The Best Marvel Future Revolution Doctor Strange Build

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This Marvel Future Revolution Doctor Strange build guide was written with the 1.0 build of the game in mind. As such, it only covers a Level 1-100 build. It will be updated to incorporate gear and stats at the new 110 level cap in the near future.

Looking to power up your game with the best Marvel Future Revolution Doctor Strange build? That's a wise plan indeed. The latest Marvel mobile title is a complex beast with a ludicrous number of moving parts. It's easy to lose sense of why one person's Doctor Strange might be so much more powerful than another. He is primarily a support hero, however, so don't expect to be topping the damage charts further into the game. Read on to find out how to carry your team to new heights with buffs and boons.


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The Best Marvel Future Revolution Doctor Strange Build

Equipment Type Best Alternative
CostumeMarvel Studios' Avengers EndgameSakaar
SkillsBook of the Vishanti - Lesson of Wisdom, Astral Projection - Astral Walk, Eye of Agamotto - Tranquil Guardian, Mirror Dimension - Shield of Mirage, MAster of the Mystic Arts - Soul EnhanceN/A
SpecializationDark Magic - Will of the Destroyer, Dark Magic - Shifting Sands, White Magic - Spirit of Light, White Magic - Wind of TruthN/A
PotentialSorcerer Supreme I (ATK), Sorcerer Supreme II (ATK, Ultimate Skill), Sorcerer Supreme III (Debuff Accuracy), Sorcerer Supreme IV (ATK, Debuff Accuracy)N/A
Omega CardsDark Zone #4, Dark Zone #5Sakaar #2, Dark Zone #3
Battle BadgesGrowing Pain (Yellow Jacket - Dark Zone)Maestro (Blitz)

The Marvel Future Revolution Doctor Strange build above has Steven fill the PVE Support role. Doctor Strange isn't going to top the DPS charts. Very rarely, at least. As more of a strategist, the Marvel Future Revolution iteration of Steven is best used in the support role, buffing teammates and debuffing enemies so that other players can break their own boundaries.

With the Marvel Future Revolution Doctor Strange build above, you'll be doing just that while outputting some decent damage with Basic Attacks and his frequently available Ultimate ability. Use the table to quickly gauge what to look out for, then dive deeper below to understand why.

The Marvel Studios' Avengers Endgame Doctor Strange costume in Marvel Future Revolution.

The Best Doctor Strange Costumes

Best Doctor Strange Costume Alternative Doctor Strange Costume
Marvel Studios' Avengers EndgameSakaar

For Marvel Future Revolution, the best Doctor Strange costume is hard to gauge. It really depends on how you tweak the build to suit your battle preferences and how much you might be willing to spend.


As a paid costume, the Marvel Studios' Avengers Endgame Doctor Strange skin is perhaps the best around. While it will only boost the one skill this character uses to improve his party's cooldown timers, the Basic Attack buff will allow him to deal some solid damage between weaving his own non-damaging attacks.

On the free side of things, the Sakaar outfit can get a support Doctor Strange going in no time. This particular build uses a full set of Touch of the Vishanti class skills. Boosting all of them by six will really buff the team. Plus, the added HP can help Doctor Strange absorb more attacks.

The Best Doctor Strange Specializations

The best Specializions for Doctor Strange, at least when aiming to buff the team, involve grabbing two skills from both the Dark Magic and White Magic trees.

On the Black Magic side, Will of the Destroyer and Shifting Sands will give Doctor Strange the ATK he needs for his Basic Attacks to deal decent damage given we're running him without any real damage abilities. Shifting Sands increases the duration of debuffs on the enemy, which helps offset the skill cooldown decrease from the first.

On the White Magic side, Spirit of Light reduces how long debuffs last on Doctor Strange, increasing his overall uptime. And just for having a Touch of the Vishanti skill equipped, Wind of Truth helps Doctor Strange charge his Ultimate 25% faster. It's a fantastic crowd-control effect that can stop some powerful attacks from landing.


The Best Doctor Strange Skills

The best skills for Doctor Strange, at least in high-level PvE with a party, all revolve around the Touch of the Vishanti class. These abilities won't deal massive amounts of damage, but they will debuff targets, scrub debilitations from allies, and even increase their Defense Pierce rating: all of which will play a major part in increasing the team's overall damage.

The Best Doctor Strange Potential

When budgeting logs for this part of the Doctor Strange build, you want to target the ATK buffs first and foremost. Although Steven isn't the highest damage dealer around, attacking is still what you'll be doing most. After that, aim for Ultimate Skill Recovery and Debuff Accuracy bonuses to increase the character's already high debuff potential.

Cooldown Decrease is great, but go too fast and you'll deplete your energy reserves, requiring you to look to gain Energy Recharge from other sources.


The Best Doctor Strange Omega Cards

When building Doctor Strange, there are cases to be made for just about any Omega Card set out there. For a support build, however, the four-piece Sakaar #2 set is a great option. The added Dodge Rate and Debuff Resistance should help Doctor Strange stay nimble enough to have near-100% uptime on the buffs and debuffs the team will come to rely on. Backed up with the two-piece Dark Zone #3 set, he'll gain extra ATK for Basic Attacks and Ultimates.

If you're willing to spend some cash and roll the dice, pairing four Dark Zone #4 cards and two Dark Zone #5 cards can get you some solid offense and guard break power with some handy defense and Ultimate recovery as well.

The Best Doctor Strange Battle Badges

With Doctor Strange, you can outfit him with a bunch of different Battle Badges. Loads have their use, but they do depend on how you happen to play him. In this particular build, the Growing Pain Battle Badge set from Yellow Jacket in the Dark Zone can work with one of those White Magic Specializations to boost the rate at which his Ultimate is available.


That being said, the Mad Scientist set from Arnim Zola in the Dark Zone gives Doctor Strange some great Guard-destroying strength to pair with said Ultimate. If you'd rather just focus on raw power, the Lord of the Desert set from Meastro in the Dark Zone awards a solid ATK boost.

Of course, you'll want to grab the full set of Maestro Battle Badges from the Blitz to kick things off at level 100. The Super Villain damage bonus they award will really help with the grind to unlock your preferred end-game set.

The Best Marvel Future Revolution Doctor Strange PVP Build

As mentioned numerous times above, Doctor Strange isn't really designed as a raw DPS character. He's an area damage dealer with fantastic support. His hybrid nature makes him well-suited to Omega War PVP, however. He can damage groups of opponents from afar, shrug off some attacks, and go back in guns blazing. The Doctor Strange PVP build above relies on a mixture of burst combos and his explosive ultimate to deal serious damage.


And that's it for this Marvel Future Revolution Doctor Strange build guide. There's a lot of information to take in here, but just know you won't have to mess around with most of this until you close in on the level cap. It's just good to know what to look out for as you level up. One wrong spend somewhere can set you back later in the game. Master his support abilities with the perfect build and you'll watch your allies crush villains faster than ever before. And if you're looking for more Marvel Future Revolution builds, our tier list is where you'll find all the links.