All Star Tower Defense Tier List - Best Characters and Units

September 29, 2022: We've updated the ASTD tier list with the Bakugan units.

Looking for the latest and greatest All Star Tower Defense tier list? You've found it. The premiere anime-centric tower defence game on the Roblox platform is deep. So deep in fact that the tier list you're about to see won't include every character imaginable.

Why? Because there are just too many. Their evolutions mean they often land in multiple tiers, and some are just not even worth acknowledging. It's just the nature with stat-based games: their rosters often get a bit long in the tooth, with low-level characters simply being fodder for the rest.

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All Star Tower Defense tier list - Every ASTD unit ranked

Blonde Esper, Kosuke (Full Samurai), Crow (After), Legendary Leader, Golden Ape
Xerxes, Mr. Green (Enraged), Kid Jitruto, Janji (Wedding), God Black, Dimensional Alien, Kid Jitrito, Evil Shade, Waifu, Veguko, King of Heroes, Tokens, Zazashi Perfection, Ikki (Dark), Onwin, Bellma (Super Money Corp.), Mysterious X, Calloway Storm, Lia Venegas
Subordinate A, Ruffy (Snake SSS), Organs (Outrage), Kura, Fire King, Super God Koku, Dr. Heart, Gen (Grown), Black Stache (Timeskip), Star Boy (Requiem), The Patriot, Sword (Maid), Salesman, Flower Magus, Jokato Koju IV, Jokato Koju, Zio, Magnus Black
Meta-Knight, Demon Jusuke, Paper Beauty (Awaken), Bird Magician, Venom, The Curse One, Zorro, Hirito (Omega), Buddha Chairman, Tyrant, Golden Supreme Leader, Silver-X, Toad Master, Koku Black Pink, Super Boo, Zukia
Whitestache (Final), The Path, Legendary Borul, Supa Future T, Pride, Spider Boss, Mountain Cannon, Amen, Red Head, Zaruto (Beast Cloak), Fireman, Dan Kouzo
Four-Eye Sorcerer, Tornado Girl, Anti Magician (DEMON), Spade, Boulder Li (Awakened), Card Collector Yugo, Red Servant, Kogan, Mina (Strong), Koro (Mystical), Gate, Handsome-Jo, Troy Honda, Crow, Lava Moth, Dark
Ikki (Hollow), Tatsu (Half), Nezichi, Wrathdioas Rage, Wood Master, Ming, Koku, "God" Captain, Blinding Lights, Lucky Green, Star Boy, Paper Beauty, Undertaker, Zyaya, Black Stache

As you can see above, the Golden Ape has managed to claim a tier of its own. This hulking body of pure rage and fury is capable of putting out some practically illegal damage numbers in the right condition. It's not a limited unit like Gilgamesh, but that's exactly what makes it so good.

The tier list focuses mostly on six, five, and four-star units, but there's light representation from useable three-star units as well. Not every unit from those categories made the cut, however.

Some just aren't worth considering over the rest. The worth of each will depend entirely on the team they're placed with (and where), but the All Star Tower Defense tier list above is a good point of reference when it comes to grading your pulls and the future potential of an upgradable unit.

How to summon units that rank high on the All Star Tower Defense tier list.
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How do I get more units in All Star Tower Defense?

If you're new to the popular anime tower defence title on Roblox, this tier list won't mean much for a while. You'll start with a few less-than-ideal units. They'll get you through a decent chunk of the story, but you're going to want to pull for units on the tier list to progress further.

To get more units in All Star Tower Defense, follow the steps below:

  • From the main lobby, tap the summon circle icon on the left of the screen or head down the left path.
  • Step into the light inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to open the Summon window.
  • Press the 'Summon' or '10x Summon' you can afford.

Before you do that, though, it's good practice to confirm the characters in the current lineup are good for you. You can do this by checking the tier list above. If no tier list characters are on the summon list, just wait until one arrives. This can take some time, but it's definitely worth it. Gems are rare. You don't want to spend those on characters you don't actually need.

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