Pikmin Bloom Expeditions - How To Send Pikmin and Get Postcards

Screenshot from Pikmin Bloom, showing three Pikmin ready for instructions

Screenshot from Pikmin Bloom, showing three Pikmin ready for instructions
April 22, 2022: We updated our guide with the latest information on Pikmin Bloom expeditions.

Need some help with Pikmin Bloom expeditions? They're some of the more complicated excursions in Niantic's latest Nintendo-based AR game, but they also provide some of the best loot you can get. As such, you'll likely want some help in figuring out what expeditions are, how you do them, and the prizes you can get for a job well done. Good news, then, because that's what we're here to explain!

We'll break down what Pikmin Bloom expeditions are, as well as how you can send your own Pikmin off on these adventures. They're particularly high-reward endeavours, so it's a good idea to know as much about them as possible!

If you want even more on Pikmin, then you're in the right place. Check out the best Pikmin Bloom flowers, as well as everything you need to know about Pikmin Bloom coins. With those in your arsenal, you'll have a fruitful collection of Pikmin in no time!

What Are Pikmin Bloom Expeditions?

In Pikmin Bloom, expeditions are extended missions on which you send your Pikmin. You command them to head to a certain location to look for goodies and rewards. Then, in real-time, they'll make their way to and from that destination. As you might expect, it's an awfully lengthy process, and your Pikmin can be away for a very long time. As such, you likely won't want to trigger too many expeditions until you have a good amount of Pikmin, or you could be left with very few at your disposal.

Yes, Pikmin Bloom expeditions take place totally in the background, as your Pikmin head out of their comfort zone to bring back exclusive rewards. As a comparison to another Niantic game, Pokémon GO, it's similar to leaving your Pokémon in a gym. It's a passive process where you don't have to do anything, but you'll be without your team members while they earn prizes for you to enjoy upon their return.

How Do I Unlock Pikmin Bloom Expeditions?

If you've just started your Pikmin Bloom adventure and you're hoping to dive straight into an expedition, we've got some bad news for you. Expeditions don't unlock until you reach level six. As such, you might need to grind a bit before you can start organising trips away for your Pikmin. Our useful Pikmin Bloom level rewards list will tell you what you need to do to get through these levels, though.

Once you hit level six, expeditions will unlock automatically. You'll be able to find the Pikmin Bloom expeditions menu from the steps icon, from which you can start planning your plant-based companions' excursions. As such, you won't need to fiddle around with the store to unlock expedition functionality, as it'll be ready and waiting for you.

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How Do I Complete Pikmin Bloom Expeditions?

Organising your first few expeditions in Pikmin Bloom can be quite an intimidating task. Fear not, though, as we've broken down all the steps to make your experience nice and straightforward.

  • Boot up Pikmin Bloom and head to the main menu
  • From here, tap the Steps menu. This will pull up a range of options on a sliding page, including Lifelog, Pikmin, Seedlings, and Expeditions
  • Unsurprisingly, you'll want to choose Expeditions
  • On this menu, you'll see a range of seedlings in which you can send your Pikmin on their expedition. Select the seedling of your choice, then select the Pikmin you wish to go on the expedition
    • Note that you can send a maximum of 12 Pikmin out on an expedition. However, it depends on the type of seedling you choose, as different colours have different capacity levels
  • Once you've selected the expedition squad, hit Go. This triggers a cutscene where your Pikmin will waddle off to pastures new. This page also shows where they're headed and how long the expedition will take.
  • From there, it's a waiting game! Whether your expedition takes minutes or hours, you'll have to sit tight while your Pikmin are away. Your Pikmin will return automatically when the expedition is over, bringing juicy rewards with them.

What Are Pikmin Bloom Expeditions Rewards?

Once you've sent your Pikmin on their way, there's only going to be one thing on your mind: what rewards will they return with? More often than not, there are two prizes you'll get. These are fruit and seedlings.

You'll more than likely be very familiar with these items by the time you unlock expeditions in Pikmin Bloom. You can use fruit to level up your Pikmin when formed into nectar. Excitingly, expeditions can bring back rare fruit, which carries even more advanced levelling powers. That's attained by planting big flowers, and the reward is befitting of the increased size.

Of course, you get plenty of seedlings too. These are put in planters to grow new Pikmin to join your team. As such, a fruitful expedition could easily increase your troupe by a good amount. Therefore, you'll want to go on as many expeditions as possible to level up your existing Pikmin and grow new ones.

Equally, your Pikmin can sometimes come back with postcards in tow. These will display any significant real-life locations that your Pikmin may have visited on their expedition. These work similar to gifts in Pokémon GO, as you can send postcards to friends to give them rewards, and a location-based message.

That's it for our Pikmin Bloom expeditions guide. We've broken down what they are, how to do them, and what you unlock for doing so. Armed with this knowledge, your Pikmin will be off marching across the world in no time. Happy travelling!

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