Anime Simulator X Codes - Free Yen and Diamonds

February 4, 2022: No new Anime Simulator X codes have arrived just yet, but the 15,000 Likes milestone has been reached. A new code should drop any day now. Expect it to be 15klikes.

Use the latest Anime Simulator X codes and free Yen will be all yours in an instant. Inspired by the greats like Anime Fighters Simulator and Pet Simulator X, this game lets you pull for popular anime characters who'll beat up enemies on your behalf.

By making use of new codes early on, you can unlock a bunch of new characters before even leaving the spawn point, cutting through the sluggish start and moving on to the more exciting areas faster than anyone else.

Big on Roblox? We're already compiling code guides for the finest games around. Right now, Tower Defense: Shinobi codes are incredibly popular. Shindo Life codes are still coming in, and Monument of the Dead codes come courtesy of the developer behind the smash-hit Jailbreak. Now, on with the guide.

All Working Anime Simulator X Codes

  • 5klikes - 1K Yen (NEW)
  • Release - 200 Yen (NEW)

The Anime Simulator X codes below were last checked and confirmed expired on February 4, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • No codes have expired.
Here's how to use Anime Simulator X codes.
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How Do I Use Anime Simulator X Codes?

  • Launch Anime Simulator X
  • Tap the Inventory button at the bottom
  • Tap the Twitter logo button that appears in its place
  • Type in your code
  • Hit Enter

On first inspection, it can be hard to know how to use Anime Simulator X codes. Once you see how, though, you'll wonder how you missed it.

To redeem Anime Simulator X codes, just launch the game, open up your inventory with the button at the bottom, then tap or click the Twitter logo button that appears in its place. Type your code in here and hit the Enter button in-game to activate the code. If the code was correct and active, any rewards will be sent straight to your account.

When Will New Anime Simulator X Codes Drop?

A new "powerful" Anime Simulator X code was promised for when the game hit 15,000 Likes. This milestone has been reached as of January 7, 2022, but the code has yet to arrive. Check back soon.

How Do I Play Anime Simulator X?

To get started in Anime Simulator X, just log in to your Roblox account and visit the game page linked. When you're ready to go, simply hit the play button. The game can take a little while to load, though, so give it a minute or two and you should drop straight in.

You can clear the first area by using Anime Simulator X codes and pulling for two new pets right from the start.
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How Do I Clear the First Area in Anime Simulator X?

When you log in to Anime Simulator X for the first time, you'll start off with one character or pet. Attempting to clear the first area with just one will take a lot of time. That's where Anime Simulator X codes come in.

Follow the steps above to earn 200 Yen and head over to the unlocked egg in the spawn hall. Pull twice using your 200 Yen to unlock two more pets. Equip all three of your pets by opening up the inventory. Just click each one and they should tag along behind you.

With three active pets, you should be able to defeat the coin piles and chests in the main area much more quickly. Keep at this until you have 5,000 Yen and you'll be able to unlock the next area.

To speed things up more, target chests and coin piles other players are attacking. You'll get the rewards regardless of whether you dealt the final blow, started the fight, or even did the most damage. Teaming up against a single target can really speed things along. And that goes for most of the game.

Anime Simulator X codes can be used to get Diamonds as well.
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How Do I Get Diamonds in Anime Simulator X?

To upgrade pets and unlock more slots, you're going to need Diamonds. Anime Simulator X codes currently don't include any of this premium currency, but there is still a way to use them to gain some. Right now, the main way to get Diamonds is to convert any extra Yen you might have into them.

You can do this by visiting the Diamond Exchange machine over by the big door in the second area. Each Diamond costs 100 Yen, and with even the most basic upgrade costing 395 Diamonds, you'll need 39,500 Yen to buy anything.

And that's a wrap on our Anime Simulator X guide. Codes are expected to come thick and fast as more players flock to this brand-new game. The developer's Twitter account is also set to deliver fresh codes as time goes on, so be sure to follow them and turn on Twitter notifications to be the first to redeem any that might show up.

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