Pokemon GO 5th Anniversary Event Raid Boss List

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The Pokemon GO 5th Anniversary event has plenty of new highlights and one of those is a new rotation of raid bosses for players to battle.

During the course of the Pokemon GO 5th Anniversary event, there will be five tier-one raid bosses for players to take on and catch. The event itself is going to run from July 6 at 10 am local time to July 15 at 8 pm local time.


In that nearly two-week span, Pokemon GO players can take on Pikachu, Darumaka, Flying Pikachu, Fennekin, Chespin, and Froakie in the lowest tier raids. Pikachu and Darumaka in particular will likely be of the most interest due to their event significance. Flying Pikachu will be a special event Pokemon with a "5" shaped balloon.

Darumaka on the other hand will be receiving a shiny form during the Pokemon GO 5th Anniversary event. Getting a shiny Darumaka from defeating the raid boss won't be guaranteed, but the chances are typically greater if players can raid enough. Luckily, one-star raids only require one person most of the time, and they will fall fast.

Major details in the Pokemon GO 5th Anniversary event

During the event, there will be other bonuses and features to participate in. For starters, the real-time sky mechanic and Pokedex classifications will be available for everyone.


Players can also expect a Collection Challenge to complete on top of some event-based special research. While completing those challenges, players can look forward to lure modules that attract starters from nearly every region.

Darumaka also won't be the only star with a shiny. Players will have a chance for a shiny Meltan when opening Mystery Boxes during the Pokemon GO 5th Anniversary event.