Omega Tower Defense Simulator Codes (September 2023) - Free Gold and Gems

Goku and Luffy in Omega Tower Defense Simulator.

Goku and Luffy in Omega Tower Defense Simulator.
September 28, 2023: We've checked for new Omega Tower Defense Simulator codes.

What are Omega Tower Defense Simulator codes? Omega Tower Defense Simulator is the latest anime-themed Roblox tower defence game, with this one hailing from developer Bulk Elephant. As you might expect, it challenges you to build and hold defensive lines against increasingly difficult waves of enemies.

The game has only just launched, but it's already amassed an impressive fanbase if its Discord server and player numbers are any indication. We've already covered plenty of the most popular Roblox tower defence titles in our lists of the latest All Star Tower Defense codes, Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator codes, and Tower Defense Simulator codes.

If you're searching for free in-game items outside of Roblox, we also keep regularly updated lists of all the Coin Master free spins links and Pet Master free spins links. If you're looking for something more anime-themed in nature, we've also got all the Punishing: Gray Raven codes you could possibly need. Now let's jump into our list of Omega Tower Defense Simulator codes.

New Omega Tower Defense Simulator Codes (September 2023)

  • No working codes as of this writing. Sorry about that!

Expired codes:

  • 10Mil - 350 Gems
  • SHINZO - 2,500 Gold
  • Yo40k - 2,000 Gold
  • ROBALL - 1,000 Gold
  • Coco - 500 Gold
  • Queenluffy - 500 Gold
  • Sub2Existensy - 500 Gold
  • SubScoobyBr - 500 Gold
  • SubTigreTV - 500 Gold
  • SubToInfernxo - 500 Gold
  • SubToNoodleGames - 500 Gold
  • SusMinusMic - 500 Gold
  • Sub2Sensei - 500 Gold
  • ToadBoi - 500 Gold
  • SussyRexon - 500 Gold
  • SubShuarisley - 500 Gold
  • Sub2HygorL - 500 Gold
  • Sub2JakobHD - 500 Gold
  • Sub2Numerous - 500 Gold
  • Sub2OPG - 500 Gold
  • SubBolinho - 500 Gold
  • SubChicoPL - 500 Gold
  • SubHyzer - 500 Gold
  • Sub2AdrianSky - 500 Gold
  • Sub2Arthes - 500 Gold
  • FoxPanda - 500 Gold
  • JOVI - 500 Gold
  • 20kLikes - 2,000 Gold
  • 15kLikes - 2,000 Gold
  • 1MILVisits - 1,000 Gold
  • 10kLikes - 2,000 Gold
  • 5kLikes - 1,500 Gold
  • 2.5kLikes - 1,000 Gold
  • 1kLikes - 1,000 Gold
  • RELEASE - 2,500 Gold
  • Pog30k - 2,000 Gold
  • 5MVisits - 300 Gems
  • MIZU - 2,000 Gold
  • FreeGems - 150 Gems
  • BRUH - Free Gold
Roblox-style characters from Omega Tower Defense Simulator.
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What Are Omega Tower Defense Simulator Codes?

Omega Tower Defense Simulator codes, much like most other types of Roblox code, are a great way to earn in-game goodies for free. In this case, you can expect to earn free Gold from every Omega Tower Defense Simulator code that Bulk Elephant has released so far.

It's unclear if other items will be given away for free at a later date, but we'll let you know right here if/when the developer confirms any future freebies.

How Do I Redeem Omega Tower Defense Simulator Codes?

Redeeming your Omega Tower Defense Simulator codes is a fairly simple process. Just follow the handy steps below to start earning some in-game goodies:

  • Start up Omega Tower Defense Simulator through the official Roblox site
  • Navigate your way to the Twitter icon on the bottom-left side of the screen
  • A pop-up window will appear that asks you to input your code
  • Copy a code from the list above and paste it into the redemption box
  • Redeem your code
  • Your reward should then appear within your in-game inventory

How Do I Get More Omega Tower Defense Simulator Codes?

Even though the game has only just launched, developer Bulk Elephant has already released the first of its Omega Tower Defense Simulator codes. As is usually the case with Roblox games, you can expect to see new codes arrive via the game's official Twitter account and Discord server.

That said, if you'd rather not sift through social media for your Omega Tower Defense Simulator codes, just bookmark this handy page to stay in the know. We'll update our list throughout the week to bring you every new freebie as they land.

You can also become a premium player to earn 1.5x currency from the in-game Time Chamber and more items from the daily login reward. Plus, joining the Bulk Elephant group will net you a handy handout of Gold, too. Not too bad at all.

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