Princess Connect Tier List and Reroll Guide - Every Character Ranked

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Screenshot from Princess Connect, showing one of the princesses swinging a weapon

You'll need our up-to-date Princess Connect tier list if you're to have any chance of pulling for top-tier units ahead of the first-anniversary event. Free gems are everywhere right now, and although starting fresh recommended for current players, we've got the latest Princess Connect reroll method all figured out to see any new players off on the right foot.

Princess Connect is a vast and expansive auto-battle RPG experience with a popular ongoing anime series at its heart. And as is the case with most gacha RPGs these days, the tier list is equally as large to boot. If you have a favourite character across the two seasons, we probably have their combat expertise ranked below.


If you're looking for a slightly more refined and hi-resolution game in this genre, our Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list will set you down the right path. For other anime-inspired gacha games, you can get into the two big ones by checking out our Figure Fantasy tier list and Nier Reincarnation tier list as well. And for a Western approach, Mythic Heroes is worth a look.

Screenshot from Princess Connect, showing several characters in a 2D turn-based battle

Table of Contents

Princess Connect Tier List (May, 2022)

Tier Character name
SAkino, Muimi, Shizuru, Labyrista, Neneka, Saren, Hatsune, Luna, Rino
AAyane, Christina, Djeeta, Jun, Kaori, Makoto, Miyako, Pecorine, Rima, Shizuru, Tsumugi, Akari, Anna, Kasumi, Kokkoro, Monika, Ninon, Rin, Uzuki, Io, Kyouka, Maho, Misato, Shiori, Yuki, Yuni
BEriko, Chloe, Inori, Kuuka, Rei, Ruka, Nozomi, Tamaki, Anna, Ilya, Grea, Mifuyu, Mimi, Mitsuki, Ram, Rem, Sheffy, Shinobu, Yukari, Aoi, Emilia, Kyaru, Misaki, Suzuna, Yui
CHiyori, Kaori, Kaya, Rima, Ayumi, Yori, Arisa, Chika, Lou, Nanaka
DChieru, Kurumi, Matsuri, Misogi, Tomo, Mahiru, Mio, Suzune

Our Princess Connect tier list is based on our ranking of the game's 50+ characters, primarily focused on their base star rating and attacking potency. Use the tier list to determine which characters are worth adding to your roster. And if you see one in a banner that isn't high on the Princess Connect tier list, you know to save your precious gems.

Who Is the Best Princess Connect Character?

For our money, the best character in Princess Connect is Saren. Boasting an astounding HP of 42,407 and devastating 20,970 attack, there aren't many characters in the game as consistently strong in all fields.


Equally, S.Saren, the summery variant, is even more powerful. In Japan, she hasn't been available in gacha spins since February 2020, so her global debut is likely to cause a bit of a shift in the meta. There aren't many attackers in the game better than Saren.

How Do I Get More Princess Connect Characters?

Like any gacha game, the primary means of unlocking new Princess Connect units is through gacha pulls, where you'll be granted randomly-selected members of the game's extensive roster in exchange for any gems you pay for or come across through regular play.

Once you're through the tutorials, you're given a single free pull that's guaranteed to net you a decent starting character. From thereon out, it's up to you to procure the gems needed to make additional pulls as and when new characters drop—if they're high on the tier list, at least.

Some characters will join your party throughout the story, but for the most part, you'll be playing to unlock the chance to add top-tier units to your squads. And if you don't pull them outright, there's still a chance you'll gradually accumulate enough Memory Shards to recruit or strengthen other characters.

You can aim for characters high on the Princess Connect tier list by using this reroll method.

How Do I Reroll in Princess Connect?

  • Log into Princess Connect as a guest
  • Play the tutorial missions up until you get your first pull. It won't take too long!
  • Continue playing the campaign and fetching promo gems from your mailbox until you have enough for more pulls
  • Perform your pulls and make note of where each character stands on the Princess Connect tier list
  • If the results aren't satisfactory, use your phone settings to clear the game cache (but not the data) to delete your save
  • Make a new guest account and try again
  • Tie the account to social media or Game Centre when you're happy with the results

If your gacha spins haven't gone to plan, then you can always delete your account and start again using the Princess Connect reroll method.

Typically, the hope is that a gacha game gives a bunch of free pulls at the start, so you can ignore luck and pull until you get something high on the Princess Connect tier list. In reality, though, it's not always that simple. Some games don't give any premium currency early on, making rerolls incredibly time-consuming and frustrating.

In Princess Connect, during the first anniversary and second anime season event, at least, this isn't too difficult. You can get two free ten-pulls early on. And once you have the big download out of the way, it's fairly easy to repeat.

That's it for our Princess Connect tier list! We've gone over all the characters available in the game, as well as how to get them. It's a gacha game after all, so it'll take plenty of grinding and spinning before your roster starts to resemble the top tiers. However, inside that is a rewarding and deep RPG, leaving plenty for fans to enjoy.