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Girl Cafe Gun Tier List - Reroll and Best Characters

Looking for a Girl Cafe Gun tier list? This action-packed gacha game is all about running a cutesy cafe and collecting an array of characters to work there, but there's one hitch: the world is reeling from a deadly outbreak and all of those characters are also skilled fighters facing off against an army of Archdemons. I guess working in a cafe is probably a pretty nice distraction from all that, huh?

This means that Girl Cafe Gun characters are both strong fighters and good at serving customers in their slightly weird side enterprise. Just as with Honkai Impact's battlesuits, these characters also have Dresses (or Forms) that make them stronger against particular enemies. With all that in mind, we've compiled a list of the best characters along with these dresses.

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In this Girl Cafe Gun tier list, we rank the best characters, the best weapons, but also show you how to reroll if you don't like the starter character that you pulled. We've also included details explaining more about how dresses work, and some info about each of the 12 characters you can pull in the game. If you're just starting out, check out this list of Girl Cafe Gun codes. Without further ado, here are the best Girl Cafe Gun characters.


Girl Cafe Gun Tier List - The Best Characters

Tier Character
SShi Wuyou (Casual), Moon (Casual), Shi Wuxia (Tactical), Moon (Maid), Irene (Tactical), Lida (Casual), Yuki (Tactical)
ACornelia (Casual), Irene (Maple), Shi Wuyou (Maid), Eksistere (Maid), Rococo (Maid), Lida (Maid), Yuki (Maid)
BGrainne (Casual), Eksistere (Maid), Cornelia (Official Dress), Shi Wuxia (Maid), Eksistere (Casual), Grainne (Maid), Su Xiaozhen (Maid), Grainne (Official Dress), Shi Wuxia (Casual), Juno (Maid), Shi Wuxia (Defiler), Grainne (Training), Irene (Maid), Cornelia (Maid),
CRococo (Casual), Shi Wuyou (Official Dress), Lida (Tactical), Yuki (Casual), Juno (Casual)
A lineup of characters from Girl Cafe Gun in a variety of dresses.
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Every Character in Girl Cafe Gun

There are twelve characters to use in Girl Cafe Gun. Here's a little info about each of them:

Character Description
CorneliaThis ex-mercenary serves as the blaster of squad 8, and can often be found lovingly talking to her guns.
Eksistere KyreniaCalled "Eksie" by her friends, this expert researcher is undoubtedly the smartest person in the squad.
Grainne DraserAs the medical officer for squad 8, Grainne looks after the other members with care and attention.
Irene WhiteIrene is the riflewoman for squad 8 and is an easy-going girl who makes friends with everyone.
Juno EmmonsThis world-class sniper founded the weapon-workshop, JUDAS, and joined squad 8 shortly after it shut down.
Lida RomeroLida joined squad 8 alongside Wuyou and, having grown up in the slums, is a natural survivor.
Nola MoonAn archdemon and consultant to squad 8, Moon is also an excellent piano player.
RococoThis princess of the Ro family often serves as a leading member of squad 8.
Shi WuxiaThis riflewoman for squad 8 is a planner, though her carefully laid strategies don't always pay off...
Shi WuyouAs Shi Wuxia's sister, Wuyou can always be found following closely in Wuxia's footsteps.
Su XiaozhenAlthough not an official member of squad 8, this idol can still be found working at the ROSE Café.
Yuki KikuriAs Miku of the forest shrine, and an artificial weapon, Kikuri is an effective member of squad 8.

What Are Girl Cafe Gun Dresses?

Similar to battlesuits in Honkai Impact, Dresses (or Forms, as they are also known) are powerful outfits that you can equip to each of the game's characters. Here are the different types of dresses that you can get for each girl:

  • Casual
  • Maid
  • Tactical
  • Valentine
  • Maple
  • Official Dress
  • Training
  • Defiler

Also similar to Honkai, each dress has an 'attribute' such as Mechanical, Biological, Immune, Erosive, or Psionic, which determines how effective it is against certain matchups.

Four of the characters in Girl Cafe Gun.
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Girl Cafe Gun Tier List - The Best Weapons

Here are the best weapons that you'll want to look out for in Girl Cafe Gun

Tier Weapon
SLaser Pistol, Frontline Warrior, Directional Cannon, Water of Destiny
AThe Hive, Guiding Star, Vacuum Cleaner, Star Beacon, Hell's Fang, Ruthless Healer, Fiery Thorns, Beam Rifle, Gravity Compass, Cruelty Maker
BWolf of Nomads, Luciferin, Tesla Aurora, Ruthless Rifle, Wraith of Jealousy, Precision Rifle, Deadly Blaster, Galaxy Star, Pale Dragonbreath, Double Justice, Abyssal Hammer
CArtemis, Red Lotus

How to Reroll in Girl Cafe Gun

Here's how to reroll in Girl Cafe Gun if you want to change your starting character pulls:

  • Open Girl Cafe Gun and log in as a guest
  • Complete the tutorial
  • Enter your nickname
  • Once you complete 2-1 you'll get ten supply permits for free
  • Use these to pull
  • If you're not pleased with your characters, head to the settings on your phone, then clear the game's cache
  • Do the same thing all over again until you're happy!.

Some gacha games often have a restart option in-game, but as Girl Cafe Gun hasn't got live just yet, we can't confirm this for sure.

And that's our Girl Cafe Gun tier list. If you're looking for some other ranked collections of characters, why not check out some of our others? We have an AFK Arena tier list, a Honkai Impact characters list, a Mobile Legends tier list, and many more.