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Pokémon GO Shadow Lugia Counters: How To Beat Giovanni

So far, Giovanni has had four different Legendary birds, and the next-flying type Pokémon he contains could very well be Lugia. If that's the case, then players in Pokémon GO will need to prepare to fight the Team GO Rocket Boss and the Diving Pokémon.

As with any Giovanni encounter, players will need to take on two of the Team GO Rocket Boss' Pokémon to start. After that, the third Pokémon is always the shadow legendary that Giovanni has contained, whether it's for research or for an event.

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Counters for Shadow Lugia in Pokémon GO

Fights with Giovanni in the past tell players that Persian will be his first choice. Then there will be a gamble between Nidoking, Kangaskhan, and Garchomp. But in this situation, a Shadow Lugia will round out the full battle. When choosing a team, players can look for five effective types: Dark, Ice, Rock, Electric, and Ghost. Those work against the Raid Boss Lugia, and they will work here as well.

Shadow Lugia Counters

  • Gengar - Lick (Fast Attack) + Shadow Ball (Charge Attack)
  • Zekrom - Charge Beam (Fast Attack) + Wild Charge (Charge Attack)
  • Rhyperior - Smack Down (Fast Attack) + Rock Wrecker (Charge Attack)
  • Weavile - Snarl (Fast Attack) + Avalanche (Charge Attack)
  • Darkrai - Snarl (Fast Attack) + Shadow Ball (Charge Attack)
  • Melmetal - Thunder Shock (Fast Attack) + Rock Slide (Charge Attack)
  • Yveltal - Snarl (Fast Attack) + Dark Pulse (Charge Attack)
  • Bisharp - Snarl (Fast Attack) + X-Scissor (Charge Attack)

When Lugia is defeated and Giovanni is sent away in shame, players will be rewarded with Premier Balls. Encounters like these almost always guarantee that the Pokémon won't escape, but it's safe to use good throws and effective berries.

How to find Shadow Lugia in Pokémon

Typically, players will receive special research that is only around for a limited time when a new shadow legendary Pokémon. It happened for Ho-oh and will very likely happen for Shadow Lugia.

The research itself has yet to be released and wouldn't happen until after September if it happens at all. Make sure to come back if the arrival of Shadow Lugia is announced in Pokémon GO for a full guide.