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Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator Codes - Free Gold and Towers

Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator codes award free gold and towers, fueling your ability to recruit anime and pop-culture heroes to blast down waves of enemies. It's what makes a great Roblox experience. At least, that's what 230,000 player likes would suggest. The more codes you find and use, the more chances you'll have to roll for that mythical tower for your ultimate squad.

Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator simply revolves around recruiting your favourite Roblox personalities, pop-culture heroes, villains, and caring, understanding relatives (thank you, Aunt May). With great gold comes great tower defence units, after all. Use the codes below and you'll gather up your favourites in no time.

If placing towers and auto-battling your way to victory ultimately isn't your cup of tea, there are plenty of other Roblox experiences with freebies up for grabs. You can even use the latest Anime Fighters Simulator codes just by walking through a portal in the Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator hub. Speaking of that one, we also keep a regularly updated list of Anime Fighters Simulator codes.

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The Latest Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator Codes

The following codes were checked and confirmed active and working on July 19, 2021.

Active Codes:

  • 240Klikes - 5,000 Gold! (NEW!)
  • 230Klikes - 5,000 Gold!
  • 220Klikes - 10,000 Gold!
  • 210KLikes - 3,000 Gold!
  • 300MVisits - 10,000 Gold!
  • Maja - 75 Gold!
  • ANIME - 1,000 Gold
  • Betero - Betero tower
  • Blueio - Blueio tower
  • Bren0RJ7 - Bren0RJ7 tower
  • Gravy - GravyCatMan tower
  • Inemajohn - InemaJohn tower
  • MerryChristmas - Christmas Spidey tower
  • Sub2PlanetMilo - Plantet_Milo tower
  • Russo - Russo tower
  • SnowRBX - SnowRBX tower
  • Tofuu - Tofuu tower
  • Veyar - Veyar tower
  • MrFlimmyFlammy - Albert/Flamingo tower

The following codes were checked and confirmed expired and inactive on July 19, 2021.

Expired Codes:

  • 600kGroupMembers - 150 Gems!
  • 20Updates - 100 Gems!
  • 200KLikes - 10,000 Gold!
  • 190K Likes - 2,500 Gold!
  • 180KLikes - 2,500 Gold!
  • 170KLikes - 2,500 Gold!
  • 160KLikes - 2,500 Gold!
  • 150KLikes - 5,000 Gold!
  • 140KLikes - 5,000 Gold!
  • 130KLikes - 5,000 Gold!
  • 120KLikes - 5,000 Gold!
  • 110KLikes - 5,000 Gold!
  • 100Mvisits - 2,000 Gold!
  • 50mVisits - 1,500 Gold!
  • 100gems - 100 Gems!
  • Patrick - 5,000 Gold!
  • 60klikes - 2,500 Gold!
  • 80KLikes - 2,500 Gold!
  • 70KLikes - 2,500 Gold!
  • 50KLikes - 2,500 Gold!
  • 45klikes - 2,000 Gold!
  • 40KLikes - 2,000 Gold!
  • 30KLikes - 2,000 Gold!
  • 25klikes - 2,500 Gold!
  • Update4 - 150 Gold!
  • 20MVisits - 50 Gold!
  • 15KLikes - 500 Gold!
  • 10KLikes - 500 gold!
  • 5MVisits - 50 gold!
  • Superman - 50 gold!
  • 5000Likes - Gold!
  • 1000Likes - 600 gold!
  • 500Likes - 150 gold!
  • Super - 100 gold!
  • MoneyPlease - 50 gold!
  • Release - 50 gold!

How to redeem Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator codes in-game.
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How Do I Redeem Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator Codes?


Redeeming your Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator codes couldn't be easier. Once you're in the game, it's a simple matter of hitting the Twitter icon along the left side of the screen.

Enter one of the many active and working Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator codes in the box that pops up, hit the 'Redeem' button, and you'll see some text just underneath telling you the redemption has been successful and what, if anything, you got for doing so.

How Do I Play Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator?

Before you can redeem Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator codes, you need to know how to actually get into and play the game.

As is the case with any genuine Roblox experience, all you need to do is hit the big 'Play' button on the page of the game you want to play. In this case, click through to the Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator page and go from there.

If that doesn't work, just type the game's name into the search bar on the Roblox main page. The game should be the first result.

Once you're in, redeem your Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator codes using the method above, walk toward the shop, hit either of the two Gold options in the bottom-left Shop window, and you'll roll for some towers.

How Do I Equip Towers in Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator?

When you start the game, you'll notice you already have one tower on your bottom bar. You'll have access to three slots from this point and unlock more as you level up by playing. Whether you're trying to use new towers pulled with gold or those unlocked from Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator codes, the method remains the same.

Just click the inventory button on the left side of the screen, click the slot you want to put your new tower into, then click the tower in your inventory and hit 'Equip'.

If your slots are full, you'll have to first click the slot you want to replace, hit 'Unequip', and then go from there.

How to start a match in Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator.
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How Do I Start A Game in Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator?

Once you've exhausted Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator codes and built your perfect team, it's time to actually put them to work. To do so, simply follow the path back from the shop into the central plaza and out to the 'Classic Mode' area.

You should see portals set up in a half-circle. Walk into them, select the level in the menu that pops up, then hit 'Start Game'.

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