Marvel Strike Force characters tier list - best heroes ranked

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Image of Gamora, Groot, Captain America, and Elektra in Marvel Strike Force.
November 22, 2022: Dark Beast and Magik recently arrived in the game. As such, we refreshed our Marvel Strike Force tier list this time!

Looking for a Marvel Strike Force characters tier list to help you build your perfect team? Now in its fourth year of operation, picking out your perfect bunch from its gargantuan roster can be difficult. If you're hoping to make your mark on this popular turn-based battler, you'll want to follow the character rankings below.


With so many characters to recruit, knowing who's best is a tough proposition. In this Marvel Strike Force characters tier list, we'll run through all but a few of the game's characters and rank them based on how strong they generally are in battle.

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Marvel Strike Force tier list

Tier Characters
SEcho, Shuri, Domino, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man (Symbiote), Captain Marvel, Hela, Doctor Doom, Scientist Supreme, Black Panther, Ebony Maw, Omega Red, Magneto, Deadpool, Ultron, Loki, Invisible Woman, Black Bolt, Phoenix, Minn-Erva, Kestrel, Vision, Nick Fury
ASilver Samurai, Captain America, Scream, Negasonic, Corvus Glaive, Swarm, White Tiger, Graviton, Rocket Raccoon, Colleen Wing, Carnage, Yelena Belova, Lady Deathstrike, Falcon, Doctor Strange, Moon Knight, Silver Surfer, Red Guardian, Star-Lord, Emma Frost, Anti-Venom, Cull Obsidian, The Thing, Ms. Marvel, Proxima Midnight, Mister Sinister, Black Widow, Iron Man, Crystal, Quake, Venom Sharon Carter, Bishop, Scarlet Witch, Pyro, Mr. Sinister, Jessica Jones, Spider-Man, War Machine, Phyla-Vell, Bishop, Graviton, Pyro, Red Guardian, Mighty Thor (Jane Foster), Red Hulk, Dark Beast
BPolaris, Green Goblin, Ronan, Karnak, Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Red Skull, Iceman, Agent Coulson, She-Hulk, Groot, Mr. Fantastic, Baron Mordo, Ronan, Polaris, Longshot, Human Torch, Hulk , Elsa Bloodstone, Yellowjacket, Killmonger, Ultimus, Toad, Psylocke, Doctor Octopus, Baron Zemo, Multiple Man, Sif, Hawkeye, Korath, Ironheart, Thor, Thanos, Cyclops, Stature, Adam Warlock, Shocker, Punisher, Captain America (Sam Wilson), Kingpin, Vulture, Drax, Korath the Pursuer, Spider-Woman, Madelyne Pryor, Iron Man (Zombie)
CDaredevil, Yondu, Maria Hill, Misty Knight, Shatterstar, Colossus, Rhino, Winter Soldier, Kitty Pryde, Squirrel Girl, Jubilee, Okoye, Beast, Elektra, Mystique, Luke Cage, Sabretooth, Storm, Heimdall, Juggernaut, Mantis, Gamora, America Chavez, Cable, Mysterio, Iron Fist, Wolverine, Stryfe, Ant-Man, Mysterio, Gambit, Dazzler, Viv Vision, Spider-Weaver, Magik
DNight Nurse, Blob Mutant, Nebula, Rescue, Namor, Wasp, Bullseye, Crossbones, X-23, Electro, Nobu, Hand Sorceress, Fantomex

Mobile gacha RPGs will do anything to extract a little coin for as many players as possible. That's why, if you're trying to play for free, at least, you'll want to follow along with this Marvel Strike Force tier list.


Though it won't seem like it early on, resources as sparse in this title. You won't have much trouble upgrading your heroes at the start, but when you start to reach the upper ranks, you'll need top-tier characters to stay competitive. And if you've managed to blow your upgrade materials on common, weaker characters, catching up will be hard.

A team of Marvel Strike Force characters including Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider-Man.

How to get more Marvel Strike Force characters

Unlike a lot of other mobile games, you get new characters in Marvel Strike Force by collecting enough of a character's shards. These come from "orbs". It's just like how things work with the Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list, actually. One premium orb will cost you 450 power cores and provide you with 15 character shards guaranteed.


Once you have enough for the particular hero, you can recruit them in the 'roster' section of the menu. You can also select the 'find' option on characters in this menu in order to see which orb their shards are included in and how else you can get them.

Can you reroll in Marvel Strike Force?

The short answer is no. Marvel Strike Force doesn't give you a load of power cores when you start the game, so there's nothing to reroll for. However, you can collect free orbs every day to build up character shards, which should make for steady progress either way. While you earn them gradually that way, you can earn more characters through game modes like Arena, Raid, and Blitz as well.


And that's our Marvel Strike Force characters tier list. If you're on the lookout for even more mobile superhero game stuff, why not take a look at our Marvel Future Revolution costumes list for the best in-game skins?