Cards

Best Omega Cards Alternative Omega Cards
Midgardia #4 (four-set)Xandearth #4 (four-set)
Sakaar #2(two-set)Sakaar #2 (two-set)

Spider-Man appreciates the Super Villain Damage and Defense Pierce buff that comes from equipping four of the six Midgardia #6 cards. Tossing two Sakaar #2 cards on to grab some extra Dodge Rate. That's if you're willing to pay your way through those sets, at least.

If you're looking to stick to free-to-play Omega Cards, Xandearth #4 offers some solid stats even without the set bonuses, although Stamina Recovery is nice. Just like above, you can round this off with a Dodge Rate boost from the Sakaar #2 set.

The best Marvel Future Revolution Spider-Man Omega Cards.

The Best Spider-Man Battle Badges

Best Badge Set Alternative Badge Set
Lord of the Desert (Maestro - Dark Zone)Maestro (Blitz)

As is the case with most characters in the game, the best all-rounder Marvel Future Revolution Spider-Man build uses the Maestro set from the level 100 Blitz activity first of all. It's easy to get and offers Spidey a massive damage boost against the many Super Villains he'll go up against in the end-game.


With that, you'll want to take on Maestro again, this time in the Dark Zone for the Lord of the Desert set. It gives a flat ATK boost that can really help his relatively lower damage numbers scale with the rest of the roster. And if you can't bear to fight Maestro again, the Daughter of Thanos set from Nebula in the same mode can help with Defense Pierce instead.

The New Stark City costume is one of the best for a Marvel Future Revolution Spider-Man PVP build.

The Best Marvel Future Revolution Spider-Man PVP Build

Build Omega War Duel
StatsATK, Dodge Rate, Debuff AccuracyATK, Dodge Rate, Debuff Accuracy
CostumeAll-New All-DifferentAll-New All-Different
Regional CostumeSakaarSakaar
Gacha CostumeNew Stark CityNew Stark City
Omega CardsSakaar #2 (two-set), Dark Zone #3 (four-set)Sakaar #2 (two-set), Dark Zone #3 (four-set)
Battle BadgesLord of the Desert (four-set), Mad Scientist (two-set)Lord of the Desert (four-set), Mad Scientist (two-set)
SpecializationsSpider-Combat - Electro's Agility, Spider-Sense - Jumping Spider, Spider-Sense - Transcended Sense, Spider-Combat - Grasp of the Octopus Spider-Combat - Electro's Agility, Spider-Sense - Jumping Spider, Spider-Sense - Transcended Sense, Spider-Combat - Grasp of the Octopus
SkillsSpider-Swing - Swing Shot, Web-Shooter Mastery - Focused Web Wrap, Web Craft - Stadium Slam, Spider-Grenade - Super Glue Grenade, Spider-Sense Combat - Tumble Web Shot Spider-Swing - Swing Shot, Web-Shooter Mastery - Focused Web Wrap, Web Craft - Stadium Slam, Spider-Grenade - Super Glue Grenade, Spider-Sense Combat - Tumble Web Shot

As probably the best PVP duelist in the game right now, this Marvel Future Revolution Spider-Man PVP build will hopefully see you through the ranks of both Omega War and Duel.

Spider-Man focuses on two things in PVP: webbing opponents and dodging attacks. The more attacks Spider-Man gets off, the stacks of webbing he'll apply to his opponents. One they have enough, they're cocooned, giving Spider-Man plenty of time to burst them down.

The Specializations in play rely on hitting the Dodge Rate cap to bump it even further, so make sure you're packing powerful Cores to reach it.


And that about rounds off this Marvel Future Revolution Spider-Man build guide. It'll take some time to make Spidey shine. He's a real late-bloomer. But put in the effort and you'll see the results. He's not going to be quickly soloing bosses, but he'll wrap up the enemies along the way real good.

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