Marvel Snap codes - Free cards and packs (September 2022)

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Captain Marvel and more in Marvel Snap.
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October 18, 2022: Marvel Snap is out now. Check out our Marvel Snap tier list for some beginner decks to get you through the first pool. You'll find a download link there, too.

We might be a little early to the game yet, but Marvel Snap codes could very well be a thing given their popularity in other mobile-focused titles in recent years. To show our commitment to finding and listing the lot on release and beyond, we're whipping this page up early.


Marvel Snap, which is currently scheduled to launch in October 2022, was first revealed back in May of the same year. After a few quiet closed beta tests, the more specific launch window was announced at D23 - Disney's annual fan celebration that's typically rife with new announcements and dates.

For more on Marvel Snap, we suggest checking back soon. We'll have a tier list ready for launch which should ensure you pick only the best cards early on. Resources are typically hard to come by for free players in a F2P game, so simply knowing which cards to seek out can really help.

All working Marvel Snap codes

  • No working Marvel Snap codes have been revealed just yet. Check back closer to launch.

The following Marvel Snap codes were last checked and confirmed expired on October 18, 2022:

Expired codes

  • No Marvel Snap codes have expired just yet. How could they?

How do I use Marvel Snap codes?

Though it's impossible to say how we'll be expected to redeem Marvel Snap codes at launch without access, we've been around the bloc enough to take an educated guess.


Expect to redeem Marvel Snap codes by logging into your account, tapping a profile picture in a corner somewhere, and finding a Redeem button in there somewhere with a text field.

Another route can be through the settings menu or, in the case of Apple devices, on an external (official) Marvel Snap website where you either login beforehand or paste your account ID in before entering a code. This one is typically down to Apple's in-app policies forbidding anything that threatens the cut it gets from in-app purchases.


What are Marvel Snap codes?

Marvel Snap codes are expected to be universal codes typically posted on social media platforms by the developers that, when used within a short window, add free items to the account holder.

In most F2P mobile games, these freebies can range from upgrade materials and premium currency, but Marvel Snap could use them like other TCGs or NBA 2K23 Locker codes as a way to dish out promotional cards, characters, and units.

Marvel Future Revolution codes often gave out premium currencies and upgrade items, so the same could be true here.


When is the Marvel Snap release date?

Announced earlier the year, Marvel Snap was scheduled to release in 2022, with a beta period kicking off soon after the reveal.

Since then, the specific release date has remained hidden, with the D23 event in mid-September used to announce a more specific October 18, 2022 release.

For codes for other games, check out the latest Shindo Life codes, Derelict Seas codes, and Temtem codes if you haven't already. They all use similar systems.