Tower Defense: Shinobi Tier List (March 2024)- Best Units

Tower Defense: Shinobi Tier List

Tower Defense: Shinobi Tier List
March 26, 2024: We added Rin to the Tower Defense: Shinobi tier list.

A Tower Defense: Shinobi tier list has been released just in time for the game's meteoric launch. Though the odds are stacked against you with the current banners, at least being aware of how each unit ranks can help you make sense of your team's strengths and weaknesses.

Even being a PVE-focused game, grinding levels and rising through the ranks makes it quite competitive: something you'll struggle to be if you're pushing through with E-tier characters. That's exactly where our list of Tower Defense: Shinobi codes comes into play.

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Orochimaru ranks high on the Tower Defense: Shinobi tier list.
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Tower Defense: Shinobi Tier List

Tower Defense: Shinobi Tier List


Akatsuki Sasuke
Might Guy


Killer Bee
Rock Lee
Kazekage Gaara
Cursed Shikamaru


Ramen Guy
Teen Naruto


Cursed Sasuke


Kid Chogi


Kid Naruto

The Tower Defense: Shinobi tier list above is based on the version posted on Discord by the game's main developer shortly after its release. The tier list was agreed on by 95% of the players who responded to it.

Another developer responded by calling Shukaku, a currently unobtainable character, F-tier rather than the S-tier the developer classed it as. Although this was agreed on by everyone who responded, we've opted to keep it at the suggested rank purely because nobody has had the chance to try it yet. It was likely meant as a joke anyway.

How Do I Unlock Sukaku in Tower Defense: Shinobi?

Right now, it seems as if the top-tier Sukaku unit is locked behind some lofty goals. You can't just pull for it like you would any other unit in a banner. Instead, there's a good chance it'll be given away in competitions, dished out as a reward for events or seasonal leaderboard rankings, or unlocked by reaching a certain point or level in the game.

When Is the Next New Tower Defense: Shinobi Unit?

More Tower Defense: Shinobi units are expected to drop with the next update. No date has been set for it, but the developer recently announced that they had finished school for the year and reiterated a few days later that the update is still in the works but won't drop until they've finished "re-arranging [the] dev team."

Banners changed every hour, so it's best to wait until a character high on the Tower Defense: Shinobi tier list becomes available.
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When Do Tower Defense: Shinobi Banners Change?

Each Tower Defense: Shinobi banner includes six characters of varying rarity. If these units aren't likely to find a spot on your team, just wait it out. Another Tower Defense: Shinobi banner will take its place every hour. The choice of units is seemingly random, but will always include three three-star units, two four-star units, and one five-star unit. With that in mind, you can work out the odds of seeing the unit you want with each rotation.

Just be careful if you're trying to line up your pull pity in time for a preferred character. Pity rates reset after 12 hours (so 12 banner changes). If you don't see the character you want in 12 hours, your past pity will reset.

And that's it for this Tower Defense: Shinobi tier list for now. We'll keep things updated as and when new characters release. Just don't expect that for a little while yet. Focus on getting the current top-tier characters if you just want to get through the launch content quickly and effectively. If you can make do with lesser characters, consider holding onto your Fishcakes. Any new character drop is expected to top the rankings.

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