Final Gear Tier List - Best Pilots

Our Final Gear tier list is ready for action. This brand-new gacha title from developer Komoe already has a staggering number of potential waifus to pull for right out of the gate. And while that may sound like an unprecedented amount of choice, it just makes it harder to get a top-tier character you can use to steamroll your opponents. Before you can even attempt a Final Gear reroll, you need to know which pilots are worth rerolling for, so we've rounded up the best into the tier list below.

So what is Final Gear anyway? Billing itself as a mecha maiden simulator, it's an anime gacha game in which you pull for mech-piloting girls. You can hang out with them in your base of operations and have them craft items while you're away from the game. When you're around to instruct them, the main goal is to build a team and deploy them into tactical 2D side-scrolling shoot 'em up combat phases.

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Only one pilot sits at the top of the Final Gear tier list.
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Final Gear tier list

Motoko Kusanagi, Nova, Morgan, Blade, Leangle, Calamus, Mari Q, Coco, Rei Q, Shinji & Kaworu, Natashia (UR), Tridacnidae, Taysia, Illeheath (UR), Murasaki, PN26 Illeheath
Cynthia, Shmily, Chalice, Rei Ayanami, Kaworu, Krista, Alexa, Elizabeth, Snowy, Asuka Shikinami Langley, Rin Kamiuezono, Natasha, Esaki Purin, Solveig, Megaera, Mirabelle, Viorate, Eloise, Mari Makinami Illustrious,
Bernadette, Afra, Coreleah, Sweety, Aita, Polar, Sumora, Ada, Adrienne, Aoife, Fulla, Joranda, Maggie, Mary, Nizzy, Priscilla, Trang, Vivine, Whitney, Zoi, Evelyn (UR), α-16, Margaret, Evelyn (Pathogen)
Favia, Dolores, Viola, Danngo Kobayashi, Nia, Pandora, Evelyn and Coral, Shinji Ikari, Garren, Flavia, Roxanne, Asuka Q, Leigh, Evelyn, PN72 Yogui, Serenity, Brittany, Eggy & Peggy, Batou, Aya Kujou, Esmeralda
Lollar, Akari Onikage, Amber, Jasmine, Shayditty, Whitney, Karan, Patricia, Chillino, Bathory, Michaelia, Phoenix, Audrey, Jessie, Kristina, Memay, Miroa, Ada, Grave, Zoi, Mary, Paula, Aoiffe, Kyela, Adrienne, Veronica, Maggie, Nizzy
Rebeyrcqa, Scheer, Joranda, Thea, Sura, Neplim, Trang, Breeze Thallo, Priscilla, Xime, Millyna, Mama, Vivienne, Fulla, Ariel, Helena, Aurora, Rinbell

As you can see from the Final Gear tier list above, Nova is just in a league of her own at the minute. Not only can she send minions in to attack additional enemies, but she actually gets stronger as her stamina drops, making her incredibly useful the longer a fight goes on. With a bunch of self-buffs on top, there's no reason Nova shouldn't be in your team.

Any pilot in the bottom bracket isn't worth even acknowledging the existence of. There's no word on whether common pilots might get top-tier alts in the future, so unless you're just compelled to make a meme team, don't put resources into anyone in the E tier. D-tier pilots have niche uses but are very often beaten out by those higher up the list.

Who should I pull for in the special novice recruit banner?

As you work your way down the tier list, you'll see many of the characters featured in the first Unlimited Banner. In this, you can automatically reroll until you get whichever one of the five featured SSR characters you want. For most players, this should be Snowy. But if you just don't like her design, Viorate is the next best option.

A Final Gear character carries a stack of papers.
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When will I get my Final Gear launch rewards?

Final Gear has had a bit of slow rollout. Going through multiple testing periods, soft launches, and delays, resets and rewards have muddled up player progression for months. Even now, the game has technically launched a little later than originally planned.

If you hopped in early on October 1, you'll have been met with a fairly diluted starter experience. As pointed out in our Final Gear reroll guide, launch rewards were slim. They were only good for less than a ten-pull. This wasn't all too surprising given the endless SSR reroll it offers, but it turns out it was just a matter of a delayed reroll.

With a 600mb patch now applied on top of the launch version, Final Gear launch rewards are here. And they're good. Check out your mailbox from 1 PM UTC (6 AM PDT) and you should see enough rewards to perform two full ten-pull Pilot Recruits.

And that's your lot for now. If you're planning to get stuck into this new anime gacha mashup, consider bookmarking this page. We'll be updating our Final Gear tier list above as and when new pilots arrive. That way you can always be sure you're rocking the best squad possible.

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