Slime Tower Tycoon codes - Free slimes and droplets (October 2022)

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The Slime Tower Tycoon codes screen.
October 7, 2022: A bunch of new and secret Slime Tower Tycoon codes dropped for update 5, but update six is set to drop any minute now.

Forget this month's release of Slime Rancher 2, Slime Tower Tycoon codes are where it's at right now. The latest update has given this recent Roblox release a new lease of life, and with any surge of players comes a new set of Slime Tycoon codes. Read on to get some freebies.


If you haven't heard of it already, Slime Tower Tycoon codes are good for free slimes, droplets, cash, and whatever else the developer deems a proper reward for a new update, player milestone, or other such achievements. If you keep up with the latest codes, you'll have a much easier time making your mark in the Slime Tycoon world.

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All working Slime Tower Tycoon codes (Update 5)

  • Givesword - (NEW)
  • Illuminate - (NEW)
  • Melkavor - (NEW)
  • Burninate - (NEW)
  • Cringe - (NEW)
  • Blame Tip - 25 minutes of boosts (NEW).
  • OCTOBER - 15 slimes
  • Babble - 25 Minutes of boosts
  • TipToesTim - 50 Slimes and 25 Minutes of boosts
  • youtubealphagg - 25 minutes of boosts and 50 slimes
  • Update4
  • fart - Makes you fart. Seriously.
  • Update4 - 25 minutes of boosts.

The following Slime Tower Tycoon codes were last checked and confirmed expired on October 7, 2022.


Expired codes:

  • No Slime Tycoon codes have expired just yet.

How to use Slime Tower Tycoon codes

  • Log into Roblox
  • Launch Slime Tower Tycoon
  • Tap the Twitter icon along the left side of the game screen
  • Enter your Slime Tower Tycoon code
  • Click 'Redeem'

Using Slime Tower Tycoon codes is super easy. Rather than typing them into the chat box and spamming the whole server, you can do it just by tapping the iconic Twitter bird button on the left side of the screen.

Once the window pops up, just type your Slime Tycoon code into the box and hit redeem. You need to do it one code at a time. Don't try to redeem every STT code at once.

Also, because the boosts from Slime Tower Tycoon codes activate automatically, be sure that you don't use them when you're not planning to play for the duration of the boost. For example: don't use a 25-minute boost code when you're about to AFK. The boost duration will stop when you're logged out, but if you AFK, you're probably wasting it.


Slime Tower Tycoon secret codes locations

Revealed in the Update 5 changelog was the existance of new Slime Tower Tycoon screen codes. Vaguely hidden around the map as a challenge to tide players over until the October 7 update, we've added the lot to the list above so that you don't miss them before they disappear.

For reference, these were the Slime Tower Tycoon secret codes:

  • Givesword
  • Illuminate
  • Melkavor
  • Burninate
  • Cringe
  • Blame Tip

We don't know how long these ones will last, so get them used quickly.

How do I play Slime Tower Tycoon?

Slime Tower Tycoon is a calculated resource management sim. You start with your own plot of land much like anyone else's.


While you're there, you use the button to the right of your long hut to buy a slime with your money, which then lines up to automatically generate droplets that collect at the bottom. You then pick up the droplets and deposit them into the larger circle near your cauldron, which then ticks down to generate more cash.

You spend this cash on more slimes, increasing your Droplet generation, thus keeping the cycle going. You can eventually merge multiple common slimes into rarer slimes, freeing up space for more slimes with higher passive droplet generating values.

And if you're after a boost, you can spend cash to increase the rate at which your Droplets are converted into cash and even climb the Wizard Tower obby to get additional boosts.

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