How to craft in Starfield

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starfield crafting guide inventory screen
September 29, 2023: Easily navigate through the crafting system in Starfield with our guide.

Bethesda games are known to have detailed crafting systems, and Starfield is no exception. From weapons to armour and food supplies, you can craft tonnes of items in the game to help with your journey across the stars. If you’re wondering how this system works in the game, here is our complete Starfield crafting guide.

Bethesda has made sure that player engagement and immersion aren’t compromised when crafting in Starfield. Therefore, you will have to give enough thought to what you’re going to make and the best way to go about it. Developing an understanding of which resources should be spent on which items makes this system thoroughly enjoyable. So, let’s get started!

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How to craft in Starfield

Although Starfield has a deep crafting system, on the surface, it can be understood pretty easily. As long as you have the recipe and the resources for the item you want, you can craft it from the appropriate workbench, be it medicine, weaponry, or food. At the same time, some items are straightforward and can be crafted on the fly, like healing supplies and simple food items; others require obtaining their research projects in the lab.

This brings us to the Research Laboratory, another extensive and engaging component of crafting in Starfield.

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What is the Starfield Research Laboratory?

Since you can’t directly craft something unless you form its recipes, the Research Laboratory is a vital component of the crafting system. In this menu, you can start your research in one of the following five departments.

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The research projects in Pharmacology are related to the items that can boost a number of your attributes. These include projects regarding medical treatment and performance enhancement, among others.


Food projects are straightforward and simple to understand. The research in this sector will allow you to create various meals that can be consumed to benefit from their effects, which include certain buffs to your character.

Outpost Development

Outpost Development includes some mega research projects to craft resources for your outposts. These can strengthen your outposts to deter enemy attacks or introduce some fun components to be installed in your base.


Equipment is where all your gear-related research takes place. You can craft different highly effective and flashy armour and space suits here, along with some of the other items you can use in fights.



This is going to be everyone’s favourite sector of the Research Laboratory, as you will take on projects to develop some of the coolest weapons in the game. Although you will come across a number of strong and potent weapons during missions and explorations, by completing research on weapons, you can have an infinite supply of them in your arsenal.

Research is initiated by taking on a project about any item or component belonging to one of the above-mentioned sectors. Then, you have to complete certain tasks in order to make progress and complete the research. Once the project is complete, you will be granted a recipe to craft the item that was under study. As long as you've got the required ingredients, you can craft it!

That's all you really need to know about crafting in Starfield. We hope you found this Starfield crafting guide helpful. For more information, be sure to check out how the combat works and how to remove bounties.

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