Marvel Snap tier list (April 2023) - Meta deck lists and best cards

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The Marvel Snap tier list in action.
April 17, 2023: We've updated our Marvel Snap tier list.

With launch around the corner, it's time to piece together a Marvel Snap tier list to get the true heroes off on the right jet-thrusted foot. This multiplatform card game isn't the first for the long-running franchise, but its multiplatform F2P nature means it's certainly up there as one of the best. It's a proper competitive CCG, and with it, learning the meta will be important.

Down below, we'll list out meta Marvel Snap decks and powerful individual cards. With it, you'll be able to quickly identify which cards are worth gunning for, which to slide into your deck, and which you can pair together to make a meta-defining deck.

We'll have more on Marvel Snap soon, but you should check out our Marvel Future Revolution tier list if you want another stellar mobile game where you can buddy up with your favourite superheroes. And to help with the tier list, Marvel Snap codes are worth keeping on top of.

Pool 1 Marvel Snap tier list - Best Marvel Snap decks for beginners

Cards Idea
Nightcrawler, Elektra, Ant-Man, Korg, Mister Fantastic, Captain America, The Punisher, Crystal, Namor, Iron Man, Klaw, SpectrumSo long as you swap cards out there with those with similar stats, you should always have a balanced deck with something to play each round. It's a consistent pick with no major surprises and little chance of getting locked.
Ant-Man, Mantis, Cable, Sentinel, The Punisher, Cosmo, Captain America, White Queen, Devil Dinosaur, Iron Man, OnslaughtThough it's a power pick with nowhere near the level of safe consistency as the above Marvel Snap deck idea, this one can hard carry through to pool two with enough practice and understanding.

Like any other TCG game out there, the cards available to you early in Marvel Snap are far from the best. When you're going against people with clearly better collections cards, it can be difficult to compete, keep going, and win the matches needed to close the game.

With these Marvel Snap beginners deck ideas, though, you'll be able to get the most out of your first few cards. By pairing them properly, you'll increase your chances of winning the matches needed to keep climbing the ladder, unlocking better cards along the way.

Pool 2 Marvel Snap tier list - Best Marvel Snap decks to climb consistently

Cards Idea
Angela, Ice Man, Odin, Bishop, Sunspot, Morbius, Nakia, Lady Sif, Swarm, Apocalypse, Blade, Sword Master This deck focuses on Morbius and Apocalypse as your carries. The main idea of this deck is to power up Morbius by using the cards in this deck, such as Blade, and discarding Apocalypse in the process, furthering his power for a solid advantage in the later parts of the game.
Sunspot, America Chavez, Lizard, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Mister Fantastic, Star Lord, Angela, Armor, The Infinaut, Storm, Jessica JonesThe Infinaut will be the main power source of this deck. It focuses on skipping turns in order to ramp up the power of The Infinaut for a destructive turn 5 or 6

Pool 3 Marvel Snap tier list - Best Marvel Snap decks for higher levels

Cards Idea
Ultron, Wasp, Squirrel Girl, Patriot, Misty Knight, Mystique, Blue Marvel, Debrii, Onslaught, Misty Knight, Thing, ShockerThis deck focuses on building power by summoning Ultron and numerous drones on the board
Doctor Doom, Odin, Iceman, Scorpion, Lizard, Electro, Wave, Leech, Aero, Vision, America Chavez, MagnetoFlexibility will be the main strength of this deck. Electro and Wave allow you to get the higher prized cards early on.
Marvel Snap tier list
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How do I get more Marvel Snap cards?

The way Marvel Snap works is that each card in the game is split into unique collections or "pools."

That means you can only pull cards available in a specific pool until you rank up enough to unlock the next band, elevating gameplay to a new level and keeping players in specific tiers until they're ready to move up to the "collection level" range of the next pool, after which you'll begin pulling cards from that new tier only.

Right now, there are three Marvel Snap pools you can work your way into. Numbered as such, you'll use your starter cards to climb to collection level 18. After that, you'll begin pulling from Pool One until you hit collection level 222. Then, at 486 and beyond, you'll begin pulling from pool three.

Pulls are performed as you make your way through the Collection Level Road. There's a slight buffer between each collection level threshold that's there to ensure you collect every card in a pool before moving up to the next. They'll come in randomly, but by the time you reach the next pool level, you'll have all of the cards from the previous pools.

How to download Marvel Snap

You can download Marvel Snap on your PC or mobile device by tapping this link on the device you intend to play on.


It's one of those magic ones that reacts to the device you're on, taking you to the Google Play Store if you're on Android, the Apple App Store if you're on an iPhone, iPad, or M1 Mac, or Steam if you're running that.

You'll be able to find it the traditional way in the days ahead, but it's taking some time to turn up on launch.

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