The Best Pikmin Bloom Flowers

Screenshot from Pikmin Bloom, showing a large flower sprouting in the world
April 22, 2022: This time around we didn't need to update our Pikmin Bloom flowers guide.

Want to learn all there is to know about Pikmin Bloom flowers? Our handy guide will break down the ins and outs of flowers in Nintendo's latest mobile game, Pikmin Bloom. We'll go over what they do, how to get them, and the mysterious allure of big flowers.

They're a fundamental part of Niantic's latest foray into mobile gaming, so it's important to understand why they're so important before you go off on a long walk with your Pikmin in tow. As such, we'll break down all the key information for you to get as many flowers as possible.

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What Are Pikmin Bloom Flowers?

As fans of the series might know, flowers will grow upon the head of your Pikmin as you progress through the game. In the case of Pikmin Bloom, this happens as you continue walking. Equally, you can plant flowers as you walk, which will populate your local area. These shorten the time taken to level up your Pikmin, while also boosting the points you get by walking.

Primarily, though, you'll encounter flowers atop your Pikmin companions. When they first appear in the game, they'll have a small spout on top of their head. As you continue walking and feed them nectar, they'll start blooming flowers. These can vary based on which nectar you feed them. For example, pink nectar will cause your Pikmin to sprout pink flowers, and so on.

Once your Pikmin start growing flowers, it's time to start walking. Get some steps in and their flowers will bloom, producing petals you can collect. It's a thorough process: each Pikmin can drop petals up to six times a day. Just keep tapping your whistle to hail more Pikmin, which should make it easier.

Screenshot of the planting menu in Pikmin Bloom, showing various petal options and a one-hour timer
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What Is the Best Pikmin Bloom Flower?

Flower Type
White Petals
Most common type of petals in the game. When grown into a big flower, can produce any colour.
Yellow Petals
Slightly less common, used to produce yellow flowers.
Red Petals
Increasingly rare, again used to make red flowers.
Blue Petals
Rarest type of petals in the game. Produce blue flowers when grown, which are the most elusive.

There are four types of flowers in Pikmin Bloom with varying levels of rarity. As such, you'll probably want to aim for the rarest types. Above is a breakdown of the available flower types and the differences between them.

As you can see, the differences between Pikmin Bloom flowers are broadly negligible. In fact, they can be compared to the differences between teams in Pokémon GO, where they have a different colour, but no real gameplay difference.

Here's how to plant flowers in Pikmin Bloom and what they do.
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How Do I Plant Pikmin Bloom Flowers?

Once you've collected petals from your Pikmin, you'll need to plant them. To do this, just tap the flower icon on the main screen near your whistle. Choose the colour petal you want to plant, and get walking. The time you have to plant flowers will depend on how many you have on hand. Just walk around and the petals will plant themselves beneath your feet.

You'll plant roughly two–three petals per minute. There's a 5-minute cooldown after planting two petals in the same area, so be sure to keep moving to make the most of these consumables.

These new flowers planted last on the map for a few days, giving you a concentrated area to grind on walks and encouraging you to get into the habit of stretching your legs outside. Once planted, petals provide a geographical-based boost to your Pikmin. It'll increase the progression that each step makes and reduce the distance needed to level up your Pikmin.

Here's how to get a Big Flower in Pikmin Bloom.
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How Do I Get Big Flowers In Pikmin Bloom?

As hinted at earlier, if you plant petals in a specific way, you can grow big flowers. These larger plants within the Pikmin ecosystem produce various forms of fruit, which you can command your Pikmin to collect. The good news is that planting big flowers in Pikmin Bloom is quite a simple process, and is, again, comparable to Pokémon GO.

Firstly, it's worth noting that big flowers mainly grow in public locations and spots of interest in your local area. If you noticed churches, community centres, and other landmarks being used as objectives in Niantic's other games, they'll probably be Big Flowers in Pikmin Bloom.

You'll see big flowers even before they've started growing. They appear as large sprouts emerging from the ground. To grow them, you'll need to plant flowers in the marked area around them. You'll look a little silly trying to do this on your own in one sitting. It's a community effort, after all. Either make a habit of walking to the spot each day, or rely on others to help hit that flower count.

Once that's done, the big flower will bring rare fruit, which your Pikmin must go on expeditions to collect. The colour of flowers surrounding the big flower during the growth process will determine its colour when fully grown. The big flower's colour will impact the type of fruit it drops, so be sure to mix and match to see the various types of fruit it can bear.

That's it for our Pikmin Bloom flowers guide. We've run through the various types of flower, how to grow them, and how to grow those elusive big flowers. Happy planting!

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