Starfield guides hub - Everything you need to know!

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Screenshot from Bethesda's Starfield featuring a barren landscape with the words Starfield overlaid.

Bethesda's space exploration IP Starfield has packed a galaxy's worth of content into the game, with over 1,000 planets for you to explore. It features in-depth customisation options for everything from your character to the homes you can build and the ships you can fly. If you are looking for one place for all the Starfield content you could ever need, look no further than our Starfield guides hub!

In this hub, we'll give you a breakdown of all the relevant content relating to Starfield, conveniently split into different categories. Whether you're looking for combat tips, a quest walkthrough, or even want to get informed before first playing the game, we've got you covered!

All Starfield guides

You will find below all of the guides we have put together for Bethesda's Starfield in a way that is easy to navigate. We've turned a huge asteroid field of content into space dust to make your reader journey as smooth as possible!

Before you play

Be prepared for Bethesda's big space IP with these must-knows before you're ready to launch!


Before you delve deep into your space journey, get informed with these basic guides.


Starfield features deep character customisation and an endless combination of romance, companion, and faction options. Find out how to make your character your own.


Whether for crafting, levelling up, or making purchases, here is the one-stop shop for collecting the many different resources in Starfield

A space explorer walking toward a distant city in Starfield
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Credit: Starfield
Our Starfield Hub will cater to all of your space exploration needs!


Space explorers won't survive without being able to protect themselves. Check out these guides on how to optimise your combat performance.

Ships and exploration

Learn the ins and outs of spaceships and get in the know about the countless worlds you will encounter on your space travels!

Missions and quests

There are a plethora of stories to experience in Starfield. Here are some helpful tips on how to overcome some of the game's challenges.


Put together a character loadout to suit your style of play with these best build guides!

Game performance issues

If you're having difficulty with the performance of Starfield on your PC or console, these articles may help resolve the matter.

Keep checking this hub; we will frequently update it with even more Starfield content!

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