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When Is Giovanni Coming Back to Pokémon GO?

Pokémon GO Team Rocket encounters are arguably one of the games most fun new features in the past few years. Whilst players have plenty of options, from battling lowly Rocket Grunts, or Team Leaders like Arlo, Cliff or Sierra, however, the pinnacle is fighting Team Rocket Leader Giovanni.

If you're reading this, chances are you're looking for the top boss, but obviously can't find him. Let us explain why. Plus when we believe he'll return.

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Where Is Giovanni In Pokémon GO?

Normally players would use their Super Rocket Radar to locate Giovanni, but the Team Rocket boss was removed from the game at the start of September by Niantic.

Explaining the decision, Niantic didn't offer a specific explanation why, but did write on their Season of Mischief blog post:

"Team GO Rocket’s Boss seems to be missing...: Where has Giovanni gone? We hope he’s not planning something in the shadows! Be sure to keep an eye out for updates throughout the season. Super Rocket Radars won’t be able to track down Giovanni during this time, so no need to keep them equipped."

Pokemon GO Giovanni
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When Is Giovanni Coming Back To Pokémon GO?


As you'll notice from the main blog post (above) there's no confirmed date for when Giovanni will return to Pokemon GO.

However, this is Giovanni we're talking about, he loves a bit of mischief, after all. Also, it's interesting to note that the blog post says:

"Be sure to keep an eye out for updates throughout the season"

It would suggest we should hopefully see Giovanni return before the season concludes, and Season of Mischief is currently slated to end on Wednesday, December 1, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. local time.

Hopefully, we'll see his return before then, but if not, we suspect he should most definitely return for the next season in December, fingers crossed with a brand new Pokemon lineup.