Pikmin Bloom Level Rewards List

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Screenshot from Pikmin Bloom, showing several Pikmin walking along a street

There are a bunch of Pikmin Bloom levels out there, and it'll take you an awful lot of work to unlock them all. Each level in Niantic's latest Nintendo release is rife with its own requirements, and as such, you might need some help breaking it all down. That's where we step in, with a detailed list of each level, the requirements to hit it, and the rewards you'll get for doing so.

We'll go over all the levels currently accessible in the game, as well as detailing the rewards you get for reaching each of these stages. Since the game is still new, some of the higher levels are as yet unexplored by the Pikmin Bloom community, so you'll have to check back to see what you get at the highest ranks!

Of course, if you want even more on Pikmin Bloom, then Only Mobile Gaming is the place to be. We've got an in-depth look at the best Pikmin Bloom flowers, and tips on how to get Pikmin Bloom coins for free. They'll help you get a leg up in the latest game from the team behind Pokémon GO.

All Pikmin Bloom Level Rewards

Below is a list of all the levels in Pikmin Bloom. On top of that, they're accompanied by the requirements to hit each level, and the rewards you get for doing so. The highest level we've seen within the community so far is 66, but details are slim on exactly what you unlock at that point. As such, we've compiled all the rewards and requirements that we know so far.

Level Requirement Reward
1Start the game!N/A
2Finish tutorial sectionTwo Pikmin
3Walk 500 stepsThree Pikmin and two red seeds
4Walk 1,500 steps, and grow two PikminFour Pikmin, one yellow seed, two single-use grow slots
5Walk 3,000 steps and grow a yellow seedlingFive Pikmin, two yellow seedlings, two red seedlings, two single-use grow lots
6Walk 5,000 steps and grow two PikminSix Pikmin, one single-use grow slot
7Walk 7,500 steps and go on an expeditionSeven Pikmin, one blue seed, one detector, one single-use grow slot
8Walk 10,500 steps and grow a blue seedEight Pikmin, one single-use grow slot
9Walk 14,000 steps and pick 50 petalsNine Pikmin, one single-use grow slot
10Walk 18,000 steps and plant 300 flowersTen Pikmin, two huge seeds, one single-use grow slot
11Walk 23,00 steps and grow two PikminEleven Pikmin, one single-use grow slot
12Walk 29,000 steps and go on five expeditionsTwelve Pikmin, single-use grow slot
13Walk 36,000 steps and grow three PikminThirteen Pikmin, single-use grow slot, purple seedling
14Walk 44,000 steps and grow one purple PikminFourteen Pikmin, single-use grow slot
15Walk 53,000 steps and grow three PikminFifteen Pikmin, single-use grow slot, ten challenge Pikmin, special nectar
16Walk 63,000 steps and attain one-star on an easy challengeSixteen Pikmin, single-use grow slot, eleven challenge Pikmin, white seedling
17Walk 74,000 steps and grow one white seedSeventeen Pikmin, single-use grow slot, twelve challenge Pikmin
18Walk 86,000 steps and pick 100 petals from PikminEighteen Pikmin, single-use grow slot, thirteen challenge Pikmin
19Walk 99,000 steps and plant 1,000 flowersNinteen Pikmin, single-use slot, fourteen challenge Pikmin, pink seedling
20Walk 113,000 steps and grow one pink seedTwenty Pikmin, fifteen challenge Pikmin, special nectar
21Walk 128,000 steps and go on ten expeditionsSixteen challenge Pikmin, single-use grow slot
22Walk 144,000 steps and pick 150 petals from PikminTwenty-one Pikmin, seventeen challenge Pikmin, ten white nectar
23Walk 161,000 and plant 2,000 flowersEighteen challenge Pikmin, single-use grow slot, grey seed
24Walk 179,000 steps and plant one grey seedTwenty-two Pikmin, nineteen challenge Pikmin, ten red nectar
25Walk 198,000 steps and get one-star on five easy challengesTwenty challenge Pikmin, single-use grow slot
26Walk 218,000 steps and pick 200 petals from PikminTwenty-three Pikmin, twenty-one challenge Pikmin, ten yellow nectar
27Walk 239,000 steps and plant 3,000 flowersTwenty-two challenge Pikmin, single-use grow slot
28Walk 261,000 steps and go on ten expeditionsTwenty-four Pikmin, twenty-three challenge Pikmin, ten blue nectar
29Walk 284,000 steps and pick 250 petals from PikminTwenty-four challenge Pikmin, single-use grow slot
30Walk 308,000 steps, plant 5,000 flowers, five two-star ratings on easy challengesN/A

How Do I Level Up In Pikmin Bloom?

As you can see from our table, most level up requirements in Pikmin Bloom focus on walking a certain number of steps. Of course, this won't come as a surprise, as the game is wildly geared around heading out on walks and exploring the local area with your Pikmin. Steps are how you level up your small plant-based companions, as well as growing the flowers that grant you nectar. As such, it only makes sense that walking is the key way to level up, too.

Equally, a lot of the time you'll have to complete certain objectives to proceed to the next level. These are often tied to the rewards that came from the level before. For example, when you first unlock white seeds at level 16, you have to plant one—and do plenty of walking—before you can level up again. The same can be said for elements like expeditions and mini-challenges, which are often requirements for hitting the next step of the Pikmin Bloom ladder.

Artwork of several Pikmin carrying flower pots.
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What Is the Pikmin Bloom Level Cap?

At the moment, the maximum level you can hit in Pikmin Bloom is at least 66. As mentioned, only a very select amount of players have got that far, so detailed information on the higher levels isn't available. However, as the game continues to grow and players start hitting those levels, you can expect the cap to rise once again.


In Niantic's other mobile sensation, Pokémon GO, the level cap is set at 50. As you need so much XP to reach the higher levels, the level cap only increases annually. Bearing this in mind, you can imagine it'll be a little while until the Pikmin Bloom level cap goes up, but that's down to the challenging requirements of each rank more than anything.

How Do I Keep Up With Pikmin Bloom?

As a relatively new game based on an incredibly popular Nintendo property, the chances are you'll want to keep tabs on new developments in Pikmin Bloom. Especially with the dawn of new levels, additions, and quality-of-life changes, it's a good idea to stay tuned to the game's development.

If you're looking for a one-stop location for all things Pikmin Bloom, then you can't go wrong with the official Twitter account. They post daily guides with tips on growing your Pikmin, as well as running community contests and detailing future additions to the game. If you want even more Pikmin Bloom on your social media channels, then keep locked into the Facebook page and Instagram profile, too. They've got a YouTube channel as well, so if you ever fancy some laidback viewing, you can brush up on your Pikmin skills at the same time.

That's it for our Pikmin Bloom level rewards list. With this information, you'll know exactly what you need to do in order to progress up the ranks and cultivate a group of varied, vibrant Pikmin, as well as the freebies you'll receive for doing so.

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