Dragalia Lost Tier List - Best Characters

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March 23, 2022: Once the final Dragalia Lost summon showcase appears at the end of the month, we'll give our Dragalia Lost tier list one final push to help newcomers get the most out of the game before it shuts down.

The Dragalia Lost tier list has been tossed on its head following a big shift in end-game content. In the past, things were pretty consistent. As of the game's third anniversary, however, a shift in battle content, multiple system reworks, new characters, and bosses have things looking very different.


Characters that were initially laughed off as being practically useless have since become increasingly valuable and worthy of investment. If you're looking to dive back into Dragalia Lost or give it a good first shot, our Dragalia Lost tier list will tell you who to look out for.

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Naveed ranks high on the Dragalia Lost tier list.

Dragalia Lost Tier List - Best Characters for Agito Boss Battles

Tier Adventurer
SGala Laxi, Gala Mym, Gala Leonidas, Valentine's Hildegarde, Kimono Elisanne, Ezelith, Yukata Cassandra
AUndercover Grace
BNaveed, Seimei, Panther, Mikoto, Marth, Halloween Mym, Halloween Lowen, Gala Laxi, Euden
CArmored Yachiyo, Lea, Summer Mitsuhide
DEmma, Xania, Faris, Nadine, Serena, Nobunaga, Student Maribelle, Yuya
EYukata Cleo, Summer Alex

Though the tiering may look like it's suggesting characters like Yukata Cleo and Summer Alex aren't worth using, this couldn't be further from the truth. For the sake of clarity and keeping things clean, we've separated adventurers with less tried and tested kits. Characters in the A, C, and E tiers can be considered as being in the tier above. They're likely strong enough to be there. But we've shifted them down to suggest they're not seen quite so often in their respective fights.


The best way to interpret this Dragalia Lost tier list is to remember that there are far more adventurers in the game than are listed above. Those that make it into the tier list are all worth your investment if Agito boss battles are on your to-do list.

Any that aren't simply won't fare well in these battles. Whether they'll struggle to resist the status effects the boss of their element puts out or just can't deal or take enough damage, they're more likely to cause co-op groups to disband before the battle begins. People look at your team in a lobby. If they don't see meta characters, they leave. And the adventurers above are the ones people want to see in these lobbies for consistent clears.

Emma ranks high on the Dragalia Lost tier list.

Dragalia Lost Tier List - Best Characters for Sinister Dominion Boss Battles

Tier Adventurer
SGala Gatov, Gala Laxi, Gala Leonidas, Halloween Lowen, Yukata Cassandra, Kimono Elisanne
AHalloween Sylas, Summer Alex
BGala Neven, Humanoid Jupiter, Euden, Faris, Naveed, Gala Laxi, Nobunaga, Student Maribelle
CLea, Summer Mitsuhide, Undercover Grace
DGala Mym, Seimei, Panther, Xania, Mikoto
EAoi, Yukata Cleo, Incognito Nefaria

Once the time comes for you to challenge the Rise of the Dark Dominion boss battles, the Dragalia Lost tier list shifts a little. In reality, it reverses. Some top-tier characters from the Agito days become less valuable, giving the lower-tier characters more chance to shine. It's another reason why it's worth reiterating that any character on the tier list today is worth investing in. If they're not the best in one set of challenges, they most likely are in the other.


Some, like Aoi and Incognito Nefaria, only show their worth in this part of the game and won't really offer much in the other. As such, they're worth investing in if you don't have any characters who cross over into both tier lists, but they won't represent the best value.

When Is the Next Dragalia Lost Character Banner?

With the recent announcement, we now know that the banner commencing on March 31, 2022 will feature the game's final new character. No date has been set for the game's sunsetting, but the article does at least warn us that it's coming.


We don't know who will star in the banner just yet - it's likely bound to a new story chapter - but for now, a Flame Focus Summon Showcase is set to run until March 27, featuring Ayaha & Otoha, Undercover Grace, and Uriel.

That's all there is to say about the Dragalia Lost tier list for this update. Once the final summon showcase kicks off, we'll give this one last big push to help get you through the game's final fights. For other games, we suggest checking out Guardian Tales codes for a 2D adventure, Blue Archive codes for a similar chibi-style combat romp, and the classic Azur Lane tier list to make a start on that massive mobile hit.