Pokemon GO Shadow Ho-Oh Counters: How To Beat Giovanni

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Giovanni has moved on to a new Legendary bird in Pokemon GO, and players will be able to get a Shadow Ho-Oh starting in the second half of June.

It has been a while since Giovanni brought in a new Shadow Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO, and Ho-Oh is sure to shake things up. Players can begin the quest for a Shadow Ho-Oh on June 17 at 12 am local time. Pokemon GO players will have months to complete the quest, which will end on September 1, 2021 at 12 am local time.

Once Shadow Ho-Oh is added to Pokemon GO and becomes a part of Giovanni's team, players can complete the Special Research labeled as 'A Seven-Colored Shadow' in-game. Completion will give players a Super Rocket Radar and a chance to battle Shadow Ho-Oh.


How to counter and catch Shadow Ho-Oh in Pokemon GO

If history in Pokemon GO tells players anything, it's that Giovanni will begin the fight with a Persian. After that, there is a gamble between Nidoking, Garchomp, and Khangaskhan, which there is a guide for. Then it's time to battle Shadow Ho-Oh. Keep in mind that Ho-Oh is weak to Rock-types, followed by Electric and Water-types as a secondary.

Shadow Ho-Oh counters

  • Rhyperior - Smack Down (Fast Attack) + Rock Wrecker (Charge Attack)
  • Rampardos - Smack Down (Fast Attack) + Rock Slide (Charge Attack)
  • Tyranitar - Smack Down (Fast Attack) + Stone Edge (Charge Attack)
  • Shadow Zapdos - Thunder Shock (Fast Attack) + Ancient Power (Charge Attack)
  • Aerodactyl - Rock Throw (Fast Attack) + Rock Slide (Charge Attack)
  • Landorus - Rock Throw (Fast Attack) + Rock Slide (Charge Attack)

After players defeat Giovanni for good, they will be rewarded with a Ho-Oh encounter. Premier balls will be rewarded based on how many Pokemon faint. Make sure to use berries, throw curveballs, and attempt at least great throws.