Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier List - All 7DS Characters Ranked

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7DS Grand Cross artwork.
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July 20, 2022: We've started to update the 7DS tier list. It's a lengthy process, though, so we've started with a few links to our more recent tier lists.

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross tier list has grown to gargantuan heights two and a half years after its initial release. Coming in as a new player at this point is likely to overwhelm, but by cross-referencing your first few pulls with the latest character rankings, you'll be able to quickly work out what's a win and what's a waste.


Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross is a turn-based RPG developed for mobile by Netmarble, the folks behind two of this year's big mobile releases: Marvel Future Revolution and Seven Knights 2. And just like the latter of those two, there's an official PC version as well.

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Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier List - Best SSR Heroes

Tier Character
STraitor Meliodas (Holy Warrior), Ban (Purgatory), Escanor (The One), Gowther (Halloween), Fairy King (Harlequin), Ludociel (Festival), Merlin (Festival), Elizabeth (Goddess), Gowther (Festival), Mediodas (Assault Mode), Sariel, Tamiel)
ALillia (Starry Night's Illusion), Arthur (New King), Arthur (Excalibur), Brunhild, Chandler, Cusack (Festival), Derieri (R), Diane (Ragnarok), Eleven, Emilia, Escanor, Estarossa, Gowther, Iori, Kyo, Ludociel, Meliodas, Matrona (Halloween), Megellda, Merlin (Summer), Merlin (Ragnarok) Ram, Rem, Roxy, Shin, Sigurd, Halloween Slater, Terry, Valenti (MK-II), Zendris (Festival)
BArthur (New King), Arthur, Ban (Nunchuk), Deathpierce, Derieri (B),Derieri (G), Diane (G), Diane (Halloween), Drole (B), Drole (G), Eastin (B), Eastin (G), Eastin (Awakened), Elizabeth (Princess), Escanor (R), Ellate (R), Fraudrin (B), Gloxinia (R), Hawk (G), Helbram (G), Hendrickson (Demon), Howzer (Holy Knight), Howzer (R), Jericho (G), Guardian Jericho (R), King (B), King (G), King (New Wings), Lillia (B), Liz (G), Melascula (R), Meliodas (Demon), Meliodas (Lostvayne), Merlin (G), Merlin (R), Mono (G), Monspeet (G), Nanashi (B), Thonar (G), Valenti (G), Zaneri (G), Zaratas (G), Zeldris (R)
CAthena (G), Nunchuck Ban (G), Nunchuck Ban (Red), Beatrice (B), Camila (R), Deldry (R), Denzel (R), Giant Diane (B), Giant Diane (G), Diane (Wedding), Eastin (R), Elaine (B), Elaine (R), Elizabeth (R), Hawk and Elizabeth (B), Hawk and Elizabeth (Red), Eren (G), Estarossa (R), Fraudrin (G), Galland (B), Galland (R), Gloxinia (G), Helbram (B), Helbram (R), Guardian Jericho, Jim (R), King (R), Levi (R), Lillia (G), Lillia (R), Mai (B), Melascula (B), Meliodas (G) Demon Meliodas (G), Demon Meliodas (R), Merlin (B), Mikasa (B), Mono (B), Mono (R), Monspeet (R), Osla & Hawk (B), Oslo & Hawk (R), Summer Roxy (B), Rugal (G), Slater (B), Shin (R), Valenti (B), Will (G), Zeldris (B)
DBan (B), Ban (G), Bellion (B), Benimaru (R), Diane (B), Diane (R), Elaine (G), Christmas Elaine (R), Princess Elizabeth (B), Princess Elizabeth (R), Gerharde (G), Gilthunder (R), Gowther (B), Griamore (G), Guila (G), Guila (R), Hendrickson (B), Janna (B), Old Fart King (B), Old Fart King (G), Old Fart King (R), Matrona (B), Meliodas (R), Mike (R),
F Milim (B), Rimuru (B), Roxy (R)

Our Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross tier list uses a popular tier list as a base while making adjustments based on player feedback across the web. For the sake of reducing bloat and keeping it relatively simple, our version only includes SSR characters.


As a rule of thumb, characters featured in limited-time events or in things like Festival gacha banners tend to be the best of the bunch. Usual gacha creep can offset this over time, however, so older event units likely won't find a place high up the tier list compared to more modern counterparts.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier List - Best Heroes for New Players

Tier Character
SGilthunder (G), Eren (B)
AMarmus (B), Slater (R), Allioni (G), Griamore (R), Guila (B), Gustav (G), Hendrickson (G), Jericho (B), Jericho (R)
BTaizoo (R), Meliodas,(B), Twigo (R), Vivian (R), Arthur (B), Cain (G), Dogedo (R), Dreyfus (R), Elizabeth (R), Hawk & Elizabeth (R), Hawk & Elizabeth (R), Gilthunder (B), Gowther (G), Griamore (R), Guila (B), Gustav (G), Hendrickson (G), Jericho (B) Jericho (R)
CWeinheidt (B), Dreyfus (G), Howzer (B), Rimuru (G),
DJillian (G), Arden (B), Ban (R), Giant Diane (R)
FFreesia (B), Griamore (B), Howzer (G), Hugo (G), Jude (R)

For beginners, we've created a separate Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross tier list below that incorporates the game's worthwhile SR and R characters.


Though you'll have plenty of opportunities early on to scout some SSR units that rank high on our list, limited resources will make investing in key SR and R characters worthwhile in the game's opening segments.

It's worth noting that in both of the Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross tier list tables above, we've condensed each character's colour attribute to a single letter at the end of each entry.

Most characters have more than one version, like a Festival alt or a simple recolour, that can create long, unwieldy names as more and more are released.

If you see a character with nothing but their name and a colour, that's a relatively standard base unit. Most characters with a unit name consisting of two or more words is likely a special unit, like those from a limited-time event, that will generally rank higher than most base units.

Red Howzer ranks high on the Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross tier list purely because of his availability and high PVE farming potential.

What's a Good 7DSGC Hero for Gold Farming?

If you're looking to optimize your 7DSGC gold farm runs, look no further than Howzer (R) or Red Howzer. This SSR unit is considered the best for PVE farming due to his Rising Storm attack.

Given the game puts a heavy focus on PVE content, grabbing him from the Coin Shop should be of high priority if you don't have him already.

Even then, grabbing multiple copies will only make him more effective while maxing out his Ultimate ability. Do what you can to boost his Pierce Rate stat and you'll catapult the damage output of his Rising Storm, making gold farming a cinch.


Without getting into the finer details of combat mechanics and new player progression, this brief look at the Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross tier list should set you on the right path whether you're a new player, a returning veteran, or a pro just looking to see what the scattered community thinks of the current character roster.

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