Pokemon GO - How To Get A Super Rocket Radar In May 2021

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With May now arriving, Pokemon GO has once again refreshed its content and will offer new quests, items, and more, including the much-sought-after Super Rocket Radar. But, how to get this item has changed once again, so here is how you can yourself a Super Rocket Radar in May 2021.

How To Get A Super Rocket Radar

In May 2021, you will be able to earn a Super Rocket Radar by completing the new Luminous Legends X timed research, which is available from 10 AM in your local timezone on May 4.


This research will be available until May 17. There won't be another way to earn one in May, so be sure to get the item while it is available.

If you haven't already completed The Higher They Fly Special Quest then you can still get one from there as well.

What Is The Super Rocket Radar Needed For

The Super Rocket Radar is the item you need to track down and take on Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket. Giovanni can be found at a Pokestop or a Team Rocket Balloon.

There is also a chance that the Giovanni you find might be a decoy. He also won't spawn if you don't have a Super Rocket Radar, so be sure to earn one before you spend time searching for him.